EDITORIAL: Putin, Now and Forever


Putin, Now and Forever

Speaking to the corrupt and repugnant “Valdai Discussion Club” which consists of a group of so-called “Russia Experts” who travel to Russia at the Kremlin’s expense, dine on caviar at the Kremlin’s expense (while the people of Russia starve and die), and then hopefully spread the Kremlin’s propagandistic lies throughout the world, Russian “prime minister” Vladimir Putin declared when asked whether he would run against “president” Dima Medvedev in 2012:  “There will be no competition. We will reach an agreement because we are of the same blood and of the same political outlook.  In 2012, we will think together and will take into account the realities of the time, our personal plans, the political landscape and the United Russia party and we will take the decision.”

It’s hard to say which is more grotesque and vomit-inducing, Putin’s racist and Nazi-like comment about sharing “blood” with Medvdev or his shamelessly obvious indication that he’ll take back the reins (or should we say “reigns”?) of power in a few years’ time.  Indeed, the mere fact that Putin would not rule out returning to power four years after he left it, clearly abrogating the spirit of the Russian constitution and rendering himself “president for life” as if Russia were Zimbabwe, turns the stomach.

Almost equally outrageous, however, is the fact that Putin would speak for the first time so openly about his plans to rule indefinitely not to the people of Russia but to a clique of foreigners in a forum almost wholly removed from Russia itself.  We have to wonder when he plans on letting the people of Russia in on his plans for their future.  Not, of course, given their lemming-like cowardice and betrayal of their own history, that the people of Russia deserve anything better — but Putin is supposed to be one of their own.

Following the GQ article, Westerners are talking about whether Putin committed mass murder to justify his presidency with an invasion of Chechnya.  The Russian economy is in ruins due to the hideous mismanagement of the Putin regime, and Russians don’t rank in the top 130 nations of the world for adult lifespan.  Yet not only is Putin still ruling the country, he’s openly discussing returning to the presidency forever as if the only one whose opinion counts on the matter is his own.

Truly, we see no difference between Zimbabwe and Russia, except that the people of Zimbabwe seem marginally more critical of their government and a bit more active in opposing it, and that Zimbabwe makes no pretensions about being qualified to sit on the G-8 panel of democracies.

This man is evil incarnate.  Surely, this is the beginning of the end for Russia.

10 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin, Now and Forever

  1. I suspect that he didn’t just change the constitution to let him run perpetually because, at the time he thought it would be too blatant. Now that Hugo has proved that fraudulently changing the nation’s constitution is fairly easy and engenders little global criticism and now that the Honduras example has shown that America and others will actually take the side of the socialist power grabbers no matter how illegal the act is, Putin will probably take this route so as to avoid all the shuffling after his next two terms.

    Since elections and referendums are getting easier to fake these days as the media is usually on the side of the perpetrators, it will be interesting to see which Western democracy will be first to go this route. As in Honduras, the ballots will probably have been purchased pre-cast from Venezuela and Russia will probably have given lots of helpful advice to the winning party.

  2. Did anybody see Russia’s lame response to the GQ article? 9/11 Conspiracy! I kid you not! http://russiatoday.com/Top_News/2009-09-09/911-attack-job.html

  3. From le enfant terrible R. Bridge. What’s up with that guy?

    • R.Bridge must be a friend of Phobophobes.

      All these idiot conspiracy theories about 9/11 are rediculous.

      Like the buildings were part of a controlled demolition etc.

      As a structural engineer, I can tell you it was a tribute to the designers that they stood up as long as they did.

      In addition, the fires did not cause them to collapse, they certainly made it happen faster, but they did not cause it.

      It was the destruction of the load bearing walls and core that meant they were coming down, it was just a question of how long.

      And all the other rediculous theories, ie that the US government was behind the attacks, sorry dickheads, but in an open society such as the USA such things can’t be hidden. Hell, they could not even keep waterboarding a secret.

      However, the bombing of apartment blocks in order to justify a war is quite typical of the Russian state mentality.

  4. But lets be honest guys… we all knew that. Russia is a nation of dumb slaves and I don’t even see any will to recover.

    Once a bidlo always a bidlo… no way back…


  5. Every thug state now has permissions thanks to Obama in solidifying their dictatorships. Witness Argentina where the free press is under assault:


    It is shades of Jimmy Carter, one of the biggest one term losers that appeased every thug on the planet.

    Obama is a disgrace.

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