Obituary: Have fun in Hell, Mr. Mikhailkov

Have fun in hell, Mr. Mikhaikov!

Have fun in hell, Mr. Mikhaikov!


One of this planet’s more odious and malignant denizens, shown above in April of last year getting a medal for heroism from the very most odious and malignant one, namely Sergei Mikhailkov, oozed into oblivion on August 27th at the ripe old age of 96.

Mikhailkov lived 36 years longer than is average for a Russian man — half an additional Russian lifetime, equivalent to an American man living to 120 —  because he was coddled throughout the Soviet era by the totalitarian dictatorship he served so faithfully.  Daring to call himself a writer, Mikhailkov denounced and condemned Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Boris Pasternak.  Showing them how to write properly, he penned the lyrics to the national anthem of the USSR, lyrics meant to praise the greatest mass murderer of Russians who ever lived, Josef Stalin. Therefore, of course, proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin not only gave him a medal but chose him to rewrite the anthem, to the same tune, when the USSR collapsed.

In his wretched lyrics for the anthem, Mikhailkov wrote that the USSR was indestructible and would live forever; his language may have inspired the lunatic despot Nikita Khruschev to take off his shoe at the United Nations and make a similar exclamation.  He called Stalin a Great Leader who, inspired by “faith in the people” was able to “inspire Russians to build the land they love.”  He analogized Stalin to “the bright sun of freedom.”

One does not know whether to laugh or vomit.  A person of any character, upon seeing the entire edifice of the USSR collapse into dust within a few decades, and upon then seeing the true facts about Stalin’s horrific bloodletting revealed, would have crawled under a rock or simply blown his brains out. But Mikhailkov did no such thing. He went right on merrily sucking up oxygen until his own life vastly exceeded that of the indestructible USSR, and wrote another set of national lyrics just as utterly ridiculous and doomed as the first.

Mikhailkov, in other words, is Russia in microcosm.  He was a foul, pollluted, diseased, nasty little carbuncle on the buttocks of the world who contributed mightily to the untold suffering of millions, and he was proud of it.  He blithely ignored reality, and just as blithely helped lead his country to absolute destruction.

15 responses to “Obituary: Have fun in Hell, Mr. Mikhailkov

  1. poluchi fashist granatu

    Sergey Mikhalkov was a great literary and cultural figure, a great man and hero.

    I salute him.

    • Thanks for giving me a good deep laugh this morning, Mr. ‘poluchi fashist granatu’ or whoever you are. ‘A great man and a hero’!!!!!!!!!! WOW!
      You should be on the stage, entertaining people with your humour and jokes. You truly take the cake! Do you wear your clown suit, around the house? or only on the street?
      Again, thanks for giving me a good laugh! You and dead Sergey Mikailov, should have adjoining graves. My salute to him and you! (?)

    • So, any two-bit toady who nuzzles up to a genocidal dictator is a “Great man and hero?”

      So, when are you going to start your Goebbels shrine?

      And you salute him? One questions in what fashion.

      My guess:

      Either slightly above and straight ahead, palm downwards, or above and to your side palm upwards.

      After all, isn’t that customary with your ilk?

  2. The man was talented in poetry. But what is really amazing is his survival instinct!

    • Yes, Only ‘the good, die young’.
      And, ‘There is no fool, like an old fool!’
      What a sad waste of God-given talents, to use them for evil purposes.

  3. That this maggot lived almost a century proves there is no God.

    • To Kaktuss, There is an ancient belief, that the reason that God allows some to reach very advanced age, is that He is giving them….more time….to repent of their sins, (as they are so very evil) so that when He does take them, they have the best hope to go to the Good place, etc. And too, why He takes others in their very early ages,…even infants, etc. is that He, being omnicient, knows (regardless of ‘free-will’) what their future lives will be…and if He lets them live longer, they will become worse persons, more ignoble, less virtuous, and hense….end up (naturally) in Hell.
      God removes us from this life, when it is PRIME-Time for each of us.
      The underlying fact being: God is Himself ALL-VIRTUE, and to be able to dwell with Him in eternity, one must…to some degree…be ‘like’ Him, to …belong… in Heaven. That is the whole meaning of our earthly lives: a preparation for eternity.
      So, in all of life’s happenings, the hand of Providence works for our ULTIMATE good, even such dastardly persons as this Sergey Mikhailkov.
      God loves us all, all of us were made in His Holy Image, even the most evil ones.
      Of course, these thoughts are for believers, not scoffers.

      • Hi Daniel, Gilotsav for the Nativity of the Mother Of God!

        Glad to see you back here brother.

        • Dear brother Andrew, Yes, Festal greetings back to you: Greetings with the Great Feast of the Nativity of the Mother Of God! (S Prasnecum! to Russians).
          I have not been commenting much here lately, as I am too busy fighting Putin’s -“Moscow Patriarchy”, and fighting to awaken at least some diaspora Russians and their children in America, to flee from that phony-‘church’ controled by the KGB gangsters in Moscow.
          Their, “KGB-Patriarch Kyrill” recently, had HIS image painted on the walls of a monastery church in Russia, showing him as a ‘saint’ with a halo around his head., it was labeled as: “Saint Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow”!!! When the uproar errupted over this, the ‘Turkmen icon painters” were blamed for ‘making a mistake in the Slavonic lettering ‘ above the image of ‘saint’ Patriarch Kyrill. But someone else said: ‘it was an Uzbek painter who was to blame!’ (i..those dumb , non-Russian ,Turkmen and Uzbeks!…don’t they know how to paint Russian -style fresco icons? or the proper Slavonic lettering?….or to NOT use the real face of KGB-agent Mikhail-Gundaev on an ‘icon’???)…because it WAS his face!
          So, the lies continue!
          I fear for your Georgia, and for Ukraine, as it could happen any day now, that Putin will make his military moves. He really!…wants the Ukraine!, and to crush Georgia.
          And, will our Obama or the current NATO stop him?
          Anyway, Happy Feast-Day today!
          All is in God’s hands, regardless.

          • Keep up the good work brother!

            An Ikon of “Saint” KGB Mafia Kyrill?!?!?!
            Another obscenity brought to you by the patriarchy of Moscow. I am equally horrified.

            Tell me, did they remember to paint in his $39,000 watch?

            It is usual for Russians who follow the Putin line to blame all their mistakes on ethnic minorities and the “ever evil and stupid foreigners” blah blah.

            But under Orthodox Canon (at least as practiced in Georgia) the painting of Ikons is to be carried out under strict supervision of the Church priest, and should only be carried out by practicing Orthodox Christians after a period of fasting and reflection.

            So what were they doing using Uzbeks & Turkmen (traditionally Moslem, though they may have been converts)? And what was the priest doing all this time?

            One suspects the mistake was that they did not paint “Our Saviour Kyrill” or something equally obscene!!

            Still this is the same Moscow Patriarchy that brings you Ikons of Stalin the Saint, as opposed to the Georgian Church that considers him evil, and the Russian endorsement of Stalin heretical.

            God bless you and yours Reader Daniel.

            • To Andrew, I would have recommended that the title over, Mikhail-Gundaev’s fresco-‘icon’ had said: ‘Patriarch Kyrill, the Tobacco and Vodka KGB-Patriarch’, with him holding a bottle of vodka in one hand, and a pack of cigarettes in the other….but sure, he should also have been wearing his spendy new wrist-watch, and him standing on thick clouds of tobacco smoke (instead of the iconic heavenly clouds). When this scandal became public, the Turkemeni head of the fresco painting team, said, “I am an Orthodox man, and… I know…. what is permitted to paint. This was a…..mistake of one confused workmen who paints the titles…he was…mixed up, in our team hurry and rush to complete all the fresco-icons in the church’. Well, but! all the other saints were correct, this one had the face of Gundaev & in his Patriarchal robes, there was never another previous, ‘Saint Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow’,….etc. So, this was just some cover-up LIE!….baloney!
              So, clearly, someone of influence DID order that depiction (probably, if not himself, then to please Gundaev). His right-hand henchman,…who is always defending and covering up for him, Archdeacon Andrei Kuraev, at first said: ‘Well, it is not an icon of the …person… of our current Patriach Kyrill, but….it is….a symbolic…..representation of the….holiness…of the….OFFICE of the Patriarch’….and other similar dribble that makes no sense. Never! was there an Orthodox icon depicting such an IDEA as that, as icons must depict real PEOPLE! One exception might be, complicated icons which depict the words of hymns or prayers in the Liturgy, etc…..though they are quite rare. At any rate, due to the tremendous furor over this blasphemy, the fresco was erased, and quickly painted over with the image of a real saint, a saint who was not even a Patriarch!
              However, what is happening in Russia, is the steady elevation of the ‘holy’ importance and influence of Kyrill-Gundaev, in Russia and more especially, abroad. His star seems to be rising, sadly. The Vatican is courting his favour, as is the World Council of Churches.
              And yes, we shall yet see more ‘icons’ of Stalin, and also
              of his first-stooge ‘patriarch’, (who helped Stalin ‘save Russia from the faschists’), ‘Patriarch Sergius-Staragorodsky’….to me, of thrice-cursed memory!,….and God-only knows!…of what other criminals!!!
              The last ‘Patriarch’ predecessor to Kyrill, KGB-agent Alexis II, (Ridiger) is also being cooked-up into a ‘saint’. (We now have information, that he actually…’died on his toilet’, and/or that he was murdered off….on his toliet).. Apparently, the Kremlin wanted new blood, a more eager tool of their’s, as the Patriarch! Alexis was too old….time to go!
              Soon, we may indeed see the open reign of Antichrist himself….and the end of this world as we know it. There are just too many lies, too much evil in high places, (all over the world), extreme evil ,masquerading as supreme good.
              Reader Daniel

  4. Lenin, I believe, was Lutheran until about the time his brother was executed by the Czar for attempted regicide. A seething anger toward God and barely concealed antipathy toward Him characterised this whole man’s life hereonafter. The good and the bad die young and old. Judging God is a foolish thing as Lenin now knows. Don’t make the same mistake one of your greatest political enemies did!

  5. Dmitri Volkogonov, in his biography of Lenin, claims that his father was born a Jew, and converted to Christianity for reasons of professional ambition.

    • Lenin grew up in a Jewish immigrant family in Brooklyn and picked up Marxism from its founders: Groucho and Harpo. His father’s real name Eli Lenkin.

      Lenin had a son – John – who lived in Manhattan and was murderd by a crazy Russian fan: Ivan Hincklev.

      Here is the picture of Marx and Lenin on a stamp:

      That was the very first stamp that the newly independent Abkhazia issued back in 1994 to spite and spoof the times that it spent as part of Stalin-loving Soviet Georgia:

      In 1994, the Republic of Abkhazia issued two postage stamps featuring John Lennon and Groucho Marx, spoofing Abkhazia’s Communist past. These stamps would have normally borne the portraits of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.

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