EDITORIAL: The Putin Dictatorship Poisons Russia


The Putin Dictatorship

Anyone who had the slightest doubt about whether Russia is a dictatorship or not lost them last week, when the Putin regime removed Ilya Yashin’s name from the list of candidates running for the Moscow City Council, removed it along with all three of the other Solidarity Party candidates.

The shameless manner in which the removal took place, with the Kremlin using handwriting “experts” to claim that the dates written by signatories to Yashin’s petition were not written by the same people who signed, laid the Hitlerian clan of KGB thugs ruled by Vladmir Putin utterly bare. Solidarity leader Boris Nemtsov gave the only possible response:  “If the cowardly and thieving regime thinks that in doing so it has won, it is deeply mistaken. The battle will continue. In the streets.”

Yashin is a heroic young opposition leader in the mold of Oleg Kozlovsky, the leader of the “youth wing” of the Yabloko party who has spoken out courageously against the NASHI cult, Putin’s version of the Hitler Youth.  So, of course, the Kremlin fears him like the plague and cannot allow him even a place on the ballot, much less a seat in government.

The Kremlin’s pathetic weakness and cowardice is plain for all to see. Though Putin’s clan of KGB spies pretends to toughness, in fact they are terrified of their own shadows. Even though they have purged the Duma of ever single opposition member, it is not enough. They are horrified at the idea of even a single opposition seat in local government as well.  That’s why they would not allow Boris Nemtsov to make a serious bid for mayor of Sochi, and that’s why Yashin bit the dust in Moscow.

This is neo-Soviet politics laid bare. It is exactly what happened in the USSR, but even then Russia was not directly run by the KGB for such a long period.  The Putin dictatorship is poisoning Russia exactly the way the USSR did, preventing it from undertaking necessary reform and making collapse inevitable.  It is a barbaric regime of thugs, no different than the USSR, and it will ultimately meet the same fate. Along the way, however, many will suffer both within and outside Russia.

2 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Putin Dictatorship Poisons Russia

  1. Sergey Shelukhin

    See? That’s real news about what Putin & co is like. You can do it when you try harder!


    You too can do it when you try. You can use Digg and Stumbleupon and other such services to favorite and publicize stories you approve of. You can post the link in comments on other blogs. But will you? Will you?

  2. Venezuela recognizes Georgian separatist regions

    Today, 14:40 | Associated Press

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev,
    right, listens to Venezuela’s president
    Hugo Chavez at the Barvikha
    presidential residence, outside Moscow
    on Thursday, Sept. 10, 2009.

    BARVIKHA, Russia – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Thursday said his country has recognized the independence of Georgian separatist regions South Ossetia and Abkhazia, a boost to Russia which had been almost alone in recognizing them.


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