EDITORIAL: Stinging Defeat for Russia in Germany


Stinging Defeat for Russia in Germany

Last weekend, Germans went to the polls to choose a new national government, and the pro-Russia party of former German Prime Minister Gerhard Schröder was badly beaten.  It’s support in parliament dropped from 34% to 23% and Prime Minister Angela Merkel, who flew to Georgia as soon as Russian tanks rolled in last August to stand by the side of beseiged Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, was decisvely reelected. 

The Moscow Times reported that one opposition blogger in Ivanovo posted the following message on his Twitter page:   “Good news from Berlin: Putin’s friends lost the election.”

Schröder’s party is now led by one of his closest former confidants, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who currently serves as Prime Minister and functions like a Russian spy in the Merkel regime. His shockingly bad performance, costing his party a third of their support, should lead Merkel to replace him, and opposition forces are jubilant at this prospect.

It is yet another stark humilation for Vladimir Putin, who formerly worked as a spy in German and had promised to create a whole knew relationship for Russia with the Germans. 

Meanwhile, the latest Russian opinion poll data shows that Russians are even more convinced than they were a year ago that Dima Medvedev is nothing but Putin’s alter ego.  While 77% said so last year, 81% are convinced of it this year.   Russians are saying overwhelmingly, in other words, that their government is a sham and a fraud.  Only one-fifth of Russian citizens believe their president can pursue an independent course of action if he chooses.

Despite this, and despite Putin’s manifest failure to manage either Russia’s foreign or domestic policy effectively, the lemming-like citizens of Russia continue to award Putin75%+ job approval and allow him to continue making noises about returning to formal power as an Africa-like “president for life.”  Little wonder, then, that Russians don’t rank in the top 130 nations of the world for lifespan.  They choose to be governed by malignant incompetence, and they richly deserve the predictable suffering that results.

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  2. But do we really think that Guido Westerwelle will live up the generally improved rhetoric of Merkel? As far as I can tell, it looks like the Kremlin saw the folding of the SPD coming fast, and pumped money and influence into Germany through E.ON and Opel (via Sberbank).

    Still, better than having eine kleine Steini.

  3. Can’t wait to see Westerwelle meeting Putin. Westerwelle is openly gay, Putin openly homophobic.

  4. http://www.moscowtimes.ru/opinion/article/384478.html

    Barbarians Within the Kremlin Gates
    30 September 2009
    By Yulia Latynina

    A very long time ago, when Europeans began conquering the world, they
    encountered a number of strange societies.

    One was the Aztec Empire, located on the territory of modern Mexico. According
    to Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes, Aztec ruler Montezuma II was so powerful
    that he “made up to 20,000 human sacrifices per year.”

    The Europeans encountered another part of that multipolar world on the
    coastlands of Brazil. This was the Tupi Indian tribe. A traveler named Andrei
    Teve, who lived among the Tupi people in the mid-16th century, tells of their
    unpleasant habit of constantly eating their enemies. He relates that even
    though the Indians had enough land and food, they were constantly at war with
    each other for the sole purpose of eating their enemies. If time were short,
    they would cut off their victims’ arms and legs and eat them right on the
    battlefield. But if possible, they would take the enemy prisoner and fatten him
    up for a few months, often giving him a woman to produce offspring whom they
    would also eat.

    And now we have a new breed of savages. One of the most obvious examples is
    probably the people of Saudi Arabia. Since the 19th century, the laws and
    customs of that country have only grown more savage. Thanks to petrodollars,
    the ruling dynasty has moved out of its tents and into palaces. But their
    understanding of the process of government boils down to buying luxury goods in
    London stores and inexpensive women for their harems. They see themselves as a
    chosen people with a life mission that is much purer than the one offered by
    the depraved West.

    North Korea is another example of a modern savage society. North Koreans are so
    starved for food that they have reverted to cannibalism to survive, while their
    great and powerful leader, Kim Jong Il, lives an indescribable life of luxury.

    There is one more country that could be a candidate for the list – Russia. Our
    historical distinction is that Russia does not produce anything besides oil and
    gas. Everything else – from cell phones and televisions to toilets and even the
    video cameras on which we record speeches about the imminent collapse of the
    depraved West – it imports from that very same depraved West.

    True, Russia doesn’t have a rapidly multiplying royal family as in Saudi
    Arabia, but it has a ruling clan from St. Petersburg. And although the rulers
    from “Piter” don’t have harems, they can commit just about any crime they want
    without fear of ever being punished.

    The modern barbarian leaders don’t differ all that much from the ancient ones.
    They have equally strange ways of measuring the state’s power – for instance,
    counting the number of their sacrificed enemies. In addition, they seize the
    country’s wealth and send the proceeds to their offshore accounts and sincerely
    believe their own corruption and depravity to be a sign of superiority.

    These modern primitive societies remain more or less the same as they ever
    were. Only the West has changed. Cortes and his ilk are long gone.

    Yulia Latynina hosts a political talk show on Ekho Moskvy radio.


    Stop spamming our blog. Do it again and you’re banned. We’ll editorialize on Georgia next issue, this post is about GERMANY you baboon. Follow our rules or lose your priviliges.

    • While Oleg’s post is also not about GERMANY, I fully understand that you need time to figure out how to spin the latest EU report, and I will patiently wait for an article or post that relates to Georgia to notify the readers of the latest breaking news.

      • Oleg’s post is about Europe and has clear relevance to the topic of this post. We all a-quiver knowing that you await our content and will do our utmost to impress you. Meanwhile, please don’t presume to dictate the content of this blog. Moreover, if we deleted Oleg’s post as irrelevant, he wouldn’t repost it like a terrorist. Unlike you.

        If you believe you yourself are not “spinning” a report that repeatedly finds Russia guilty of egregious violations of international law, you are a true psychopath.

        • > Oleg’s post is about Europe

          And the European Union report on the conflict between two European countries – Russia and Georgia (with Georgia even being a NATO candidate) — is NOT about Europe? Very unique logic.

  6. Michael Tal

    Are you a FSB gatekeeper unhappy about Yulia Latyninas comment ?

    Barbarians Within the Kremlin Gates
    30 September 2009
    By Yulia Latynina

    • Oleg,

      First of all calling me “an FSB gatekeeper” is infantile.

      Second, today the EU report, so long awaited by all of us, has come out. So, that i swhat’s on my mind. So, I have no interest in reading your post of Latynina’s article. if you insist on discussing Latynina, let’s discuss how wrong and biased she has been all along on the Georgian aggression against Ossetia, especially given the conclusions of the EU report.


      If you’ve got something on your mind, with a few mouse clicks WordPress will give you a free blog to talk about it all you want. On THIS blog what matters is what is on OUR minds, you nitwit.


    This post is not about Georgia and it is not the place to have a discussion of that issue. We will editorialize on the Georgia report in the next issue.

  8. Merkel is in Putins pocket. She speaks Russian fluently. She belonged to Soviet intelligence services while in East Germany. She is a pal of Helmut Kohl who took billions on bribes from the Soviets and supplied chemical weapons to Saddam.
    Business as usual at Kremlin.

  9. But what about the Nuclear Capable Subs that Germany gave and sold to Israel? Five of them, what is up with that?


    Never know when they come in handy.

    • Given that Israel was arming your Georgia for its aggression against Ossetia and still continues to arm it, why do you hate Israel so much?

      Here is what the EU Commission’s Report says:

      “The report notes that the United States, Ukraine and Israel supplied large scale economic and military aid to Georgia that allowed the country to double its military in the space of a few years. “Military support must stay within the boundaries set by common sense and due diligence, keeping in mind both the intended and the unintended use of the arms and equipment supplied,” the report’s observations say.”

      So, Germany helps Israel (for money), Israel helps Georgia (for free). Why do you want to kick those who help your own war machine?

      If you insist – Israel can stop feeding and arming your army (which the EU repost finds excessive) and help the freedom-fighting Ossetians instead.

      • You mean the ethnic cleansing Ossetians who immigrated to Georgia in the 18th century?

        If they want to be part of Russia, they should leave and go to Ossetia proper.

        After all, they only became a majority in the region in the 20th century.

  10. MT, Geopolitics stink like your lying upper lip.

    Germany Gave Israel the first 2 subs, the third for a “symbolic price” and got some money for the last 2 which were altered there for Nukes and crewed by Germans.

    Israel subsequently sold RaSSiya UAV drones since then. So Putin would not send advanced SAMs to Iran.

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