Photo Essay: A Grand Old Russian Flag? Maybe, not so Much

“You’re a grand old flag , you’re a high-flying flag
And forever in peace may you wave
You’ve the emblem of the land I love
The home of the free and the brave
Every heart beats true
For the red white and blue
Where there’s never a boast or brag
And should auld acquaintance be forgot
Keep your eye on the grand old flag!”

The Russian flag, like the American flag, is red, white and blue.  But Russians and Americans treat their flags rather diffrently, and don’t share the same values. Those in Russia who believe in freedom are in the tiny minority.  For instance, Russians recently tried to celebrate the Day of the Russian flag in Moscow, led by Boris Nemtsov, Lev Ponomarev, Ilya Yashin and Roman Dobrokhotov. Here’s what happened:  They spoke, they marched, they got assaulted by OMON and arrested. See for yourself

Lev Ponomarev

Lev Ponomarev (in the background Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov)

Ilya Yashin

Ilya Yashin

Roman Dobrokhotov

Roman Dobrokhotov








Source: Daria_mas Live Journal Blog

24 responses to “Photo Essay: A Grand Old Russian Flag? Maybe, not so Much

  1. I can’t read Russian so I’m not sure what the original website said about what was actually going on, but clearly these people were congregating without a permit, were disorderly, were a threat to public safety, and were made up primarily of street thugs and were basically a mob.

    Wait, that sounds just like an American Town Hall meeting!

    More seriously, I hope those arrested didn’t accidentally fall on bullets.

    • To “Brian King” or whatever is your real name:
      What a strange comment you made, especially equating what you label as a ‘disorderly’ crowd, in Russia, etc, with our on-going American Town Hall Meetings. Both are of course, expressions of democratic dissent, and the only ‘threat to public safety’, indeed human liberties, is from your Obama …and Putin henchmen. They are similar, aren’t they? You have made a good comparison there, comrade.
      Truly, you are an Obama air-head supporter, and also….you seem to be pro-Putin too., at the same time. What a wonderful combination!….and really not illogical afterall. You are a CHUDNIK! nevertheless. Both Putin and Obama are believers in autocratic rule, though Obama has not yet shown his full hand at that, whereas Putin shows us what his henchmen and police and military do, every day in Russia.
      But then, most likely you are not an American at all, but really Ivan Ivanovitch Somethingsky. (?)
      Let’s hope, that you too, don’t ‘accidentally fall on bullits’. But, you do give us some laughs. Spasibo!/Thanks!/Danke!

    • Hmmm, most of them look a bit old to be “street thugs”, and did you notice the Orthodox priest (centre of the top two pics, in black, with the cap and a cross around his neck on a chain, bit of a give away eh?, proving that there are still some good forces left in the Orthodox Church in Russia), not to mention the young women, everyone is tidy and well dressed etc.

      They do not appear disorderly (unlike the thugs from OMON)

      Not your typical look for street thugs.

      I suggest you do some more research Brian.

      Of course, not watching kremlin propagandists “RuSSia Today” would be a good start.

  2. They had a permit, were not disorderly and were not a threat to public safety, were not made up of any street thugs at all and surely were not a mob. These were the bravest and the brightest people who dared to hold a flag of their country and proclaim their love for freedom. That’s it. But in putler rasha it is enough to be beaten up and get arrested. The pretext for that was”there were more people than declared”. One of the younger man, Yashin was injured and required stitches on his head.

  3. I excepted to see a photo of another OMON robot stomping on a Russian national flag again.

  4. Barb , as usual you are wrong .
    The colors of the flag are NOT red white and
    blue , they are ; white blue and red . Kind of
    like the Dutch flag . Wait a minute , it IS theDutch flag ! Sometime ago the moscovites
    ” borrowed ” it from Holland and now it’s
    theirs .

    • To Oleksander: I know that the current Serbian national flag, is….almost….the same as the current
      Russian flag, except that the colour bands are reversed. Could it be, that it is the Serbian flag….that is the same as the Dutch flag? I think so.
      But, you may be right, that at whatever date in older pre-soviet Russian history, that this tri-colour flag was adopted as the national-Russian flag, that it was
      ‘borrowed’ from the Dutch (who themselves….got it from the French-tri-colour?….i.e. from the Napoleanic conquest of their country?).

    • Whether or not the colors are in the correct order does not take away from the fact that these thugs, OMON, are attempting to break up a seemingly peaceful demonstration whose stated purpose was one of patriotism; and showing their own disrespect for the colors of their nation.

      • Yes, of course Penny! ….what you state is THE main issue., of what is happening in these shocking photos. However, what is of interest, is the fact that these…truly patriotic Russian protestors, demonstrate under the old, pre-communist tri-colour Russian flag, (the Old Russia destroyed by the communists) and not the communist Hammer & Sickle Red flag.
        By using THAT flag, they are clearly spelling out their anti-neo-soviet/anti-KGB sympathies. The old soviet-flag, beloved by Putin, still flies over many places in present day neo-soviet-Russia, it was restored by Putin for his military, plus statues of Stalin and Lennin still polute the landscape in many many places. And too, sadly, the red flag is still greatly revered by many many Russians, who have NOT repented of all the rivers and oceans of blood and injustice it stands for.
        Reader Daniel

        • Er…Psalomschik…its barb, not Penny. Though I’ll take it as a compliment. Penny is able to find the main points of an argument, and is able to stay on point, unlike some of our cozy Kremlin apologizers.

          Maybe Russia might try using new colors: try Black and Blue!

          • Sorry BARB! Yes, Russia probably should have a flag that is black and blue, for all the self inflicted damage that they do to each other there. But then, the old soviet rag, with it’s field of red, was/still IS quite appropriate, as it represents quite well the oceans of innocent red blood that the insane humanity-hating/God-hating communists have unleashed on Russia, on other countries near her borders, and indeed all around the world. It still continues.
            As one who has known many good Russian people, and who has profound respect for the multitudes of Russian Christian and other righteous martyrs, martyrs for Goodness and Truth sake, in the Russian land, I still do hope and pray that….somehow, someday, Russia will be truly free and peaceful and prosperous.
            Will such a day be when, after, Armegeddon, (i.e. massive world war), the Second Coming, the Last Judgement, ….what is called, ‘The End of the World’….?
            I fear, very likely….not till then.
            If I sound pessimistic about the timetable and scenario that may allow a new/good Russia to reveal itself,…….. sorry, I can’t help it. Look at what all is happening over there…..and around the world too.
            Reader Daniel

  5. About flags, in general: “Run it up the flag-pole, and see if anyone salutes it!” is one historical observation.
    But, in this case, Russian citizens attempting to speak the truth, under the current banner of their country,
    (yes, a hang-over version of the old ‘Russian tri-colour’, just without the Double-Headed Czarist Eagle on it)….is another example to the world, of just how little freedoms and rights the average Russian enjoys under this Putler neo-soviet gangster regime. Was it borrowed from the Dutch flag?….that I did not know. The Dutch, Royal House of Orange’s flag, is a different colour scheme, I think (?)
    To my assessment, NO! the current ruckess surrounding our American Town-Hall meetings, have not yet, matched what is going on in Putler’s Russia. Here, it is mostly pro-Obama union-thugs who are instigating disruptions and physical assaults upon good American citizens….who do not want an over-powering federal socialist/statist nanny-state, pushed upon us
    ….and so far, we in America DO have a voice, no matter who on the left likes it or not. SO FAR, Obama has not dared to , directly, let loose his police dogs upon us. Putler, has no such qualms.
    Reader Daniel

  6. My final flag comment: According to Google-sources: The current Dutch flag has 3 horizontal bars, top-red, middle-white, lower bar-blue.
    The current Serbian flag: same 3 horizontal bars: top-red, middle-blue, lower bar-white. The current Russian flag has: top-white, middle-blue, lower bar-red.
    It says that, Czar Peter the Great, took what had been his naval flag, ‘based upon the flag of the Netherlands and made it his national-Russian flag,’….’but using Russian-colours’ (whatever that means-?), and that other Slavic countries also adopted that style/colour scheme as their’s too, (in other words, following the lead of the Russian Czar), such becoming known as a ‘pan-slavic’ design, etc.
    However, I do suspect some….earlier….French-revolutioinary influence. Can anyone correct me? Please do.
    We do know from Czar Peter’s life, that he greatly admired the Dutch and the Germans, and that he spent much time in their countries.
    We also know, that over the long centuries of all European countries, their flags underwent many changes, including various Russian-flags.
    Reader Daniel

    • Both Slovakia and Slovenia also have the identical color scheme. But I don’t think its important

      • To RV: Well, according to what I found through google, various Slavic people, (most, in fact)adopted the Russian flag, but with different color variations in the 3 bands=’pan-slavism’, which was widely promoted as part of that movement. The Russian Czar was seen, at one time, by many Slavs (even some Catholic ones, it seems), as a protector….especially from the Ottomans. To Orthodox Slavs, he was seen as their defender from both the Ottomans and the Catholic-Popes. The staunchly-Catholic Poles, never seemed to be a part of that pan-slavism, though perhaps some were. (?) Being on and off enemies of Russia, sometimes the invader of Russia and the bad-guys, and then sometimes themselves being invaded by Russia, and conquered under the Russian boot. The Poles and the Russians (generally speaking) never seemed to have a perfect love for each other. Religion was the number one reason, as both people were/are fellow slavs.

        • Not being of Slavic extraction, I don’t know much of pan-Slavism. What you are saying does make sense to me. However, I don’t know if it’s true that most adopted it. You mentioned Poland, but some other Slavs have very different flags too. Just look at Bulgarian flag, or Ukrainian, or Belorussian

          • To RV: Many of these national flags, have undergone many changes, according to political changes, etc. But as far as the (past) history of pan-slavism, which was connected to viewing the Russian Czar as ‘The Protector of Christians” (especially, Orthodox Christians) from the Ottoman threat and incursions, etc.), Orthodox slavs all fit into that (former) pro-Russian Czar orbit. The Bulgarians, (big admirers of Russia) the Serbs, many in (the) Ukraine, (as the Orthodox ‘Rusins’/Carpatho-Russians,) etc.
            Even Greeks and Romanians and Armenians, and others, looked to the Russian Czar to help them oppose the Ottoman tyranny. Of course, in actual fact, the Czar usually was not able to do much more than ‘rattle the sword’ at the Turks, and so in the end, it took the natural crumbling of the corrupt Ottomans, plus the blood/sweat and tears of the local/national uprisings and local anti-Turk revolutions, to finally free ….themselves ….from the ‘Turkish Yoke’.
            Unfortunately, Catholic slavs, were more often arrayed against Orthodox slavs…..though both feared and despised the Turkish Yoke.

  7. The flag of Russia (Russian: Флаг России, Flag Rossii), or officially, the State Flag of the Russian Federation (Russian: Государственный Флаг Российской Федерации) is a tricolor of three equal horizontal fields, white on the top, blue in the middle and red on the bottom. The flag was first used as an ensign for merchant and war ships and only became official in 1896; the flag continued to be used by the Russian Provisional Government even after the Tsar was toppled in the February Revolution and was not replaced until the October Revolution which established a Bolshevik government.

    Therefore, the flag was used for only a few years, starting in 1896, because the Dutch flag impressed the Czar [a Polish word], and the uncivilized barbarians in the kremlin yearned to appear European, and the moskali used the Dutch colors.

    Meanwhile, the symbolic colors of the Ukrainian flag can be traced back over one thousand (1,000) years!

    The color blue of the Ukrainian Flag represents the color of the sky, and yellow symbolizes the lush golden wheat fields of this country. These two colors, blue and yellow, have been associated with Ukraine from the times before the introduction of Christianity {988}. Now they are incorporated into the flag of Ukraine.

    The roots of Ukrainian national symbols come from before Christian times when yellow and blue prevailed in traditional ceremonies.

    In Kievan Rus’ times, yellow and blue continued to be popular. These colors were used on the banners of the Halych-Volhynia principality in the 13th–14th centuries.

    • Thanks for this info, Les. It is enlightening.
      Russians, in today’s Russia, really have no other
      Russian-flag, to rally around, than the tri-colour.
      Pro-commies/pro-soviet types, adore STILL the red Hammer and Sickle flag. To these true-patriotic dissident Russian protestors, their tri-colour Russian flag, represents what was/IS best and most genuine, what is GOOD in their Russian culture and history. That is why they demonstrate under… that…. flag, not because it is the current official/legal flag of ‘The Russian Federation’. In Russia today, there are in fact TWO official flags, the old red soviet rag, and….the tri-colour.
      What you write about Ukraine, is another matter, but surely interesting.
      I am an American, and hense I totally favour Ukraine being a free & seperate an independent country from Russia, since that is what most people living there seem to desire. Let’s hope, that the KGB gangsters don’t invade Ukraine, and force it under the Kremlin. And too, we must worry about a certain (large-?) percent of the eastern -Ukrainian population……who may betray the country to the Kremlin. It is those, inside, traitors that I am most concerned about, as they will open the back door to the invaders. Look now, at the tremendous efforts being made by the Kremlin to infiltrate and subvert and intimidate

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