Russia as the Beast

Russia as the Beast

Russia as the Beast

Source: The Moscow Times

3 responses to “Russia as the Beast

  1. I LOOVE this song NOW! Hugo Chavez, Hugo Chavez.. LALALALALALLALAAAA! :)

  2. Russia as the Beast. May be but USA give up now! AMD sistem in Pol and Czech wont be created. Saak was leawed “by USA `s superower” without real supporting or even encouregment. We say to USA go home and USA actually go home! О славный час, о славный миг, ещё напор и враг бежит!
    Thank you Obama! If USA go home with their “democracy” we will get a chance to make the world better!

    • Given what you swine did when the West last “went home” from Eastern Europe, I have every reason to fear what hellish vision you would consider a “better world.”

      Go home, Kremlinite, and tend to your own flawed and corrupt nation before you try and go abroad to spread your “wisdom” to the world.

      For if you do not, your nation may not last into the next century.

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