EDITORIAL: Dima Medvedev, Girly Man-God?


Dima Medvedev, Girly Man-God?

That explains a lot

That explains a lot

We learned earlier this week, somewhat to our surprise, that although Russian “president” Dima Medvedev has one outward appearance, shown at left while visiting a Buddhist monastery in the village of Verkhnyaya Ivolga in Buryatia on Monday, he has another rather different inner appearance visible to those who are sufficiently enlightened. He looks like this:


If he seems even more feminine to you than usual, that’s because the above image is the “White Tara,” a tantric meditation deity whose practice is used by practitioners of the Tibetan branch of Vajrayana Buddhism to develop certain inner qualities and understand outer, inner and secret teachings about compassion and emptiness, also known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity; also known as The Wish-fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra.

Or he is if you ask a Russian Budhist.  The Moscow Times reported:  “Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported Monday that the monks were planning to hold a special sacred ceremony for Medvedev that recognized him as the White Tara deity. The report said, citing monastery head Dagba Ochirov, a White Tara throne was constructed specially for Medvedev. It said details of the ceremony were secret.”

Medvedev seemed to confirm the rumors.  The Moscow Times reported: “Medvedev has said he is a fan of yoga, which is intimately connected to the religious beliefs and practices of Buddhism. He said in an interview before being elected president that he became interested in yoga with the encouragement of his wife, Svetlana.”

With every day that passes, Russia becomes more and more unhinged, more and more a neo-Soviet nighmare wholly detached from reality and seemingly hell-bent on self-destruction.

9 responses to “EDITORIAL: Dima Medvedev, Girly Man-God?

  1. O no — now Putin & Medvedev will establish an official state Russian Vajrayana Buddhist church, riddled with KGB informants and Buddhist chants in старославянский with iconic mantras praising the Russian state. Run, Buddhists, run! Don’t let the Kremlin do to you what it did to Russian Orthodox Christianity!

  2. I am afraid, Tomek, it is too late. If those monks recognized that idiot-puppet as White Tara deity , it means KGB is already there and has been there fr a while.

    • You mean pseudo-monks.

      “White Tārā, also known for compassion”

      ”The battle against terrorists must be pursued unceremoniously,” Mr Medvedev was quoted as saying at a meeting with members of his national security council in the southern Russian city of Stavropol. ”They must be liquidated without emotion or hesitation, or else we will not succeed,” he said, according to Russian news agencies.

  3. Buddhists monks, bless their other wordly hearts, would photo-op with Bin Laden and smile for the camera, sweet and clueless as ever.

    Move along, folks, there is nothing of merit here.

    Medvedev looks like spot-the-idiot in the picture.

    How tall is that guy?

  4. Medvedev is a phony, jerk, who wipes putin’s ass in the hopes that he will be the next dictator. Putin and he have done everything to undermine not only the Russian people, but Americans as well. It is time for freedom loving people to wake up and realize that Putin and Medvedev are not your friend.
    Medvedev is trying to destabilize the world with his new “world currency.”


  5. Another face of ‘religious freedom’ in Putin’s/Medvedev’s Russia: (People who Sweet-faced Medvedev does NOT visit):
    The current severe& violent persecution and forcible OMON seisure of churches in Suzdal, from the free anti-‘Moscow Patriarchy’, The Russian Autonomous Church: Statement of their bishops, in English:
    These are Russian Orthodox believers, who reject the KGB-run state church, the ‘Moscow Patriarchy’, the creation of Joseph Stalin in 1943.
    And too, they are so bold as to condemn the neo-soviet tyranny of Putin/Medvedev. Read this English translation.
    It really spells out, what is going on in Russia,
    for those who cannot in good conscience, go along with the flow. These persecuted Orthodox Christians, cannot smile at this time. They are all on their own crosses and are suffering for their faith. They put their lives on the line. They have been for a long time, some of the bravest anti-Kremlin dissidents in Russia, though largely unheard of in the West.
    Reader Daniel

  6. Persecution of Russian Autonomous Church:

    Read: http://www.portal-credo.ru/site/?act=english&id=344

  7. Dear psalomchik,

    Thank you for your link which includes:

    Matthew 23

    Chapter 23

    14Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.

    A translation is:

    14 Горе ж вам, книжники та фарисеї, лицеміри, що вдовині хати поїдаєте, і напоказ молитесь довго, через те осуд тяжчий ви приймете!

    • To Les, The clear intent, of these dissident Orthodox church’s, bishops, in quoting these strong words of Jesus, against the false and evil rulers of the people (the false-church, the KGB-controled ‘Moscow Patriarchy’, and the false-government as well)….need no further explanation. They speak for themselves.
      As we know from reading the Gospel, Jesus despised falsehood and lies, and especially in cloaking evil intent and evil deeds, under the guise of …’piety’, i.e. Pharisaism. Jesus was not against …long prayers per se, but FALSE long ostentatious prayers, to be seen by men and in order to…. appear….as Godly, to fool the people. The Stalin-created mock church (mimicking the real/historical Russian Orthodox Church) his monsterous ‘Moscow Patriarchy’ and it’s close connection to the Godless KGB-Kremlin, fits this condemnation of Jesus, perfectly, does it not?
      Is that your take?
      Update on this persecution and the seizure of those churches in Suzdal: As of this moment, we only know that, OMON…has….already seized them. The lines of communication with the outside world, as of yet, are broken, with members of that dissident church. We have to assume that many believers there have been beaten and arrested and imprisoned, and their churches looted and occupied by police. If any has been killed, that we do not know. The outside world will not care, regardless. It is possible…that some of those churches will be burned down, rather than let the Godless authorities possess them.
      Reader Daniel

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