Friday September 4, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Vladimir Putin, Mass Murderer

(2)  Kadyrov’s “Robespierran” State

(3)  Rancid Russia, Alone in Post-Soviet Space

(4)  Russia’s Frantic French Follies

(5)  Annals of Russian Tennis Failure

One response to “Friday September 4, 2009 — Contents

  1. Paul Goble has an interesting piece on the characteristics of an effective opposition party in Russia, an excerpt:

    ……And third, an opposition group must be a real participant “in the political struggle.” It isn’t enough to disagree and criticize. An opposition group must “have coming to power as its goal.” Many groups in Russia that say they are opposition parties in fact play the role of “theater critic,” denouncing everything the government does but doing nothing to replace it.
    According to Pokhmelkin, “the following conditions are necessary” for the formation of an effective opposition: broad social agreement on the foundations of the political system, real division of power both horizontally and vertically, and the division of the political class into “two or more political parties,” each of which has the resources to compete and rule.
    “The absence of even one of the conditions listed,” the Moscow analyst suggests, “makes it more difficult if not impossible of having a civilized competitive multi-party political system,” he argues.

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