EDITORIAL: The Putin Kremlin is Clinically Paranoid


The Putin Kremlin is Clinically Paranoid

We reported last week on the insane ravings of Vladimir Putin,  statements so detached from reality that they could only come from the mouth of a neo-Soviet lunatic.  But no sooner had we done so than Putin’s man in Ingushetia was spewing paranoia so demented it made Putin look like Gandhi.

The indispensible Paul Goble reports that Yunus-Bek Yevkurov believes he had discovered the identity of those who are relentlessly gunning down his cabinet members and police officers.  Islamic radicals? Of course not!  The culprits are America, Britain and Israel.

Speaking to that bastion of global journalism Komsomolskaya Pravda in the person of that internationally reputed paragon of reporting Sergei Dorkeno, Yevkurov — himself the recent victim of an assassination attempt —  stated that he is “far from the thought that the Arabs stand behind this business. There are other forces. More serious ones. The West is trying to destabilize the situation and not allow Russia’s rebirth to its former power.” Who in the West exactly, pray tell, Mr. President, Dorenko inquired.  The answer: “The States, Great Britain, Israel. We understand whose interests … [ellipsis in the original].”  Defiant, Yevkurov stated that despite such efforts “even after 100 years and more the Caucasus will be Russian.” 

In a stunning gaff, Yevkurov used the word “russkii” for “Russian” — a word that pertains to the Slavic race — instead of the word “rossiskii” — the word that pertains to citizenship.  Goble notes that he then corrected himself by saying: “It will never be anyone else’s. Only not [ethnic] Russian but [civic] Russian this time.”

Little wonder that people in Ingushetia are angry at a man who is so fully the slave of the Kremlin that he is prepared to abandon his own race.  Imagine Barack Obama declaring “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of the KKK . . . oops my bad! . . . I mean America!”

But leave that aside, and focus on this lunatic — remember, he’s the president of Ingushetia — publicly declaring that the US, Israel and Britain are blowing up police officers and assassinating cabinet officials.  The Obama administration!  How it is possible that such a leader could think he might get away with such a whopper?  Well, what if he really believes it?  And even if he doesn’t, Putin said the world agrees with Russia on the Georgia attack and nobody said a word, so why should this maniac think anything different would happen in Ingushetia?

No nation can survive this level of insanity.  The USSR could not, and Russia will not either.  It is only a matter of time before this kind of detachment from reality brings the nation to its knees.

28 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Putin Kremlin is Clinically Paranoid

  1. best english language blog (in my opinion) about the current state of russia.

  2. And in another stunning gaff, while meeting with members of “Russkie Vityazi” at the MAKS2009 air trade-show, Putin calls them “Rossiyskie Vityazi”

    Listen at 1:05

    By the way LR, Русские is the dominant(80%) ethnicity in Russia. They are officially considered to be the “titular” nation which acts as the mortar and a base for all of the smaller nationalities. Is that really what KKK is to United States?

    Other than that, you’re conclusions are correct. Russia needs to cut off the Caucases republics like a gangrenous limb before the whole body starts rotting.

    P.S. – LR hopefully you realize that I could’ve picked a different nickname, since I’m on a different computer.Its all up to you from here.

    • Now AKM, you retarded ape, have you heard of the Russian saying “A fish rots from the head”?

      If anything is rotten in the north Caucasus, it is because the head (and heart) of Russia rotted a long time ago.

      Russia (and Russians) are a cancer that needs to be excised.

      • “Russia (and Russians) are a cancer that needs to be excised.” – sounds like something grandpa Adolf would say in Mein Kempf. As a Jew I am deeply offended. Shame on you.

        • Now AKM, you are the Adolph lover given your comments about Caucasians, central asians etc.

          He would be very proud of you.

          • My attitude towards Caucasians and Central Asians is purely factual and realistic. Jews didn’t commit 70% of all the rapes in 1930’s Berlin. Jews didn’t flood into Germany illegaly willing to slave away for pennies, thus lowering wages and causing unemployment among the natives. Jews weren’t uncilivized, uneducated, diseased migrants who didn’t wish to assimilate and become culturally compatible with their hosts.

            Even so Andrew, not in one of my comments did I ever advocate violence, let alone called for an extermination of a while nation. You sir, are clearly a follower of Hitlers genocidal ideology.

            • Rubbish, the majority of crime, organised, rapes, thefts, and corruption in Russia is comitted by ethnic Russians.

              Your purile fascist Russian propaganda is no different to that used by Hitler and the Nazi party to slander Jews in the 1930’s.

              Jews in Berlin were accused of being behind 80% of rapes of “Aryan” women, they were accused (as in Russia) of trying to “debase” the German blood line.

              They were accused of cheating and robbing “good” Germans, and so on and so forth.

              I have previously posted statistical analysis of crimes by ethnicity of perpetrators in Moscow on this site, which gave Caucasian and central Asian participation in crime as being around 25% of the total, the remainder being ethnic Russians.

              Of course, such a shameless liar and failed history student such as yourself will believe any lie fed to you by the Kremlin and its agitprop news services.

              Once again AKM shows his retardation.

  3. As someone with jewish ancesty myself, I could not care less what you think AKM.

    Just look at Russian anti-semitism.

    They are a cancer, they need treatment.

  4. That should read “some jewish ancestry”.

  5. Russian anti-semitism? And where has there not been anti-semitism? What, there were no pogroms during the Crusades? Jews were never expelled out of Spain, England, German cities and etc? There was no Dreifus affair? Jews weren’t barred from new suburban residential developments and ivy league schools in US? For crying out loud, in Chicago there is still an old, white, WASP suburban community that has an unspoken rule of “not selling houses to kykes”.

    And where is Russian anti-semitism? Jews are represented overproportionatelly in politics, arts, media, banking, etc. Medvedev’s mother is Jewish after all.

    And don’t you ever forget Andrew. If it wasn’t for the sacrifice of millions of Russians, your Jewish ancestry would be nothing but a pile of ashes blowing somewhere around the plains of Vistula, or perhaps it would have been preserved as a lamp shade on some SS members desk.

    • Oh yes, then there were pogroms, both Tsarist and Communist Russian, pre and post war (they called them purges).

      As for current Russian anti-semitism, its still alive and well, look at Russia selling weapons to Israels enemies.

      Then there are the anti jewish attacks in Russian towns and cities.

      July 16, 2009 – Komi Republic – A rock was thrown through the window of the Syktyvkar Jewish community center. It was the second time this year that unknown vandals had attacked the building.

      July 12, 2009 – Ryazan – Unknown vandals painted swastikas on the doors of a Jewish community center.

      June 19, 2009 – Abakan – A swastika was spray-painted on the entrance doors of a Jewish community center.

      May 14, 2009- Nizhny Novgorod – Fourteen Jewish graves were desecrated in Nizhny Novgorod in early May. The Marina Roscha cemetery had been the target of vandals on several previous occasions.

      May 12, 2009 – Pskov – Swastikas were painted on the door of the Jewish social service center, “Chesed Itzhak.”

      May 7, 2009 – Norilsk – A monument to Jewish victims of Stalin’s repression was spray-painted with crossed-out Stars of David and anti-Semitic epithets.

      March 30, 2009 – Sebezh – A Jewish cemetery was desecrated. The perpetrators burned wreaths and damaged 18 tombstones.

      March 11, 2009 – Petrozavodsk – A Holocaust memorial in a Jewish cemetery was vandalized.

      February 17, 2009 – Yaroslavl – Rocks were thrown through the windows of a synagogue. No one was injured.

      Jews were “over represented” in politics, banking, the arts, and engineering in Germany and Austria right up until the Nazi’s came to power too, and look what happened there.

      As usual, your understanding of history is laughable.

      Click to access 012909NCSJ_Russia_A-S.pdf

    • Don’t mind this moron AKM2.0… he just escaped from the mental clinic… :)

    • Don’t forget AKM that the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact this facilitated the Holocaust in that thanks to the Soviet Union/Soviet Russia 3 million Polish Jews fell under the control of Nazi Germany when Poland was invaded and partitioned Nazi Germany and it’s ally Nazi Grmany.

      Not forgetting of course the not inconsiderbale number of Polish Jews that were shot at Katyn (medical officers) and those Polish Jews amongst the 1+ million Poles (half of whom were dead by 1941 due to murder, starvation, being worked to death etc) that were deported by the Soviets from Soviet ccupied Eastern Poland 1939-41 to the Soviet interior to rot. One notable victim being the Chief Rabbi of Warsaw.

      So as someone with Polish/Polish Jewish antecedants on the receiving end of Nazi & Soviet hospitality I’m not really intesersted in your apologetics for Soviet totalitarian brutality which was on a par with it’s Nazi counterpart before, during and after WW2.

      • Correcton to previous, 1st paragraph –

        Don’t forget AKM that the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact facilitated the Holocaust in that thanks to the Soviet Union/Soviet Russia 3 million Polish Jews fell under the control of Nazi Germany, when Poland was invaded and partitioned by Nazi Germany and it’s ally Soviet Russia.

  6. How big of a moron do you have to be to assign more historical weight to a rock thrown through a window, as compared to Russians sacrificing millions of lives in order to defeat the Nazi murderers?

    In regards to pogroms, and purges (which affected all nationalities, not just the Jews) – why don’t you at least try to look at my previous reply? I answered you, before you even answered me.There were bloodier pogroms, crusades, inquisitions, expulsions in other European countries. Do you then hate Spain, England, Germany?

    Russians selling weapons to arabs has nothing to do with anti-semitism. Its an old Cold War game that is being played. Otherwise shouldn’t we consider the enaction of a non-visa regime betweeb RF and Israel as an act of semitophilia? BTW Israeli military partnership with Georgia didn’t do much to change the minds of the Russians.

    Lastly Andrew, Russian nationalism is not a threat to Jews. There are practically no Jews left in Russia. Miserly 200,000. Half of them old people who consider Russia their homeland. Another 50,000 are mixed ethnically and do not identify themselves as Jews. Only a small kagal, of those thieving accountants who managed to steal enough during the priХvatization and Russian versions of Wolf Blitzers in the media, should be concernced. For those I’m not concerned. A thief is a thief, and a whore is a whore, no matter nationality.

    Your comparison of present Russia to pre-WWII Germany also has a major flaw. Jews now have a strong and prosperous homeland, where they can immigrate whenever they want to. There is no reason for them to stay in Russia.

    • Russians simply replaced one fascistic system with another.

      They liberated no one.

      Communist Russia was every bit as bad, and by most accounts considerably worse than Nazi Germany.

      The death toll from Russian opression in the 20th century makes the crimes of the Germans pale by comparrison.

      Once again, get an education.

      61,911,000 or so victims of Russian repression 1917-1989.


      • Hi Andrew,

        Thank you for the link!

      • @61,911,000 or so victims of Russian repression 1917-1989.

        This is just an estimate. I believe R.J. Rummel is often reaching a way too high (the post-war Poland) or too low (Japanese militarists?)
        “middle” figures. I feel the one is actually too high.

        No, I didn’t do any research on the scale he did in 1990 – just sayin’ from the new research (Anne Applebaum’s GULAG: A History says there were “only” at least 3 million dead from the concentration camps, Ukrainian researchers say there were “only” over 3 million dead from the Holodomor, and so on).

        • Btw, apparently “only” over 5 million European Jews were killed in the Holocaust (and not 6 million). Also over 1 million people died at Auschwitz and not 3-4 million.

  7. You don’t need to write anything here. LEARN(!) And CHANGE!

  8. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Regina, of the House of Windsor…..a blood-relative of the Romanov’s, whom the bolshies murdered off, she…to get revenge for her murdered relatives,…sends her Beefeater Tudor-Uniformed Tower of London Guards,to maim/murder/assasinate/blow up things and people in the Russian Federation, to help to prevent Putler’s-Russia from …succeeding and from reclaiming it’s soviet- proper/former ‘glory’. Especially, she sends these Beefeaters with ther medieval-halbard spears to do these foreign foul deeds, because she has recently replaced them, (the truth) for her own royal protection with her new turbaned-Sikh guards. (Wasn’t it some of those Sikh guard-fellows, who assassinated Indira Ghandi?).
    Oh well, for whoever will listen to me: THE QUEENIE did it! She is not all smiles and giggles!

  9. Come again, psalomschik?

    I’m lost here.

  10. Dear Penny, Of course I jest. My point is, in the paranoid/self-denial psychotic mentality of those mad and murderous thugs running the KGB, Putler at the forefront,
    they are forever looking for ‘others’ to blame for their own, native henchmen and local villains:
    such as the traditional ‘enemies of Russia’: ‘The Jews,”, ‘Jew-Masons’, Poles, Israel, America,….and on and on: such as EVERY country surrounding them (just methodically list all of them)..
    So….my contribution to this enemies- investigation of the Kremlin’s is to suggest……QUEENIE and her vicious Beefeaters.
    At least, in all truth, she SHOULD try to topple the new neo-soviet gang in Moscow, as the filthy commies DID murder her relatives.
    Of course……fat chance.
    Since we all are treated as if we were ourselves derranged fellow participants at the Tea Party with the Mad Hatter….if we swallow all the Kremlin’s list of imaginary attackers and despoilers of their rhealm, ….I am simply responding….as another mad invitee at that famous Tea Party.
    Putler is of course, The Mad Hatter!
    Ridicule, is sometimes, the best or only way, to
    get back at gross evil, at gross evil in high places.

    • An added point: IF….. anyone think my…. jesting…. is in ‘bad’ or ‘poor-taste’, etc. when refering to the super-serious & dark bloody/vile/retrograde/neanderthal/neo-soviet Russia, of Putler and his KGB- gang’s creation at this time, I ask them: What else can we outside (or indeed, inside) Russia do ,….except to push the button on our, home, Nuclear Missils…aimed at the Kremlin, (from the ACME company, just like the Road-runner cartoons), but MOCK the idiocy and lies and absurdities of that National Luny Bin, called, ‘The Russian Federation’???
      I declare to all the world: THE EMPEROR -PUTLER, HAS NO CLOTHES! (Sorry, if that offends the Emperor, or anyone!)
      P.S. Other likely enemies of Russia: The Girl Scouts,
      The Rotarians, the Salvation ARMY, the Pope’s Swiss-Guards, the Blue Birds, The Slow Talkers of America, Inc., the National Audoban Society, ….and…and…and (you get my drift).

  11. @But leave that aside, and focus on this lunatic — remember, he’s the president of Ingushetia — publicly declaring that the US, Israel and Britain are blowing up police officers and assassinating cabinet officials.

    Ramzan’s saying this all the time. You know, there are only a handful Chechens in the resistance groups (numbering always only 50-70 people altogether, this figure being repeated for several years), and the rest (foreigners from all over the world, paid by the Western intelligence services) are drugging them anyway.

    But it’s not only Ramzan and Yevkurov. It’s also many various Russian officials, Russian government-controlled media (stuff like the 1 Channel’s “documentary” Caucasus Plan you can see on the Google Video service), and much of the Russian public (as you can see in YouTube comments for example).

  12. Revising the victory


    At the Stavropol meeting the president took a sceptical view of the standard theory concerning the key role played by certain foreign centres in stirring up internal conflict in the Caucasus. This simple ditty is also a favourite of Ramzan Kadyrov, who likes to recite it: “You spoke… of the influence of international factors, such as the financing of the bandit underground, the export of religious extremism – these external factors exist … But sadly, the main reason has its roots within Russia,” – the president explained to those present, in a serious, grown-up manner. Quite recently, however, in Dagestan, he also spoke with conviction about “monsters from abroad”.

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