September 13, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Schools get another “F”

(2)  Putin is to Blame

(3)  Once Again, Russia lags behind the World

(4)  Latynina Probes the Russian Subconscious

(5)  Putin’s Neo-Stalinist State

NOTE:  Radio Free Europe interviews Scott Anderson here.

10 responses to “September 13, 2009 — Contents

  1. Hey, Russia, Pootie is is launching a comeback:

    “Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister, dropped his strongest hint so far on Friday that he might try to return to the Kremlin and run in the 2012 presidential election”…..

    He will win the election without an big public outrage or incident as he has had a decade to dial the level of Russian ignorance level higher.

  2. Is it me or are the usual moronic pro-Pootie trolls relieved of their duties?


    Perhaps we’ve finally beaten them into submission! Though Phobophobe recently posted on Nazis.

    • Look, Penny, why are you surprised that non-russophobes don’t post to this blog any longer? LR has been banning each and every one of us, with your encouragement btw. I already got banned by LR once: when I wrote that Sharapova’s bad play was due to her shoulder injury. And LR even deleted this pro-Sharapova post of mine. I had to wait for my provider to change my IP address before I could return to this blog. But what’s the point? Every time I wrote something positive about Russian people or culture, I had to censor myself: “Is this too positive? Will LR ban me for this?” Plus, there were no other non-russophobes to support me: they were all banned one by one. I saw one of them banned for writing something without giving a link to support it. Another was banned for posting too long of an article. At the same time, I saw russophobes like Andrew post 100 times longer articles with impunity, posting total fabrications without any links or references, with no reaction form LR. I saw Islamic extremists post calls for extermination of millions of innocent Russian civilians, with LR commenting: “Usually we don’t tolerate bigotry, but since this shows how much you hate Russians, I will let it stand.

      So, I got bored and have not read this blog for several weeks. But today was a very frustrating day for me, so I decided to vent my frustrations by returning to some hate-filled forum and argue with the bigots there. Sometimes I argue with antisemites at their forum, sometimes – with russophobes here. But I very much doubt if I have returned to this LR forum for long, because as a russophile, I am constantly working under a threat of getting banned by LR. So, after I finish arguing on the couple of topics that I have raised today, I don’t expect to read this blog for another month or so. Instead, I will probably go to argue with antisemites. Antisemites don’t hate the freedom of speech as much as LR does, and thus they don’t ban dissenters.

      Because of the censorship, this blog is being read only by a dozen or so of ill russophobes. But because there is no longer any dissent and thus no interesting arguments ort discussions – soon even these dozen of russophobes will get bored and stop reading.

      • Now butt-plug,

        Your moronic ramblings and outright lies are the usual drivel one should expect from the sort of filth that will happily sacrifice small nations to the gaping maw of Russian imperialism and Serbian genocide.

        Have a look at the number of visitors to this site (1,154,207 as I write, only 2 days ago it was 15,000 less), so its read by quite a few people bucko.

        Of course as a russophile, you are also aiding and abetting Russian mass murder in Chechnya, ethnic cleansing in Georgia, and Serbian war crimes etc, etc, etc, but then again given your political tendencies as evidenced by your obvious orgiastic joy at, and support for, Slavic crimes in general, I suggest you go and live in Russia so you can bond with your neo-nazi Russian brothers.

        • > number of visitors to this site (1,154,207 as I write…

          1,154,207 “visitors”? You think that more than a million different people have visited this blog? God, you are stupid.

          • Now Phobophobe, I did not say that the visitors were all different people, however your retarded comment that only a dozen or so people is like the rest of your BS, a complete lie.

            So retard boy, go play with your mommy.
            Learn how to count.
            Get a real education in history, particularly the criminal history of your vile motherland.

            Once again, if you hate the west so much, and think Russia (and its KGB leaders) are so wonderful and worthy of respect, go live there.

            The USA will be a better place for your absence.

  3. Just so this isn’t missed with yesterday’s comments:

    Felix, courtesy of Andrei Illarionov’s blog on LJ is the list of Russia’s official friends and enemies:

    Enemies of Russia’s leadership (48):
    Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Saint Lucia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Uganda, Ukraine, Finland, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia Japan.

    Friends of Russia’s leadership (18):
    Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Cuba, North Korea, India, Iran, Laos, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Syria, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Ethiopia

    India I can’t account for, but, every loser rogue state on the planet is on Putin’s friends list.

    Sweet. Face it, people and countries are known by the company that they keep.

  4. “Vladimir Putin hints that he could return to lead Russia until 2024 ”

  5. This reminds me of the cartoon that was posted here a while back:

    “The president of Russia should be nominated by the president of Russia and elected by the president of Russia.”

    The extremely sad thing is that the Russian people sit still for things like this.

    “For the glory of oily orthodox mahzer rasha.”

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