Annals of Russian Tennis Fraud

Russia’s “#1” player Dinara Safina was booted out of the WTA tour event in Toronto last week in her first match in straight sets by an unseeded opponent.  French Open winner and #6 seed Svetlana Kuznetsova met exactly the same fate. And that was only the beginning of the horror for Russia, even though Russian’s #4 seed took the Toronto title. Look carefully, and you saw truly sickening results.

First, the big picture:  Russian female players have taken eleven WTA titles so far this year.  But only once has one of the five Russians who won such a tournament beaten a non-Russian ranked in the top 10 in the finals. That one quality win was by Vera Zvonareva over world #7 Ana Ivanovic at Indian Wells.  Three of the other four Russian wins against non-Russians came by dumb luck, when the Russian was lucky enough to meet non-Russians ranked outside the world’s top 30 —  two came against players ranked outside the top 50, one against a player not even ranked in the top 100.

And how about Russia’s other six wins? These came against other Russians.  That’s right:  The majority of Russia’s WTA tour titles this year have been won by default, because both of the players in the finals were Russians — including the most recent instance, last week’s Rogers Cup in Toronto, won by Elena Dementieva, who slaughtered the hapless Maria Sharapova in straight sets.  Sharapova reached the finals due to more of her own personal inhuman good luck, avoiding both a quarter-finals match with the world #3 and a semi-finals match with the world #1 which the draw said she was owed, facing instead a series of straw women and a cakewalk to the finals.

So get this:  nine of Russia’s eleven tournament wins this year have come either against another Russian player or against non-Russians ranked outside the world’s top 30.  Only once this year has a Russian beaten a top-10 non-Russian in the finals of a tournament.  Russians simply don’t take tournament titles from top-flight non-Russian players, and therefore their titles are fundamentally fraudulent.

Watching the two Russians play in Toronto, one could see why Russians need to play other Russians in order to collect tournament wins.  Between them in the course of  a very short match Dementieva and Sharapova struck a horrifying 17 double faults.  Neither managed a first-serve percentage as high as 70%, and once again — just as occurred at the French Open final this year — the quality of play was so sickenly low as to make one have serious fear for the future of the women’s game.  In fact, looking back it’s quite hard to say whether Russia was more humiliated by the first-round loss of its #1 player or by the win in the finals under these dismal circumstances.

And so it goes in Russia.

6 responses to “Annals of Russian Tennis Fraud

  1. Pretty lack-lustre post compared to the stuff on Putin. Who cares if a Russian won a tournament by beating another Russian or an non-Russian? You don’t win a tournament with one win anyway.

    • Who cares? Have a gander at the section of our sidebar labled “top posts” which records traffic at the moment for individual posts. One about tennis happens to be #2 right now. That’s who cares.

      You don’t win a tournament without winning the finals, and most of Russian’s touranment wins come by beating other lame Russians or low-ranked opponents. That means Russians are highly overrated if you count their tournament wins, and you overlook the really LAME quality of play we emphasize. Nobody wants to watch these Russians play, they are ruining the game, and those who think Russia a tennis powerhouse are as deluded as those who think it an economic powerhouse. We think it’s an important point.

      • You can try to watch semifinals when “mighty Americans” are still in.

        • Russians have one grand slam title this year, and only because of a Russian-Russian default. Americans have two, and one of them involved slaughtering a Russian as if she were playing a kid’s league against an adult. So watch what you say.

          But to be clear: We think American tennis is totally lame, so being better than Americans means nothing. Some people think Russians are great at tennis, just the way some think the Russian economy is booming. We aim to dispel those myths whenever possible.

          • Sergey Shelukhin

            Have you thought of how 2 Russians have gotten to the finals, in each of the cases. As they say in soccer, in the end only the score remains. We have 11 WTA titles, and at least 6 2nd places (I am too lazy to look up whether we have any 2nd places from losses to non Russians in the finals). Our female tennis is not bad; maybe it even kicks ass, but I don’t follow tennis much. And you are seriously deranged, even though in the descriptions of modern day events some grains of reason occasionally shine thru.

  2. Sergey Shelukhin

    What kind of BS is that? Usually when for example two English clubs go to a Champions League final, it is hailed as great achievement for the country.
    If two Russians are in the finals, that means in that particular tournament these two players are strongest, period.
    You are even more incompetent in reporting sports than general state of affairs…

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