EDITORIAL: Vladimir Putin, Mass Murderer


Vladimir Putin, Mass Murderer

Last week, we reported the appalling fact that in Vladimir Putin’s Russia the tuberculosis infection rate is ten times higher than in the United States, and the fatality rate from the horrible disease is nearly one hundred times higher.  Russia has been placed on a list of shame next to barbaric third world states like Zimbabwe, Uganda, Bangledesh and Pakistan as one of the 22 most dangerous places in the world for contracting and perishing from the disease, which has been liquidated in civilized countries like the USA and Western Europe.  Make no mistake: If you are a tourist in Russia, you are at risk just like the rest of the population.

What this means in simple terms is that over 100,000 people contract tuberculosis every year in Russia and over 15,000 of them lose their lives to the disease. Let us repeat that: Each and every year fifteen thousand Russians are killed by tuberculosis.  Many Russians called for the impeachment and jailing of Boris Yeltsin for “genocide” because of results like these during his term. Where are those calls in regard to Putin?

Indeed, it can be argued that Vladmir Putin killed each and every one of these victims of disease, as surely as if he had put a gun to their head, with his willful, intentional refusal to address the problem, instead squandering Russia’s precious resources on waging a new cold war with the West and crushing the life out of Russia’s civil society. Having ruled Russia for more than a decade, this blood is now indisputably on Putin’s hands.

If a foreign army killed even 15 Russians, much less 15,000, the people of Russia would be streaming through the streets with homicidal rage.  This is exactly what happened when the Georgian army killed a few dozen Russian soliders during the Ossetia conflict last August.  Vladimir Putin’s policies kill that many Russians each and every single day of the year:  forty one of them each day, day in and day out.

And yet the people of Russia do nothing.  They do not demand that he pay attention to this problem, instead they applaud wildly as he ignores it.  So they too have the blood of their own countrymen on their hands.

Putin recently made some of his typically insane statements, this time about Russia’s secret deal with Hitler during World War II, while visiting Poland.  He said that Russia’s deal with Hitler was no different than Britain’s deal to hand over Czechoslovakia to Hitler.  This was, of course, a double lie.  Britain did not get a slice of the territory it seeded to Hitler, but Russia did get its own chunk of territory, what Russia had lost in World War I.  And Britain’s deal is reviled by modern Britons, the man who made it (Neville Chamberlain) properly viewed as a traitor. Russia, to the contrary, still lionizes Josef Stalin.  Even many Russians scoff at this ridiculous perversion of history.

In another fit of neo-Soviet paranoia, Putin claimed the British deal was meant to “buy off Hitler and redirect his aggression towards Russia.”   So, he said, Russia had every right to do the same to Britain.   The only problem with this formulation is that there isn’t the slighest shred of evidence that it is true, and the man who spoke it was educated in the USSR and bought his thesis from a mill which plagiarized it.  This man simply doesn’t have the slightest basis for his statements, and he doesn’t care. He will tell any sort of ridiculous lie rather than embrace the need to tell the truth and reform.

This is why Russia does not rank in the top 130 nations of the world for adult lifespan. This is why Russians work for $3/hour.  This is why Russia is the butt of jokes all around the world, and it is why Russia has collapsed three times in the past century alone.

The fourth time is coming. Mark our words, Mr. Putin.

8 responses to “EDITORIAL: Vladimir Putin, Mass Murderer

  1. From what I can read in the report : http://www.who.int/tb/publications/global_report/2009/pdf/annex1.pdf – its 25,000 deaths per year total, or 18 deaths per 100,000 population. The really interesting thing is their “goal” for 2015 (a mere 5 years away) of 3.7 deaths per 100,000… Well, its the normal Soviet / Putin 5-year plan isn’t it…

    Scrolling forward to 2015 – I would bet that it would be an increase, not an 80% drop.

  2. My father in law was a Georgian engineer in the Soviet manufacturing industry during the 70’s to 90’s. He said that the nature of the 5 year plan was built on lies.

    The government set impossible targets, and everyone was so terrified of the consequences of failure that they lied about everything in order to claim they had met their quotas. So of course the next 5 year plan increased the targets, and so the rot set in and spread.

    My wife remembers her father telling her in the 70’s that the USSR would collapse under the weight of Russian incompetance, brutality and lies within 2 decades, he was right almost to the day.

  3. Putin claimed the British deal was meant to “buy off Hitler and redirect his aggression towards Russia.” So, he said, Russia had every right to do the same to Britain.

    Brilliant description of the difference: British deal was an attempt by a decent person to contain a thug, whereas Molotov-Ribbentrop was a deal between two thugs to split the proceeds of an assault and robbery.

  4. More persecution of good Russians (those who have morals and think for themselves, definitely a minority) by the Russian state.

    Russia ship mystery editor flees

    A journalist has fled Russia after suggesting the Arctic Sea cargo ship that was apparently hijacked in July may have been carrying illegal weapons.

    Mikhail Voitenko said he had been told to leave Moscow or face arrest.

    The editor of Sovfracht, an online maritime journal, fled on Wednesday, saying he may not be able to return as his life would be in danger.

    Eight men, mainly from Estonia, have been charged with hijacking and piracy over the case.

    The men are suspected of seizing the ship and its 15-man Russian crew after raiding it disguised as police.

    The alleged hijackers were taken to Russia after the ship was spotted 300 miles (480km) off the west coast of Africa on 16 August.

    Secret shipment

    Mr Voitenko – who was among the first to cast doubt on official explanations about the ship’s disappearance – told the BBC it was nonsense to suggest pirates had been involved.

    Instead he suggested the ship may have been carrying a secret shipment of weapons as part of a private business deal by state officials.

    Speaking to the BBC from Turkey, Mr Voitenko said he had received a threatening phone call from “serious people” whom he suggested may have been members of Russia’s intelligence agency, the FSB.

    The caller told Mr Voitenko that those involved in the mysterious case of the Arctic Sea were very angry with him because he had spoken publicly, and were planning on taking action against him, he said.

    “As long as I am out of Russia I feel safe,” Mr Voitenko told the BBC. “At least they won’t be able to get me back to Russia and convict [me]…”

    Further inspection

    Mystery continues to surround the ship’s disappearance, amid speculation the ship may have been intercepted by Mossad – Israel’s foreign intelligence service – in order to prevent a shipment of illegal arms to the Middle East.

    The 4,000-tonne Maltese-flagged vessel vanished in July days after leaving Finland with an apparent cargo of timber worth $1.8m (£1.1m), destined for the Algerian port of Bejaia.

    Observers have questioned why the alleged hijackers would risk seizing the Arctic Sea in one of Europe’s busiest shipping lanes for a relatively inexpensive cargo.

    Russian authorities said nothing suspicious was found aboard the ship when it was found last month, but have said a more thorough inspection would be carried out when the Arctic Sea arrives in the Russian port of Novorossiisk.


    • How comes a Russian can be ‘good’? I don’t believe it, everybody since age of 2 (or so) is participating in genocide against Azeri Chechens and committing all other crimes against civilized nations!

  5. @soliders

    “soldiers” (it’s not the first time here).

  6. strange ‘analysis’ from 10,000 miles away… thanks god there are some impartial observers on the ground whom one can trust



    Umm, are you saying that Russia Today, owned and operated by the Kremlin, and Peter Lavelle, bought and paid for by Russia Today, are IMPARTIAL?


    Thanks for the belly laugh, you moronic imbecile.

  7. Hahaha! To be fair RT does warn readers right at the top: “Any story can be another story altogether” –

    It beats me how any halfway competent media manager can even read Peter’s stuff and look him in the eye personally and imagine any of it is serious. Oh, forgot… its the Kremlin administration.

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