Annals of Russian Barbarism

The Barents Observer reports:

The inhabitants of the Russian town Nikel on the border to Norway are left without heating and hot water. The town’s central heating system is on the brink of ruin.

Why do people from Nikel so frequently travel to Kirkenes these days?  To enjoy the luxury of washing in hot water. This for foreigners somewhat incomprehensible joke is often heard in the streets of Nikel these days. The 16,000 inhabitants have been without heating and hot water for several months. Even the hospital, the schools and kindergartens are left with only cold water and cold radiators.

The local administration in Nikel has sent a letter to the regional government in Murmansk pledging to declare emergency mode, newspaper Murmansk Vestnik reports. Because of the catastrophic state the town’s central heating system is in, the town is not prepared for the upcoming winter, when temperatures can drop below -30°C.

A test of the central heating system this summer revealed 13 serious leaks in the hot water pipeline system.

The town’s local heating company also lack money to buy fuel oil. The local inhabitants in Nikel have debts on a total of 48 million rubles on municipal taxes and rent. According to the local news paper Pechenga, in June 1.500 of the 7000 flats in Nikel had not paid their taxes on time.

The situation is just as bad in the town of Apatity, TV Murman reports. 28 kindergartens and 11 schools still have no heating, and many parents keep their children at home instead of sending them to kindergarten. Every day more and more children get ill from spending their day in rooms with temperatures dropping to 15°C.

2 responses to “Annals of Russian Barbarism

  1. Well the thing is, Russians don’t care about themselves… so what do they expect?

  2. I’d say LR should publish more stories like this. Realistic descriptions of every day life in Russia are the most convincing arguments againts current regime.

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