EDITORIAL: Russia and Hezbollah


Russia and Hezbollah

For a country that claims to be the victim of radical Islamic terrorism, Russia is amazingly willing to support such terrorists as long as they are inflicting their horrors on other countries:  Two Internet sources, DEBKAfile and Joseph Fara’s G2 Bulletin, are reporting the discovery of close links between Vladimir Putin’s KGB and the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Specifically, the long-rumored and now apparently confirmed charge is that the FSB, successor to the KGB, is aggressively spying on Israel, including the widespread use of electronic eavesdropping and surveillance technology, and passing military secrets on to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon, undermining Israel’s ability to hold the Islamic terrorists in check.  Just as worrying, the KGB is allegedly basing its espionage operations in Syria with the full knowledge and consent of the extremist government there.

Putin’s Russia has a long history of supporting both Hezbollah and Hamas, but this would be the first proof that the Russians are passing espionage data directly to the terrorist regimes.   Putin believes that Hezbollah can become a formidable political threat throughout the Middle East, and as such can become a valuable tool of Russian power in the region.

Russia’s primary motive in fomenting terror and instability in the region is obvious:  Such tensions cause immediate responses on the world oil markets, driving up the price of Russian crude.  As Russia’s economy continues to implode (it posted a breathtaking 10.9% contraction in the second quarter of this year, well in excess of analyst expectations and significantly worse than the first quarter results), the Kremlin becomes more and more dependant on oil revenues to sustain itself.

But let’s not underestimate the extent of pure Russian anti-Western hatred, either, a topic on which Russians and Islamic radicals see eye to eye. It’s something even many Russians themselves openly acknowledge, as if Russia’s repeated buzzing of Alaska and other American targets with nuclear bombers and submarines were not proof enough.

It’s time for the Obama administration to open its eyes and realize that Russia is supporting international terrorism just the way Iran is – and indeed, Russia and Iran have close ties with each other. 

Russia is helping Iran develop nuclear power and providing it with extensive military support and diplomatic cover to protect that technology, repeatedly supporting Iran’s efforts to flout international sanctions.  In 2006, the Bush administration imposed sanctions on two Russia companies caught attempting to funnel WMD technology to Iran.  Instead of supporting the move, the Kremlin was outraged.  Russia’s other close geopolitical ally, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, is also deeply enmeshed in the Russian effort to support Islamic extremism.

Iran is one thing, but Hezbollah is quite another.  Hezbollah does not support terror, it is terror.  If sensitive security information is being transferred, it stands to reason that weapons and cash are flowing too.  The historical record is clear that they are.

In August 2006, Russian missiles were fired at Israel by Hezbollah terror factions, killing at least 50 Israeli soldiers.  A formal diplomatic protest was lodged by Israel with the Kremlin against Russian support of terrorism.  It’s believed that these weapons are funneled to Hezbollah by Russia through Syrian intermediaries despite Russian promises that such would not occur.  Iran, of course, is its own separate pipeline to Hezbollah.   Just a month earlier, Russia had refused to designate either Hezbollah or Hamas as terrorist organizations.  More recently, Hezbollah has been openly and directly negotiating with the Kremlin on its own for the purchase of various weapons systems.  It’s even been reported that Hezbollah is recruiting operatives in Russia as well.

The Kremlin is no stranger to the support of terrorism.  It has given a free hand to the maniacal despot of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who openly brags about having “blood up to his elbows” and strikes down political opponents with impunity.  Putin has given Kadyrov Russia’s highest state honor for heroism.

In 2004, Russia condemned Israel for the “extrajudicial” killing of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin, who openly boasted of targeting Israeli civilians with rockets.  Yet it has said and done nothing as Kadyrov has repeatedly reached out to exterminate his political foes.

That Obama has ignored the spate of recent assassinations of human rights activists by Kadyrov’s minions, the latest linked directly to the security forces Putin has installed in Chechnya, is appalling.  Indeed Obama’s shameful weakness during his visit to Moscow may well have encouraged the Kremlin to continue the barbaric bloodletting. 

But at least those killings, though they poison American values, do not directly threaten U.S. security.  Soaring oil prices and military assaults on Israel, however, unquestionably do so. 

Action must be demanded from the Obama administration before Russia sets the Middle East tinder box alight.

13 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia and Hezbollah

  1. Please note that (a) Farah’s G2 report references the one from debka, and (b) Debka is a long-known source of far-fetched speculations (to put it mildly).


    Please note that we have documented Russian weapons being funnelled to Hezbollah through Syria and US sanctions against Russia for doing so. This is undisputed. Please note that Russia’s motive for seeking to support terrorism in the Middle East is clear, and also undisputed. Please note that (a) you have NOT PROVIDED A SINGLE SCINTILLA of evidence to prove these claims to be wrong (b) you are hardly a more well known or credible sourece than either of the two quoted. You are, however, an amazing hypocrite.

    Your “comment” is also remarkably obtuse. Are you suggesting you belive Devka was the ONLY source for Farah? Are you suggesting that, in your UNSOURCED opinion, Farah is just as ill-reputed as Devka? How dare you leave your language on such points so ambiguous. Did you even READ the paid-access Farah file? And are you really only able to smear them with generalized mud-slinging? Does it really not matter to you at all that these reports are perfectly credible and consistent with Russia’s motivations and perceived “interests” as well as its past course of conduct?

    If you think your “comment” is an example for us to follow, think again.

  2. Sergey Shelukhin

    I’m with you here, Putin’s alignment in foreign policy is retarded.
    If your administrations, however (including the previous one) stopped blocking Israel from doing necessary military operations and sold it more weapons at last, then perhaps it could be better protected against Islamic extremist countries.

    You could also invade Iran instead of Iraq, and Iraq would have even helped you! Since when did the USA forget that dealing with dictators is much easier, something it remembered all thru the cold war? :)

    • I am glad you agree Sergey, but I think your choice of the word “retarded” is not quite correct. Retarded persons have mental and/or emotional problems and often don’t realize what it is they are doing. Mr. Putin makes an impression that he is neither an insane man nor an impulsive one. To the contrary, he seems to be a cunning, calculating and cold as a fish person.

      So, his friendship and alignment with terrorists and rogue regimes appear to be a part of a clear anti-Western and anti-American path — his friends are all enemies of the West and vice versa. Do you think it’s a coincidence? I think not.

      • Sergey Shelukhin

        Nah, I used word “retarded” in a conventional sense, e.g. stupid. He engages in empire building, which is pretty stupid course of action in the long term.
        He’s not so much anti-Western in “cold war” sense, as anti-Western as “don’t you touch my kingdom” sense, it seems to me; if he believes he can actually make some kind of political block against the West with Venezuela, Iran, and whatever other failures he can muster than he is indeed not of a sound mental capacity…

  3. Meanwhile it looks like the neo-nazi’s that run the Russian fascist state are trying to fabricate a casus belli for use against Ukraine:


    • @Dozens of members of the UNA-UNSO paramilitary group fought for Chechen rebels against Russian troops in the 1990s

      Far-right nationalists, formed a volunteer group of about 200 men they called the Viking Brigade, ten of them died in the battle of Grozny in 1995. Quite similar to the Western European far-right volunteers for the Christians in Lebanon and for the Croats in Croatia and Bosnia (the Serbs there had Russian far-right and far-left volunteers and mercenaries).

    • Sergey Shelukhin

      Don’t worry, nobody’s going to fight against Ukraine. Ukraine is useful, gas goes thru there.
      Plus, Europe will definitely not allow that.

      It’s just standard political gaming, Yuschenko accuses Russia of X, Medvedev/Putin accuses Ukraine of Y. It’s only that some idiots whom I will not name only listen to one side :)

  4. @In August 2006, Russian missiles were fired at Israel by Hezbollah terror factions, killing at least 50 Israeli soldiers.

    Fired at Israeli vehicles in Lebanon, actually.

  5. More RoSSiyski thrash talk, even when sober.

    Soon after the second Chechen war began in 1999 Russian accounts began to provide details of a Ukrainian unit of ski-borne women athletes/snipers fighting on the Chechen side. Known as “the White Tights,”.



    “Even though it is not a part of the rules of the highlanders’ etiquette, I would still like to go astray a little and remind Ukraine about some historical fact in order to make the authorities of that independent state ashamed and remind the Ukrainians of such a human concept as thankfulness”.

    Ukrainians! Chechens saved you from death of starvation in the 1930s, when hundreds of thousands of you were fleeing from your Homeland away from the horrible famine organized by Moscow. Many and many thousands of your fellow countrymen, who were losing their minds, had come to Chechnya to survive and to save their children. Only one little village of Mahkety (which Russians have turned into a ghetto, just like the rest of Chechnya) saved several hundred Ukrainian women, children, men and the elderly from death.

    Let me tell you how it happened. Each day Chechens were slaughtering their cattle, setting up fires and used large bowls to boil meat for people dying from starvation. It was all done regardless of the orders of Soviet authorities not to let starving crowds into the villages. Chechens were putting up these people in their homes, – lice-ridden and sick refugees in ragged clothes. Chechens were sharing their clothes and their belongings with them. Thus, the entire Chechnya was feeding you, the Ukrainians. Tens of thousands of your fellow countrymen owe their lives to the Chechen people. I’m sure some of the famine survivors, their children or other relatives are still alive today. Ask them how it was happening.!

    But the actions of your authorities towards Chechen refugees today, who are being driven out of their Homeland by a Russian gang of maniacs, are showing that Moscow (which started the famine in Ukraine) is a lot more honored by you than a natural law of thankfulness and national honor. You are fulfilling the will of the Kremlin (which starved 9 million Ukrainians to death) just as obligingly as a Russian slave, who is far away from the feeling of nobility just like an animal is far away from the feeling of shame…..

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