September 27, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Putin lies as the Nation Dies

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Let them Eat Cupcakes

(3)  Crisis in Belarus

(4)  Crisis in the Caucasus

(5)  Kozlovsky Twitters in English

NOTE:  Pajamas Media has powerful new evidence that Barack Obama’s book Dreams from my Father was ghost-written by lunatic terrorist William Ayers, a man with who Obama claimed during the campaign he had no significant relationship.   Oh Nobama! Say it ain’t so, Mr. Prez.  Or, say you’ll resign.

12 responses to “September 27, 2009 — Contents

  1. Obama’s is an Empty Suit. Scratch the surface and there is no core there. He is as superficial as the MSM that anointed him back in the Iowa primary.

  2. Obama shared US intel with Russia and China “about Iran’s newly unveiled nuclear facility to get the two countries’ leaders on board with new sanctions against Tehran, senior U.S. officials revealed Friday.”

    Obama in trusting the Russians will, count on it, be made the fool.

    Russia has a vested interest in stirring up problems in the ME in the hope of keeping oil prices high. They purposely play the Saudis(Sunnis) against the Iranians(Shiia). Their secondary motive is to destabilize Iraq.

    They aren’t our friends and never will be. Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

    • It seems that Iran disclosed this secret second facility because they new it was discovered and they wanted to preempt a NATO announcement that would make them look like they were caught. It is hard to tell from the CNN article but depending on the timing of Obama’s sharing session it could very well be that Russia and or China (but most likely Russia) dropped a dime to the Iranians which lead to their announcement. That would make the President of the United States of America a security risk. Unless he knew Putin would do this in which case he is a traitor. Personally I suspect the moron theory but I wouldn’t put money on it.

      • One hopes it is the moron option, but you do have to wonder…..

        • To Penny, Andrew, SnakeOilBaron, and all: I might as well throw my two cents worth, into this discussion, for what it’s worth.
          When B. Obama was in his presidential campaign, most of us, both in America and also around the world, were kept in the total dark, regarding ANY particulars of his life’s history, his political and economic views, his religious slants, his exact plans for the magical ‘change’ he trumpeted, etc.
          And why? Because if we had had a clearer picture of his extreme leftist-socialistic/anti-‘White American’ prejudices/ and his generally…..destructive ideas of where he wants to take America……even with his massive (air-headed/emotionally motivated), ‘youth vote’, he would have lost ….as most voting Americans are….conservative and patriotic., though NOT ‘racially prejudice’. (Afterall, it was mostly the ‘white’ voters who elected the leftist klunk-head!) So, his real extreme views and beliefs were…hidden., so as to fool as many possible voters that he could. Now, he feels that he is ‘in power’, and with his congressional Democrat-majority ( & his STILL high popularity in the daily ‘polls’)…he is on top of the world. , or so he assumes. He ….is… extreme leftist-socialist hater of America, who wants to turn this country upside down, to please any and all of America’s enemies and critics around the world, including Putin’s Russia. I believe that down deep, he is NOT a very intelligent person also. And I do not care one iota what is the colour of his skin!!! So, America and our allies around the world, are in for a rough ride with him & his Democrat party (which is not the Democrat party of years past, as it has moved to the extreme left over the years), in the driver’s seat. For anyone, t0 try to say, that this situation does not affect American/Russian relations… absurd. Only idiots could say such nonsence.
          Instead of our American President and his administration being necessarily tough on Putin’s gangsters, we are seen as…….giving him whatever he wants. No wonder that crazy Kadaffy stated that he wishes Obama would last a long time as US President, as also Chavez and Castro voiced similar sentiments. SEE HOW OUR ENEMIES ADORE OBAMA!
          So, why did so many deluded/misguided ‘white’ American voters, put Obama in his seat?
          Maybe, because this is a sign of the overall meltdown of our entire political and economic system, and our moral-bankruptsy? Judge for yourselves.
          To me, Barak Hussein Obama will prove that he is BOTH an ignoramous AND a traitor. I hope…to see him impeached and removed from office, as he would never freely…resign.
          But whatever happens with him, his traitorous Democrat party is going to pay BIG TIME! when the American backlash hits them for what they are doing to harm our country now. The Democrat Party has now become, The Party of Betrayal of America.
          Just my thoughts………

  3. I agree with you Penny that Russia is not our friend. There is too much jealousy and rivalry between our nations for that to be so , for good or ill. However we may sometimes be overstating the matter, for example we have yet to be at war with Russia and indeed have found ourselves on the same side during WWs One and Two. There may be some danger of self fulfilling prophecy if we let ourselves get quite so negative about the country and its people. But on the whole your thread is spot on. Thank you for it.

  4. Corey, please, I don’t think that Americans are “jealous” of Russia and their pitifully beaten down Russian counterpart. Your “mutual” description is a bit naive.

    And, Corey, we were on the same side in WWII only because Hitler broke his deal with Stalin which pushed Russia into a commitment with the Allies or perish alone.

  5. Corey, Russia has played the Great Game since Tsarist times.

    And that includes proxy wars, as in Vietnam, for example.

    Plenty of other places as well.

    Roosha is no friend to anyone, except, according to rooshan foreign policy, when roosha has its boot on its “friend’s” throat.

  6. I did not intend to imply that America was jealous of Russia in my thread. My intention was to acknowledge that while Russia is a genuinely hostile power to us we should exercise some care before we start regarding it as an out and out full fledged enemy. I myself am not sure where the dividing line lies. Putting Mr. Putin in the same league as Hitler and Stalin at this time is in my opinion irresponsible and extreme.

    • Tell that to the Chechens, Ingush, Dagesh and Georgians.

      They would all tell you that Putin is just like Hitler, maybe worse, because he should know better.

  7. For God sakes La Rusophobe, can’t we just stick to Russia related items without throwing the door open to the damn stupidest wild-eyed anti-Obama conspiracy theorists? There is zero credibility to this charge:

  8. The fact about Obama is:

    1) Obama is MUCH more educated and smarter than Medvedev and Pukin together.

    2) Obama is playing a Kremlin’s game with Russians… thinking that he will win (Because he is smarter)


    He is VERY wrong! He has no idea who is is F@king with. Whatever he does or says from now on… since the very first meeting woth Omaba in Mosvow, Putin thinks that he is weak. END OF STORY. Iran, N.Korea, nukes, Oil, Afganistan, Terrorism… hahahahHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

    The will F@k your brains out! Mr.Obama STOP PLAYING WITH THEM! Start calling things their names! Putin is a MASS MURDERER and has to be held responsible in Hague tribunal for the HORRIBLE crimes he committed in Chechnya alone.

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