A Sunday (S&M) Mystery


The Russian cartoonist known as Ellustrator (Sergei Yelkin) posts the above drawing with no caption or explanation.  A number of his Russian readers don’t get it. Do you? Any suggestions for what Putin might be saying?

9 responses to “A Sunday (S&M) Mystery

  1. “Why should I punish you, when you are such a good girl, Mother Russia?”


  2. “You are only a useless prostitute, who deserves to suffer, Russia,… so beat yourself to please me, as I shouldn’t have to exert my energies, to beat you with my own hand!…. though… I do enjoy seeing you suffer!”…….

    Could this be, similar, to what was reported Hilter said, just before he shot himself?…: ‘Germany deserves what has happened to it, as it let me down. They never deserved me!”…


  3. Mother Russia: “Whip me, beat me, you know I love it when you hurt me”

    Putin: “I bet you say that to all the boys”

  4. Not being into the S&M scene, I have to ask… do submissives really wear big triangular hats like that or is it a Russian thing? As for what Putin is saying, maybe something like: “Hi mom. Did I come at a bad time or did you?”

  5. What’s the ambiguity?

    It clearly shows that the Russian people continue to allow Putin to whip them and beat them and they ask for more. And when he says, “jump,” they ask, “how high?”


    So maybe Putin should be complaining: “Why should I, when you do it to yourself so much better!”

  6. “Putin teaches Russian journalists the art of self-censorship…”

  7. Here is the funnies part:

    Putin is portayed in the Western media as a dictator, and Russia – as a place where journalists are killed by Putin just for saying one bad word about him.

    And yet, this Sergei Elkin is happily employed by Russia’s main news agency RIA Novosti owned by… Putin!

    Russian Information Agency Novosti (RIA Novosti) is a Russian state-owned[1] news agency based in Moscow.

    You can enjoy his numerous caricatures at his RIA Novosti site at


    Can you imgaine what would have happened to an employee of a US government-controlled news outlet had he poirtrayed President Bush or VP Cheney the way Elkin has portrayed Putin? Look how journalists like Pete Arnott and Bill Mahr were fired from their jobs from private (!!!) TV networks for much smaller offences than Elkin’s.

    I mean, most popular Russian newspapers and radio stations like Echo of Moscow (owned by Gazprom) are devoted almost exclusively to anti-Putin journalists saying terrible things about Putin and complaining that there is no freedom of speech in Russia to complain about Putin and about how there is no freedom of speech in Russia to complain about how there is no freedom to complain about the lack of freedom to complain about the lack of freedom to complain…

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