Crisis in Belarus

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They have advised Medvedev not to awaken guerrillas in Byelorussians

Representatives of the Byelorussian opposition Yevgeny Afnagel and Dmitry Dashkevich have turned with an open letter to president of the RF Dmitry Medvedev. They express protest against the introduction of Russian troops onto the territory of the republic (Russian subdivisions have been thrown over into Byelorussia within the framework of training exercises). In the opinion of the oppositioneers, the introduction of Russian troops into Byelorussia creates a threat for its independence.

“We, Byelorussians, – a patient and amicable people. However we likewise love freedom and are prepared to fight for it. Do not awaken partisans [guerrillas–Trans.] in Byelorussians, Dmitry Anatolievich!”, – is said in the letter.

Yevgeny Afnagel, one of the authors of the letter, is coordinator of the civic campaign “European Belarus”, as well as leader of the movement “Jeans — for freedom”. Dmitry Danshkevich heads the youth organization “Young front”.

Joint Russo-Byelorussian training exercises “Zapad-2009” [West-2009–Trans.] started up on 8 September. According to the script for the maneuvers, an unspecified opponent attacks Byelorussia, while Russia helps to repel the attack.

The authors of the letter to the Russian president consider the motive for the training exercises contrived, and the maneuvers themselves — senseless. Earlier, representatives of the Byelorussian opposition had declared on numerous occasions that the introduction of a grouping of Russian troops into Byelorussia is a preparation for a possible military intervention on the part of the RF.

On 9 September, after the start of the training exercises, an action of protest took place in Minsk under the slogans “No — to Russian occupation!” and “Russian army, go home!” [with the “go home” written in English–Trans.]. The picket was dispersed by the police.

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  1. Yeah, lets get a look at the Moscal Army to see what their weaknesses are. The filthy raping, murdering looters become filthy rooshan occupiers, methods can be determined to stop them. Getting a good look now, will reveal weaknesses in communication and supply. Routes and ambushes as well as traps. Just like the mistakes they made in Georgia. Knocking off some of the Huns now, would not be a bad idea. Somethings that future conscripts will have no stomach for nowadays. Moscali will move in hard and fast but it will be a clusterf^cking Rashan Riot. Some Belorussians still have memories, and know that the filthy bastards don’t leave.

    Freedom Fighters from the Caucuses and Afghanistan would be of much help. Counter insurgency is harder and more costly then counter terrorism, as the US is found out in Afghanistan and RaSSiyans never win over hearts and minds, it will be insurgency.

    Lukashenko will continue to play this game only to make the Rashians waste more resources. Already he did not take the Rashian side against Georgia. So it is obvious the the Moscali are bluffing, even if the plan is to open up a second Ukrainian Front to partition Ukraine. Having the RooSSiyski army will be like having sex with diseased rats for the Belorussians.

    • It’s amazing that you can write so many malformed words without conveying a grain of new information. Russian conventional army will probably suffer in conflict with NATO right now (although, who knows) but it can roll over Georgia or Ukraine with ease, if need be.
      Of course there’s no need – same as Chinese/other maneuvers it’s just saber-rattling.
      As for counterinsurgency – the best army in the world will soon be stuck in Afghanistan longer than USSR, and with more personnel (army and military contractors) committed. So far noone has devised a good counter-insurgency strategy that doesn’t involve action against civilians on massive scale to also “hit” insurgents among them and deprive insurgents of their base.

      • The Russian conventional army will be absolutely humiliated if it takes on NATO, they don’t call the T-72/T-80/T-90 family “the blowtorch” for nothing.

        The ramshackle Russian army can only overwhelm Georgia and Ukraine “with ease” due to its massive size and equipment advantage in relation to those two much smaller states. It’s a bit like Nazi Germany crowing over defeating Denmark in 1940 (especially in relation to Georgia). However the Georgian military did give Russia a bloody nose, holding Tskhinvali for 3 days against a vastly numerically superior Russian force, which had massive artillery support and control of the air.

        Not to mention the fact that the Georgians shot down around 12 Russian jets (including a Backfire bomber TU-22M and at least 2 SU-24 Fencers) without losing any themselves. The Russians claimed a Georgian SU-25, but it turned out they shot down one of their own LOL.

        Then there are the claims from the Russian comittee of Soldiers Mothers that Russian losses were in the thousands…….

        The Russian military is only of any use when it has a massive numerical superiority.

        • Sergey Shelukhin

          Read some reliable sources on troop deployment. DUe to speed of arrival of troops Russians were numerically inferior for these days, and they were still very close in numbers when they kicked Georgians out of Tskhinvali.

          • Really? So thats why the worlds military analists are laughing at the Russian army’s performance is it?

            Face it, you Russian scum only won because you had (as usual) more planes, more tanks, mor artillery, more ships, and more men.

            You are incapable of beating any military of even a remotely similar size, and would not last 30 minutes against the Brits, US, or for that matter China.

            LOL. After all, even at Berlin the Germans inflicted massively dispraportionate losses on the ill trained Russian troops they faced.

            • Sergey Shelukhin

              Sources of these laughing analysts, other than some stupid from-bedroom blogs?

              I am not saying Russian army is in good state, but it would definitely last more than 30 minutes against all of the above. Hey, we beat Germans in 41-45 that you mentioned :P

              Brits – well, the only example I know of any face-off is when Russian bomber made it to striking distance of Hull unopposed.
              US – probably yes, although it’s not of “comparable size”- compare military budgets, US vs Russia is like if there was “full” Russia vs Georgia war, in size.

              China: last thing I heard about their army is that it’s not capable of deploying beyond Chinese mainland and that analysts say that if they attacked Taiwan Taiwan would win even without US support. I can find sources if you want to discuss China, and would be grateful if you find yours!

        • Sergey Shelukhin

          Oh yeah, “blowtorches”, T-90 being the most modern battle tank of army of US-friendly India, and used elsewhere including US friend Saudi Arabia reportedly planning to buy some. You should call the Saudis and Indians, they are getting ripped off while expert such as yourself could be at their service.
          In most combat operations they were employed in with spectacular fails were either storming cities (Grozny, stupidity), or being used by vastly inferior forces (Iraqi ones destroyed due to total US air superiority and the fact that they were T72 generation behind US tanks deployed)

          For losses – read sources, even those cited on Wikipedia – you figures are pathetic ( and unsourced)

          • Actually MORON, Saudi Arabia has no intention of buying any Russian CRAP.

            It was just a negotiating tactic to ensure they got the equipment that they really wanted from the USA.

            Ask the Morroccans, and the Indians about the extremely poor quality of Russian junk such as the much vaunted SU-27/SU-30 which the Indian pilots don’t like to fly due to it’s tendency to drop out of the sky, and the MiG 29, which most users have had to ground recently (including Russia) due to it’s severe structural deficiencies.

            Then there is the saga of the ex-Russian carrier that the Indians purchased, and how after a 400% increase in cost it is STILL not ready to0 use.

            Russian made = JUNK

            Always has, always will.

          • In addition, US M1 Abrams, and UK Challenger II’s destroyed hundereds of Iraqi tanks in both the 1st and 2nd Iraq wars at ranges at which the Russian made junk could not even scratch their paint.

            Russian equipment, and Russian soldiers are inferior.

            You are only of any use when used in overwhelming force.

            For reliable sources, all reliable sources state the massive material and numerical advantage employed by Russia during its invasion of sovereign Georgian territory.

            For losses, well Russians being compulsive liars (just look at the increase in Russian war dead from the 8,000,000 claimed by Russia in 1945 to the 27,000,000 or so claimed by the current Russian government, which conveniently forgets that nearly 1/2 were not even Russian of course) that you are, and totally without honour, scruples, or for that matter morals, how can we trust anything that mass murdering genocidal maniacs (that historically make the Nazi’s look mild) like yourselves, that consitenetly lied about your losses (and the number of civillians killed in Chechnya, that lied about your losses in Afghanistan, that lied about Katyn, that lie about everything, how can we trust a single thing that a fascist pig like you has to say?

            Besides, try a link Sergey.

            In addition, the Russian high command itself was boasting about how it brought overwhelming force to bear during the 1st few days of the war.

            Then when it failed to take Tshkinvali for 3 days (despite outnumbering the Georgian defenders 4 to 1 in manpower, around 20 to 1 in tanks and artillery, and around 15 to 1 in airpower), was forced to admit “we are not facing the Georgian army of the early 90’s”

            • Sergey Shelukhin

              Russian tanks in Iraq were generation or 2 bahid US tanks and US had air superiority – irrelevant.
              India dislike of tanks (why does it buy more then), adn planes – unsourced BS.

              “All reliable sources” – try actually posting some, BSer.

              About lies – irrelevant. So did the US lie, so did Saakashvili, and Ukraine about massacres of poles, and Germany, SO WHAT?
              Hey, why don’t you judge Germany by 39-45? Those bloody Germans, always killing everyone! Or, what about Belgium? I suggest you use Congo Free state. Those lying axed-hand-collecting Belgians! What a pathetic ranter you are.

              Russian numerical advantage in Tskhinvali – unsourced BS after I already gave you sources to the contrary. Russian troops never had such superiority you baboon, and for few days they wre DEPLOYING thru the TUNNEL slowly. Comprehend?

              • Oh Sergey, such vitriol.

                I certainly condemn Germany for its atrocities in WW2 (and WW1) but unlike you sub primate Russians, Germans are civilised enough to APOLOGISE and actually be sorry for the criminal behaviour of their forbears, while Russia is still a criminal state, and Russians are still a criminal people.

                Russians delight in the crimes of their forbears, you are PROUD of the mass murders your “Mother Russia” has comitted, and you continue to commit the same crimes over and over again.

                As a people you are beneath contempt, and what makes you so despicable is you try and hold back the development of your former imperial possesions which are light years ahead of you in cultural development.

                Russia is like the overgrown school bully who is a violent thug, with a learning disability bordering on retardation. In fact Sergey, the retarded bit describes you perfectly.

                I suspect you are a fair weather lover of your whore of a mother Russia, who toddled off to Canada to avoid national service LOL.

                BTW, Indian dissatisfaction with Russian equipment is quite well documented….

                India makes a play for F-16 fighters
                By Siddharth Srivastava

                NEW DELHI – It is now official: India has indicated to the United States that it is interested in purchasing advanced F-16 fighter jets for its air force, a move that has sent frissons throughout the establishments in India, the US and inevitably Pakistan…..

                ……Apart from the strategic defense consequences of relations between India and Pakistan, India’s intent to purchase the F-16s marks another closure of a paradigm of defense relations that harked back to the Cold War era. In the past India relied heavily on French and Russian fighters but is now seeking to spread its wings further. The MiG fighters have also invited censure because of their numerous crashes as of late.


                Sources said a navy team recently returned empty-handed from Russia after the delivery of its 16 MiG-29Ks was postponed because of Moscow’s decision to ground its own MiG-29s. Russia apparently grounded its entire fleet of about 300 MiG-29s, codenamed ‘Fulcrum’ by Nato during the Cold War, after a couple of them crashed in southern Siberia in October-December due to the disintegration of their tail fins.

                Subsequently, around 90 MiG-29s have so far been found unsafe to fly during ongoing checks, while 100 have been cleared to take to the skies. Incidentally, Algeria had last year returned its 15 MiG-29s to Russia, holding that their quality was poor, which was strongly contested by Moscow.

                This does not augur well for India. As earlier reported by TOI, the IAF is already grappling with a huge dip in the number of its fighter squadrons, down to just 32 from the “sanctioned strength” of 39.5. The IAF hopes to reach its “desired strength” of 42 squadrons only by 2020 or so.

                Another reason is that even as India haggles with Russia over its additional $2 billion demand for Gorshkov’s refit, the defence ministry has cleared the navy’s proposal to buy 29 additional MiG-29Ks for Rs 5,380 crore.

                The procurement has been approved because both Gorshkov and the indigenous aircraft carrier, being built at the Cochin Shipyard, will operate MiG-29Ks once the two desperately needed warships are inducted into service in the next decade.

                The immediate concern, however, is for the IAF, which operates three MiG-29 squadrons along the western front for air defence purposes. “We have received no word from Russia. We are continuing to fly our MiG-29s from Halwara and Jamnagar,” a senior officer said.


                India’s dilemma is whether to continue to buy weapons from Russia, or go for U.S. or European weapons. Why worry about expensive Western weapons when equally capable ones are available more cheaply and with fewer strings attached from Russia?

                As a result of their defense hardware export policies, the Russians have mishandled the captive market they had in India in the last few years. They have asked to renegotiate contracts signed as much as six years ago. The refitting of the aircraft carrier Gorshkov is a case in point.

                In this process the Russians have lost influence with the Indians. Also, some of the weapons they supplied in a hurry in 1999, such as R-77 missiles and artillery shells, have been found defective. ………
                ………Russian military hardware also has problems, as India can testify. The MIG-21, considered a major success by the Russians, is known as a widow-maker in India. The Russians blame this on poor maintenance and substandard parts used in the 1990s.

                As for Russia’s highly touted MIG-29, it is developing cracks after 10 years of service.


                NEW DELHI, DECEMBER 13 Worried over the high rate of engine failure of its frontline SU-30MKI, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has refused to accept the latest batch of multi-role Sukhoi fighters from Russia.

                It’s learnt that though a batch of the Sukhois has been dispatched to the Lohegan Air Force Station in Pune, the IAF has decided not to accept them until the Russian manufacturers Rosvoorouzhenie accept its demands to rectify the several glitches in the aircraft.

                The IAF has also suggested to the Ministry of Defence that further payments to the Russians be stopped until the demands are met. When this was conveyed to the Russians, they immediately dispatched a team to meet Indian officials. A Russian team met top MoD officials as well as the IAF chief Air Chief Marshal S. Krishnaswamy in South Block on Thursday evening


                That good enough for you Sirgay?

              • A Russian Scary Tale
                by James Dunnigan
                August 29, 2009
                Russia fighter pilot Igor Tkachenko predicted his own death in the air four years ago. Sort of. Back in 2005, Tkachenko complained that the Su-27s given to the acrobatics team he leads were unfit for regular fighter squadrons, and required considerable refurbishment and maintenance before his pilots could safely use them. But the Russian Air Force has long had problems maintaining its high performance aircraft. A shortage of qualified and experienced maintainers, plus parts and equipment shortages, as well as defective parts, created a perpetual headache for squadron maintenance officers. The usual result was fewer aircraft fit to fly, and this limited the training pilots got.

                Earlier this month, Tkachenko died when his Su-27 collided with another Su-27 while practicing for an acrobatic air show. Tkachenko is the leader of the Russian Knights aircraft demonstration team, that performs at air shows and other events. Most large air forces have such teams, and they usually get priority in terms of aircraft and maintainers. But even with that, Tkachenko was unable to keep his units aircraft up to the required standards.

                While Russia was able to design and build Western quality fighters (the MiG-29 and Su-27/30) by the end of the Cold War, they pushed their technology, and manufacturing capabilities to the limit. While the Russians were able to keep their maintenance and reliability problems out of the news, foreign intelligence agencies knew. So did nations that bought these high performance jets, but they got great bargains, and assurances from the Russians that proper spare parts would be provided, and the users could train and retain capable maintainers (or, in some cases, hire foreign technicians to do it right.) Many of the less developed nations that bought these high end fighters, saw them waste away from lack of effective maintenance. Since this also happened if they bought Western fighters, they kept quiet and were content for all the money they saved buying the cheaper Russian stuff. Enough of these spiffy looking fighters could be out into the air to dazzle the locals, and potentially troublesome neighbors.

                Meanwhile, Russia continues scrambling to remain competitive in the jet fighter market. With F-22 production being shut down, with fewer than 200 built, Russia has a shot of at least producing fighters equal (at least on paper and in demonstrations) to Western aircraft. But the more hidden problems of parts quality and aircraft reliability remain, waiting for a fix, or a wartime embarrassment that could run Russia out of the jet fighter business.


              • And what about the vaunted T-80’s that the Iraqi army deployed, they were the same gen as the M1 and Challenger II for all the good it did them?

                The T-90 still has all the basic flaws of Russian tank design, its fast yes, but its gun is far less effective than western tanks, its onboard targetting system is less effective, as is the notoriously unreliable autoloader, its armour is too thin, and the Russians persist in storing the ammo internally instead of in the back of the turret with blowout panels to avoid losing the crew if the ammo is hit.

                Still a “blowtorch”, just a newer variant. LOL

                And dickhead, your figures gave a wide margin for the Georgians, the lower end 9000, is more correct.

                And you are still a retarded pygmy if you think that all 37,000 (including airforce, navy, and army support staff) can be counted into the force ratio.

                In that case we have to count the Black Sea Fleet support staff in Sevastapol, and all the airbase and army base staff of units that supplied Russian troops of the 58th army, all the LOC and supply troops in North Ossetia etc.

                You really are a poorly educated retard Sirgay, and you have no understanding of the military, your pathetic Russian one, or any other.

                • Sergey Shelukhin

                  Tanks: *sigh* USA had total air superiority over Iraq, most of Iraqi tanks were T-72s, and were poorly manned and maintained; not even taking into account that most of Iraqi army didn’t even engage.
                  Read any analysis of the war, Iraqi tanks were essentially helkpless in jsut about any respect form support to command to morale.

                  And yes – below you/other commented did calculate Russian forces as more than 100k – including all those you said! Nice try.

                  Oh and of course EU report now also says that Russian initial deployment thru the tunnel was slow and Georgian moves where not justified. Nice try with Georgians holding Tskhinvali for 3 days against superior numbers.

                  • Now dickhead, Russia had total air superiority over Georgia too. Or did you forget that bit retard?

                    Or is it different when Russia has total air superiority? That would be typical hypocrisy of the kind we have come to expect from Russian vermin such as yourself.

                    In gun engagements, the M1 (1st Gulf war only), M1A1, M1A2, and Challenger II annihalated large numbers of T-72 Urals and T-80’s iin both wars.

                    No US or UK tank was lost to a Russian made tank.

                    There is no reason to think it would be any different with the T-90, which has inherited the vast majority of the design defects (thin armour, poor electronics and optics, and ammunition stored in the crew compartment) of bot the T-64 and T-72/T-80 family.

                    So bucko, as usual, Russian gear is INFERIOR.
                    Russian equipment is intended to be used en mass, and Russian military thinking is not known for its tactical or strategic flexibility, just as inj WW2 you work on the principle of “all noise and frontal assaults” with the resulting high casualties.

                    Militarily, for its size Russia is a joke.

                    Like Zimbabwe but with nukes.

                    Note that the EU report states that Russia broke far more international laws than Georgia, comitted illegal agression in the west of the country which was outside the conflict zone, and so on and so forth.

                    Did you actually read its multiple condemnations of Russia? I doubt it being the lying hypocrite that you are.

                    It also states that Georgia was justified in retaliating against the separatists, but should have been more restrained.

                    It also states that there were Russian units in South Ossetia illegally prior to the Georgian action, but not as many as the Georgians thought.

                • Sergey Shelukhin

                  Oh, and thanks for providing this unique, mature interpretation of my first name! If you continue to show your utmost superiority in kindergarten humor, I fear I will have to admit defeat soon.

                  • Oh Sergey, you started the insults little man.

                    Of course, in true Russian style you can dish it out, but not take it.

                    You are a pathetic representative of a barbaric culture.

                    • Sergey Shelukhin

                      Well, that is a blatant lie which I just cannot let stand. Apart form possible use of word “BS” (which one cannot but use in discussions with you) I never started insults first here. It’s that just your amusingly desperate attempts to annoy me are getting more and more childish. In any case, I’d just refrain from any insults of your… person henceforth, and see how you and your kind fare in this department.
                      Don’t want to waste weekend time today in replying to other stuff, will reply during the week.

      • “Russian conventional army will probably suffer in conflict with NATO right now (although, who knows) ”

        – PROBABLY? WHO KNOWS? You sir are a one optimistic Russian. :)

        “but it can roll over Georgia”

        12.000 (9000 Army+ 3000 police)Georgians
        (The other 10.000 was at the Abkhazia where Georgians waited for a attack in the first place)


        140.000 Russians (58th army+FSB+Pskov VDV + Black sea fleet+ Chechen – Vostok+Zapad +North Caucasian criminals)

        Russian army 1,6 million – Georgian 27.000

        —.. You can defeat MUCH MUCH smaller amryies, while suffering in grater numbers. Russia lost around 700 people, Georgia lost around 280.

        or Ukraine with ease, if need be.

        – Ukraine is a 50 MILLION(!!!) strong nation. They will rape you in the ass! Just try anything! I know you will not, because you are cowards and know they will kick you ass bad!

        • Sergey Shelukhin

          According to WIkipedia (sources cited)

          Flag of Georgia (country) In South Ossetia: 9,000-16,000 soldiers. Total: 37,000 soldiers.[16][17][18][19]

          Unknown number of Georgian Police deployed in the conflict zone
          Flag of Russia In South Ossetia:
          10,000 soldiers.
          In Abkhazia:
          9,000 soldiers.[20][16][21]
          Flag of South Ossetia 3,000 regular soldiers.[17]
          Flag of Abkhazia 5,000 regular soldiers.[22]

          Same about losses:

          In the aftermath of war Reuters cited some Stratfor analysts who believed that “Russia has largely destroyed Georgia’s war-fighting capability”.[366] During its retreat from South Ossetia the Georgian army left behind much of its military equipment. Large parts of its tank forces, artillery and relatively modern anti-aircraft defence units were either destroyed or captured. Almost the entire Georgian Navy was sunk by the Russian forces; the sunk ships included three vessels of the Georgian navy that were sunk in their harbour, Poti, after Russian forces occupied the city, and another was sunk by Russian naval forces off the coast of Abkhazia.[16][338][367] Only 15 vessels of the Georgian navy remained in action. However, Georgia has largely rebuilt its forces. Russia estimates that 3 Georgian Su-25 strike aircraft and 2 L-29 jet trainers were destroyed in the war.[368] In addition, the Georgian Air Force lost 4 helicopters, one AN-2 airplane, one Mi-14 transport/asw helicopter and two Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters.[369]

          Russia has officially confirmed the loss of 3 Su-25 strike aircraft and 1 Tu-22M3 supersonic bomber.[344] Moscow Defense Brief gives a higher estimate, saying that the overall losses of Russian Air Force in the war amounted to seven aircraft: one Tu-22M3 long-range bomber, one Su-24M Fencer frontal bomber, one Su-24MR Fencer E reconnaissance plane, and four Su-25 attack planes.[16]

          Stop reading propaganda.

          • Well Sergey, obviously you have never served in the military and have a limited understanding of the numbers and ratio’s between COMBAT and SUPPORT (ie non-combat) troops.

            37,000 is the total for the entire Georgian military, including non-combatant administrative and support (base facility staff).

            Of the 37,000 you mention, around 10,000 are combat troops, following the usual 1:4 ratio of combat elements to support.

            However, the Russians deployed (by wikepedia) 19,000 troops, the Abkhazians and south Ossetians 8000 regulars, and then there are the tens of thousands of irregulars from Abkhazia & South Ossetia (armed and equipped by Russia in violation of its peace keeping obligations one might add).

            BTW, no Georgian SU-25’s were lost, the only SU-25’s lost were RUSSIAN, Russia has admitted to shooting down several of it’s own aircraft (as following the Russian tradition of stupidity) and acknowledged the ability of Georgian SAM crews, despite the fact they were using cold war Soviet systems (which the Russians should have known how to deal with)

            In addition, the Russians deployed and overwhelming advantage in air power, artillery power, and naval power.

            • Sergey Shelukhin

              Where did you gett his information? These figures are for troops. Or, needless to say, Russia also had support personell on the ground; and Georgia also had cops. Arkhazian and Osstian regulars are not Russian military.

              Russian forces were deployed over few days thru Roki tunnels and for few days Georgia had numerica superiority, which didn’t prevent them from getting their ass kicked.

              For planes – “Russia admittted”? Georgiea didn’t lose any”? Sources please!

              As for air superiority, that’s the point – Russian military even in its current state will
              easily defeat Georgian one, in equal numbers if you want it :)

              • Considering that the Abkhazian and South Ossetian Militia were taking orders from, and in most cases were officered by serving Russian military personnel (not to mention supplied by Russia, they were part of the Russian order of battle just as in Iraq, coalition forces are part of the US order of battle.

                By the time Georgian forces were forced to withdraw, Russia had total superiority in numbers of men, and had superiority in tanks, artillery, and airpower from the start of the fighting.

                By 8 am. on 8 August, Georgian infantry and tanks had entered Tskhinvali and engaged in a fierce battle with Ossetian forces and the Russian peacekeeping battalion stationed in the city.[16][149] 1,500 Georgian ground troops had reached the centre of Tskhinvali by 10 a.m. on 8 August, but were pushed back three hours later by Russian counter offensive artillery and air attacks, according to Georgian officials.[8][149] According to the international fact-finding mission, 10,000 – 11,000 soldiers took part in the general Georgian offensive in South Ossetia.[125]…..

                The 37,000 is the TOTAL size of the ENTIRE georgian military, including support and non combatant troops.

                The size of the ARMY is 22 999 personnel in total, including support staff.


          • Lets see

            Georgians killed 185 + 14 police = 199

            Russians killed 64 +South Ossetia 150 + Abkhazia 1 = 215

            Not exactly brilliant given the material and numerical advantages enjoyed by Russia.

            In fact it is a somewhat phyrric victory, much like the German victory on Crete, won only due to air superiority.

  2. And what does Alyaksandr Lukashenka want? It seems he’s his own man, wanting to take advantage of both Russia and the West (and to play them against each other as often as possible). OK, the protest was dispelled by the police, but I’m guessing that the very fact it happened is already meant to send a message — as if Alyaksandr was saying, ‘I could have let them go on, you know…’

  3. Lukashenko “brown nosed” Moscow Patriarch Kirill for practice.

    “I came home,” Kirill told Lukashenko. “I am Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, not only of the Russian Federation. Holy Rus is our common historical homeland, which includes different states.”

    “It is your Belarus,” echoed Lukashenko. “It is part of a giant Slavic Orthodox nation.

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