Oleg Kozlovsky Twitters in English

Opposition leader Oleg Kozlovsky is now Twittering in English. Here are some of the latest entries (including the big news that his new wife is already pregnant! way to go, Oleg!):

After yesterday’s illegal arrests, Oborona with its friendly orgs held a protest right in metro trains today – http://tinyurl.com/l7h32d1:44 PM Sep 21st from Echofon

  • I was arrested today with 7 more Oborona’s activists for just meeting in the metro. Police even made a fake placard that we reportedly held!11:06 AM Sep 20th from Echofon
  • New entry on my blog: What’s Up in Russia http://bit.ly/3NsQvJ12:34 PM Sep 16th from Echofon
  • Russian court: “…the call to ‘take’ freedom suggests that individual rights prevail over the state’s… [and thus] is extremist.”2:41 AM Sep 15th from web
  • Choosing name for our daughter. The two best options are now Eva and Dana.6:12 AM Sep 5th from web
  • We put 334 candles in shape of words “We remember Beslan” yesterday. Lots of police met us there but they were surprisingly friendly.4:57 AM Sep 4th from web
  • We’ll mark the 5th anniversary of Beslan hostage crisis today by lighting candles at Bolotnaya Square in Moscow1:46 PM Sep 2nd from Echofon
  • Doctors say, it’s going to be a girl!2:22 AM Aug 23rd from web
  • For photos and report from the flag march, see http://twitter.com/kozlovsky2:33 AM Aug 22nd from txt
  • Riot police disperse people who tried to celebrate 18th anniversary of GKChP Coup’s failure by marching with a huge Russian flag. 10 men 2:30 AM Aug 22nd from txt
  • Video (in Russian) about Oborona’s training camp Partizan-2009 http://bit.ly/47H4xD8:01 AM Aug 16th from Echofon
  • Photos from Oborona’s summer training camp Partizan-2009: http://bit.ly/bK4rr
  • One response to “Oleg Kozlovsky Twitters in English

    1. “*We put 334 candles in shape of words “We remember Beslan” yesterday.”

      – It is so surreal that in Russian Pederation there are so few REAL people who care about things like that. :(

      Best of wishes to you Oleg, I hope Russia will become free and democratic and you daughter will grow a happy young woman in that Russia.

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