August 26, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  More humilation for Putinomics

(2)  Another Neo-Soviet Dissident is Born

(3)  Come Get us, Mr. Putin

(4)  The Final Proof:  Russia used Cyber Terror against Georgia

(5)  Russian Humiliation at the Athletics Championships

(6)  Annals of Russian Tennis Fraud

NOTE:  A Live Journal blogger posts photographs he took at a recent “Dissenters March” event on Triumph Square near the Mayakovsky metro station in Moscow.

3 responses to “August 26, 2009 — Contents

  1. Boris Nemtsov has an editorial in the WSJ today on the Kremlin’s Caucasus failure :

  2. For Nemtsov exists the Russian idiom:

    “Meloch puzataya”.

    Study Russian and try to translate.

  3. For “Iouli Andreev” calling Nemtsov meloch puzataya (small fish) exists the Russian fable:
    Ах Моська, знать она сильна, что лает на слона

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