Russia Secretly sending arms to Iran

The Times of London reports on the latest barbaric outrage from Putin’s Russia:

A cargo ship that vanished in the Channel was carrying arms to Iran and was being tracked by Mossad, the Israeli security service, according to sources in both Russia and Israel.

The Arctic Sea, officially carrying a cargo of timber worth £1.3m, disappeared en route from Finland to Algeria on July 24. It was recovered off west Africa on August 17 when eight alleged hijackers were arrested. The Kremlin has consistently denied that the vessel was carrying a secret cargo. It claims the ship was hijacked by criminals who demanded a £1m ransom.

The official version was challenged by sources in Tel Aviv and Moscow who claimed the ship had been loaded with S-300 missiles, Russia’s most advanced anti-aircraft weapon, while undergoing repairs in the Russian port of Kaliningrad.

Mossad, which closely monitors arms supplies to Iran, is said to have tipped off the Russian government that the shipment had been sold by former military officers linked to the underworld.

The Kremlin then ordered a naval rescue mission which involved destroyers and submarines. Any evidence that the Kremlin had let advanced weaponry fall into the hands of criminals or be sold to Iran would be highly embarrassing, so military officials believe a “cover story” was concocted.

“The official version is ridiculous and was given to allow the Kremlin to save face,” said a Russian military source. “I’ve spoken to people close to the investigation and they’ve pretty much confirmed Mossad’s involvement. It’s laughable to believe all this fuss was over a load of timber. I’m not alone in believing that it was carrying weapons to Iran.”

The alleged hijackers, four Estonians, two Russians and two Latvians, will go on trial in Moscow. According to the Kremlin’s account, they boarded the Arctic Sea in the Baltic by claiming their inflatable craft was in trouble and then took over the ship at gunpoint.

Sources in Moscow suggested Mossad may have played a part in the alleged hijacking by setting up a criminal gang, who were unlikely to have known anything about a secret cargo. “The best way for the Israelis to block the cargo from reaching Iran would have been to create a lot of noise around the ship,” said a former army officer.

“Once the news of the hijack broke, the game was up for the arms dealers. The Russians had to act. That’s why I don’t rule out Mossad being behind the hijacking. It stopped the shipment and gave the Kremlin a way out so that it can now claim it mounted a brilliant rescue mission.”

According to Israeli military sources, Israel received intelligence that weapons bound for Iran were being loaded in Kaliningrad, a port notorious for gun runners. “A decision was then taken to inform the Kremlin,” said the source.

Had the S-300 missiles been delivered, Iran would have significantly strengthened its air defences. An Israeli air force source said that in the event of an attack on Iranian nuclear installations, such missiles could increase Israeli casualties by 50%.

Since the Arctic Sea was retaken, Russia has imposed a security blackout. The hijackers, the crew and two investigative teams were flown back to Moscow in three Il-76 air freight planes. For more than a week after being freed the crew were not allowed to talk to their families. The captain and three crew are still on board the ship, which has resumed its voyage to Algeria, but they have not been able to call home.

Last week Mikhail Voitenko, an outspoken piracy expert who disputed the Kremlin’s original version of events, fled Russia, claiming he had received threats from an official angered by his statements.

Admiral Tarmo Kouts, former commander of Estonia’s armed forces and the European Union’s rapporteur on piracy, has infuriated Moscow by saying the only plausible explanation of the mystery is that the ship was transporting weapons. A spokesman for the Finnish owners denied that missiles could have been secretly loaded onto the ship.

Sources who suspect Mossad’s involvement point to a visit to Moscow by Shimon Peres, the Israeli president, the day after the Arctic Sea was rescued. Peres held four hours of private talks with Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president. Although the Israeli foreign ministry would not be drawn on the Arctic Sea, it confirmed that the two leaders had discussed the sale of Russian weapons to countries hostile to Israel. According to Israeli officials, Peres received verbal guarantees from the Russians that they would not sell advanced weapons systems to Iran or Syria.

“Clearly the Israelis played a role in the whole Arctic Sea saga,” said a Russian military source. “Peres used the incident as a bargaining chip over the issue of arms sales to Arab states, while Israel allowed the Kremlin a way out with its claims to have successfully foiled a piracy incident.”

8 responses to “Russia Secretly sending arms to Iran

  1. The story about pirates in the Baltic Sea was so implausible that everybody was scratching their heads. It’s like pirates hijacked a load of timber in Lake Erie, took off GPS devices and quietly moved the scrap-metal boat to Atlantic Ocean.

    I first heard the story about 2-week maintenance in Kalinigrad from Latynina (with all due credits to Voitenko, but – how often do you read Maritime News :). I also saw “official” press trying to ridicule crazy b1tch hell bent on conspiracy theories. But seems like her two stories on the subject are spot on! It’s sad that Times didn’t even mention her name.

    Anyway, a bigger question is – why did they choose such a peculiar way. It seems that the sellers were trying to avoid sharing the profits with the Big Dons, and somebody in Power Vertical was probably as surprised by all this development, as the rest of the world. Therefore, Israelis were able to get cooperation from Godfathers of arms trading. So, it would be interesting to watch whose heads are going to roll (not necessarily metaphorically).

    One thing for certain – just like house explosions in 1999 – this story is far from over.

  2. barb,

    I maintain that Russian mafioso had freeforall for the last 10 years. Certain amounts of payoffs are required; but beyond that – “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

    What has changed – is the price of oil, and, consequently, the amount of free money that circulates in Russian market. However, the desire of officials to maintain certain level of income hasn’t changed. Therefore, they need to skim that amount on lower level of business revenues.

    If anything, that will lead to the fall of Kremlin’s power vertical. The best litmus test I see is Sochi construction. The amount of money that is dumped into Sochi has decreased, but the number of crime families that want a cut has actually increased. There Piter (St. Petersburg, or Leningrad) group, there is Krasnodar group, and there is a growing local group that are all vying for its share of “appropriations”. I don’t believe the construction will be completed; and I don’t believe there will be anything reminding of normal winter Olympics.

    • Felix, you obviously have a much better handle of the situation than I can ever hope to. But the image presented to the West was that the Russian mafia all but disappeared with Putin’s coming to power. Are you saying that image is basically a mirage? Is Putin nothing more than a mafia don? I find your and several other posters comments very illuminating and educational. Thank you

  3. Rogue Russian officers selling the S-300 to Iran & Syria?

    Why would they need to do that when the Russian GOVERNMENT has already put pen to paper with an official deal?

    Just the typical Russian attempt to shift blame when caught.

    This has “KGB government” written all over it.

  4. “The alleged hijackers, four Estonians, two Russians and two Latvians, will go on trial in Moscow.”
    Actually they all are russians, they just live in Baltics.

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