EDITORIAL: Another Russophile Worm Turns


Another Worm Turns

Census Cancellation is Embarrassment for Russia
Army Corruption Creates “Soldier Slaves”
Why Russians don’t Like Money
Russia’s South Ravaged by Terrorist Attacks
Russian Economy in Steep Drop
FSB Involvement in Lebanon?

If you are a Russophile looking back on that sampling of headlines from posts we’ve published over the past six weeks, your blood probably begins to boil, doesn’t it?  “Those rat bastard Russophobic racists!” you probably exclaim, don’t you?  And we have to admit ourselves, that’s a pretty fierce barrage of Russia-bashing even by our standards, over such a short span of time.

Except of course that we didn’t write a single one of those posts. Every one of them was published in the past six weeks by Russia Blog a/k/a “The Real Russia Project,” which has seemingly been taken over by the head honcho of the Discovery Institute himself, Bruce Chapman — pushing Russian citizen/spy, Putin collaborator, Russia Today flunkie and Russia Blog editor Yuri Mamchur roughly to the periphery (all but one of the above posts were written by Chapman and one was actually written by Mamchur himself, who’s clearly been taken to the woodshed).

The reason this has happened is more than obvious:  DI has been, in no small part because of our intense barrage of criticism, called on the carpet by the arch conservative benefactors who fund it because of our unrelenting attacks on Russia’s blogs multifarious outrages.  They were already repulsed by DI’s repudiation of the Reagan legacy on Russia, and the horrifying rise of the Russian Orthodox Church to the halls of power in the Kremlin has panicked even the extremist ultra-religious whackos who run DI.  A major course correction has occured, and the Kremlin’s lapdog Mamchur is rapidly finding himself up a creek without a paddlski.

In short, we win.

Yes, Chapman even highlighted the rumors circulated by the controversial Devka File website regarding allegations that the KGB is passing surveillance data directly to the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon.  Yes, Russia Blog accused the Kremin of “slavery” in so many words.  It even got around to reporting the Estemirova murder, albeit months after the killing took place.

This is truly indicative of the depths to which Russia under Putin has fallen.  Rat after rat is abandoning this sinking ship, seeing the writing on the wall.

It would’ve been nice, of course, if Russia Blog had started doing this three years ago, when we did.  It would still be nice if Russia Blog apologized for the rancid manner in which it has misled its readers for many years, and it would be still nicer if it did the right thing and fired Yuri Mamchur and the rest of his nasty group of Russophile cohorts who have been struggling for years to undermine American national security and destroy civil rights in Russia.

But better late than never, we always say.

2 responses to “EDITORIAL: Another Russophile Worm Turns

  1. That just shows Russia is democratic country. None of the posts are negative just more microscopic chatter and bellyaching you find in America.

    • No it is NOT a democratic country.

      It is a dictatorship of the Secret Police.

      What sort of idiot are you? One of the useful variety I guess.

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