EDITORIAL: Russia Stabs its Heroes in the Heart


Russia Stabs its Heroes in the Heart

Russia is firing 200,000 of its military officers, having suddenly discovered they are superfluous.  Why? Because the government has run out of money to pay and house them, much less all the enlisted men they would supposedly manage.

Yet, to avoid a mass insurrection by destitute military men who know how to use guns, Russia has promised each of them a $400/month pension and a free apartment.  That pension alone would cost the Kremlin nearly a billion dollars each year to pay, with another gigantic sum being tacked on in monthly rent.  It makes no sense, of course, for the Kremlin to make such a claim when the reason for the firings in the first place was lack of funds, but sense has never been an obstacle to the Russian government.

So the officers are being relegated to tiny, moldy, disgusting trailer parks along with their families. 

The Associated Press reports:

I feel very disappointed and bitter,” said retired Col. Vyaslav Solyakov, 51, chainsmoking on the porch of the trailer his family has been living in since 2002. The trailer sits at the edge of a parking lot and is home to 12 families, who share two bathrooms and one kitchen. It was supposed to be temporary housing, but seven years later, they are still there.

And the young officers who remain in the ranks are little better off, earning a paltry $250/month salary, hardly enough to sustain a family.  They will become virtual slaves of the Kremlin, unable to leave because the Kremlin cannot afford to lose them.

They are well off compared to the draftees, though. These even younger men, forced into the army against their will, suffer the brutal humiliation and torture of dedovshchina hazing, many of them driven to suicide by it.  They live in slum conditions ruled by corrupt officers desperate to eke out some kind of living from their miserable conditions, officers who often sell the raw recruits into slavery.

How can Russia, with such an army, dare to strut and pose like a mighty power, menacing and threatening the NATO nations who can crush it with ease by buzzing them with nuclear bombers and taunting them with submarines? This is the crazed suicidal policy of the USSR, and it can lead to no better result.

A nation that stabs its heroes in the heart does not deserve one.



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  1. I can’t even begin to describe how cognitively fractured that is. Drafting AND forced early retirement while paying pension and housing to prevent unrest but giving them substandard housing, leading to unrest? They would be further ahead if they stopped drafting men, stopped retiring them and paid them to shovel money into a hole.

  2. I’ve often wondered since we Americans never had the opportunity to meet the semi-literate and inadequately equipped Red Army head on how that would have ended.

    It’s all Potemkin villages with Russians, all blather and posturing. Scratch the surface and you see a rag tag bunch of illiterate drunken country boys who steal plumbing and would defect for an ipod, designer jeans and a few cheeseburgers. Face it, their regular army would roll over in a minute if met with Americans.

    Paul Goble captures the eternal amnesia, incuriousness and willful ignorance of Russian sheeple. The history that you refuse to examine is the history you are doomed to repeat.


    But, hey, living the marginal life, condemned to that by their feudal society birth, babushka and Ivan Sixpack love Putin. And, the lower class Nashi youth love that pathetic flabby stud muffin.

    Ignorance and corruption has kept Africa and the ME perpetually poor with no civil society in sight, Russia is no different. Russia will keep decaying by western metrics and truthfully their end can’t come fast enough.

    • To Penny, Just an added remark: When Putler’s triumphant military ‘machine’ last year, invaded Georgian sovereign territory, and together with their ‘Ossetian troops’ pillaged and murdered and destroyed, some Russian soldiers were seen wearing brand-new Georgian military uniforms, (stolen of course), and when asked, why? by some western reporter, one responded: ‘Because, they have better uniforms…… than we have!’

  3. They’re no heroes.

  4. to penny
    Russian never ever in history were good or even medicore soldiers. If they manage to win somebody(in history) in a fight then only through outnumbering enemy. But not to be misguided by other nationality soldiers in Russian army.
    For example if you read some books about WWI in Eastern Front then you would see that not russians stoped german advance, but recruited local regiments.
    One example about largest military operation at Riga(Latvia) Front performed by Russian army during the 1st World War:
    “Assault operation began at 5 o’clock in the morning on January 5th, 1917. Regiments of the 1st Latvian Riflemen Brigade broke through first line of German positions nearby “Mangaļi” farm. Advancing Latvian troops didn’t receive additional reserve force and offensive was stopped. During evening of the same day German forces launched several counter-attacks and Latvians were forced to retreat from captured positions. 2nd Latvian Riflemen Brigade moved into rear of German army and held captured position. On January 7th, brigade resumed attack towards Kalnciems and captured the Ložmetējkalns. German forces several days tried to regain lost positions, but without success. On a short while active attacks were suspended by Germans. The Latvian regiments were pulled back by for resting.

    When German army received additional forces, it resumed counter-attacks on January 23rd. The second stage of the Christmas Battles or January Battles began. Latvian Riflemen units were sent back to vicinity of Ložmetējkalns. The Latvian units fought at Ložmetējkalns from January 25th until 31st. Just bravery of Latvian soldiers helped to hold positions obtained during the Christmas Battles when German army launched fierce counter-attacks.

    The Christmas Battles were the largest military operation at Riga Front performed by Russian army during the 1st World War. Latvian Riflemen regiments lost 9000 soldiers and officers (2000 of them killed) during the Christmas and January Battles. Russian army lost almost 45 000 soldiers.”

  5. adding to that example:

    For the first time there was a plan to use all Latvian Rifles together in a unified assault. This assault later became known as the Christmas Battle since it began on December 23, old style, but it lasted more than three weeks. The Christmas Battle may have been the most important battle of World War I on any front; not because of a great victory by either side; not because of the number of casualties or the territory gained; but because the establishment of a Bolshevik government in Russia may be traced directly to the disillusionment of the Latvian Rifles at the Christmas Battle.
    The Christmas Battle was a local operation, not connected to any other offensive on either the Eastern or Western Front. The Latvian Rifles expected to reach a very ambitious goal: the liberation of Courland and Zemgallia from German occupation, i.e., a complete expulsion of Germans from Latvia. The Russian goal was much more limited. The two Latvian Rifle brigades were united into a division under General Misiņš, attached to the VI Siberian Rifle Corps, and the officially announced goal of the operation was the occupation of “Machine-Gun Hill,” a German fortification in the sand dunes near the river Lielupe, about 30 km east of Rīga. The assault was denoted “a Latvian Rifle operation.” They had full responsibility for success or failure[15], but they also expected full support from the rest of the l2th Army and the VI Siberian Rifle Corps.
    Throughout World War I the rear of the Eastern Front was a fertile ground for spies, profiteers, and rumormongers. It was commonly believed that any decision made in the Russian Army Headquarters was known to the Germans within hours. General Hoffmann, Chief of Staff of the German Eastern Front, confirms that during World War I only one attack came unexpected – the Christmas Battle[16]. The decision for the operation was kept secret among a few officers of the l2th Army, the VI Corps, and the Latvian Rifles. When the battle started and was at first successful, a great outcry was created in Petrograd to have it called off (among others the Czarina Alexandra and her notorious protégé Rasputin were involved. The Czarina on Rasputin’s advice sent a telegram to Czar Nicholas asking him to halt the attack[17]). Treason had been caught napping.
    The night before the assault some dress in their best clothes as for a wedding, some write letters, and most them sharpen their bayonets while singing about Courland and the girls waiting for them there. After all, this is the first time the eight regiments will attack together. If in the past we have been successful in battalion-size attacks, imagine what eight regiments will do! They can almost taste the Christmas dinner waiting for them in Courland.
    The start of the assault was the Latvian specialty: a surprise attack at 5 A.M. without preparation by artillery fire. Snow was falling. Shortly after midnight advance parties in white camouflage coats began to cut through the German barbed wire silently, as they [page 16] had trained for weeks. A few were wounded by random German fire, and they died silently with clenched teeth. Their comrades covered the spreading telltale blot of blood with snow. And so the Germans suspected nothing. At 5 A.M. the front exploded. Additional passages through the barbed wire were blasted by pyroxylin, and some were bridged with mats. The Latvians overran the German positions. Yet the support from the VI Siberian Rifle Corps was almost nonexistent. Siberian Rifle units which were sent to reinforce the attack claimed they got lost and never reached the front[18], or even revolted openly and refused to obey orders[19]. Briedis, whose battalion led the attack, was wounded. Machine-Gun Hill was taken on the third day of the battle. 1000 German prisoners and 32 artillery pieces were captured – the largest victory on the Rīga front during the entire war[20]. Yet Courland was still in German hands. The Latvian casualties in the Christmas Battle reached 8000 (the rapid accumulation of casualties was popularly referred to as a Blizzard of Souls), but without the support of the Russian so-called “steam-roller” of masses the breakthrough was contained since the Germans diverted two divisions from the Western Front[21]. After a few days the battle-weary Latvian Rifles were replaced by Russians who promptly collapsed under the German counterattacks. Thus the Latvians were called out again to break the German attack. Attacks and counterattacks continued until the end of January, 1917. Machine-Gun Hill remained in Latvian hands, but the dream of liberated Courland had turned into the nightmare of the Blizzard of Souls, a waste of Latvians by incompetent Russian generals, rumors of treachery behind the front lines, and reports that Grand Duke Nicholas had remarked “I spit upon your Courland!”[22].
    A few weeks later the Czar was overthrown.

  6. “A nation that stabs its heroes in the heart does not deserve one.” You’re absolutely right on this on. Whether its Arakcheev, Ulman, Budanov or US marines on trial, both Russia and US will pay for selling out their warrior class.

    • “Arakcheev, Ulman, Budanov or US marines on trial, both Russia and US will pay for selling out their warrior class.”


      Never heard about the first one, but the first google hit was of course Wikipedia.

      “He was disgraceful in leading the army by hiding misdeeds that were done by his army officers and thus, was stripped of his army functions, later to be reinstated by the next emperor. His name became synonymous with military voluntarism and despotism, known in Russian as Arakcheyevshchina.”

      Sound great, just like the other ones.

      Ulman: murdered in cold blood at least 5 completely random Russian citiziens (civilians): a pregnant woman, an invalid, a school director, a forest ranger and a bus driver. Shot them all in the back (unheard heroism), then burned their bodies after failing to explode them (fully aware of how heroic this incident was).

      Budanov: abducted, raped and killed a Russian citzien (civilian) – all while heavily drunk after celebrating his daughter’s birthday in the middle of war zone (excellent discipline), then threatened to kill himself in a tent with a hand grenade when the s**t hit a fan (excellent mental state, but hey, a hangover).

      Russia’s “warrior class”! I don’t know what “US marines” would be a “warriors” like that, maybe these guys:

      • What US marines? Oh I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Congressman John Murtha who called US marines Nazis. Deep in his heart even Obama agrees with his fellow democrat.

        But then again. Instead of lying to yourself and others you could just google some more.

        And please don’t give quotes from Wikipedia on controversial/ethical matters, if you ever did that in my undergraduate level history course you would’ve failed miserably. 95% of Russians have never heard of the term “Arakcheevshchina” (invented by some scumbag liberal whore like Latynina) and to them all of those people are heroes. Just like US marines are heroes to most Americans, despite the whores in the media blaming them for all sorts of crime.

        • @Why don’t you ask Congressman John Murtha who called US marines Nazis.

          This one?

          Murtha left Washington and Jefferson College in 1952 to join the Marine Corps and was awarded the American Spirit Honor Medal for displaying outstanding leadership qualities during training. Murtha became a drill instructor at Parris Island and was selected for Officer Candidate School at Quantico, Virginia. Murtha was then assigned to the Second Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

          Murtha remained in the Marine Corps Reserves, and ran a small business, Johnstown Minute Car Wash (which still operates in the West End section of Johnstown.) He also attended the University of Pittsburgh on the G.I. Bill, and received a degree in economics. Murtha later took graduate courses from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Murtha married his wife Joyce on June 10, 1955. They have three children and live in Johnstown.

          Murtha left the Marines in 1955. He remained in the Reserves after his discharge from active duty until he volunteered for service in the Vietnam War, serving from 1966 to 1967, serving as a battalion staff officer (S-2 Intelligence Section), receiving the Bronze Star with Valor device, two Purple Hearts and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He retired from the Reserves as a Colonel in 1990, receiving the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

          @Just like US marines are heroes to most Americans, despite the whores

          Just like US marines like John Murtha are heroes to most Americans, despite the whores who thought gang rape of a child and multiple murder would be a great idea.

          Well, AKM. If the victimes were Russians (“real Russians”), would it change anything, or do you think anyone can do anything if just in uniform?

          • Yup, yup. That same Murtha who said that Haditha marines killed civilians in cold blood and called US troops murderers.

            But hey, a Nazi sympathizer like you Robert would only enjoy comments like that. That is your hero!

            • Listen up AKM, you little piece of sh*t. Colonel John Murtha (Ret.) served in the Corps in the most distinguished way (involving but not limited to not-raping-anyone-at-all).

              And now I wonder why do you think the Germans were suddenly bad and not a “warrior class” heroes too. Raped too few children for your taste? Well, some did. Maybe you’ll reconsider their warrior class-ism now.

              And now f*ck you and die, you worthless turd. And I hope someone rapes you too someday.

            • @a Nazi sympathizer like you Robert

              Also I wonder where you got this one, you silly little fuc*er. Oh wait, I know, it’s just your general insult for some reason.

              Some “hero” for you (lots and lots of murder and torture and rape while in uniform at war, so I guess you’ll fall in love with him and his boys):


              • Bobby, you do know that the Haditha marines, whom venerable John Murtha has compared to cold-blooded Nazi murderers, were acquitted right?

                This just shows you that the general trend among the global power kagals (whether it be US or Russia) is to punish its warrior class heroes in order to please third world savages, in exchange for money/sympathy (Persian Gulf-US) or loyalty(Caucases-Russia).

                War is war. Violence is inevitable. Only idiotic, corrupt politicians who have never been shot at think that soldiers conduct in a warzone could be regulated by some rules written by bureaucrats.

                Budanov- Hardened veteran. Was wounded twice serving doing his duty. The so called Chechen “girl” was an alleged sniper. Allegations of rape turned out to be falsified. Would’ve been released years earlier if it wasn’t for the Chechen threats and Putins cowardness. In 2009 the judge who presided over Budanovs’ case was convicted of corruption and imprisoned.

                Arakcheev-A completely fabricated case. Was acquitted three times. Witnesses were young soldiers most of whom confessed that they were pressured into testifying against Arakcheev. Kadyrov himself admitted to “pressuring” jurors on these cases.

                Ul’man-While on a spec-op mission to capture one of the terrorists his groups cover is blown by an approaching truck with 6 men. According to witness testimony Ulman ordered them to stop, but the truck kept going, almost hitting him. Only then he ordered to fire. This has happened plenty of times in Iraq/Afghanistan. Ulman was also acquited, re-tried under pressure from Chechen’s and then mysteriously dissappeared. Knowing Kremlin’s loyalty to its people, its not the GRU that is hiding him. Well, may be the Grozny department of GRU.

                As you see Bobby, war is unpredictable. You need to refrain from comparing Russian and American soldiers to Nazi war criminals. Its just as ridiculous as comparing Israel’s honorable attempts to defend its freedom from arab terrorists to Holocaust. There are no concentration camps in Baghdad or Grozny.

                • Wrong again AKM, the forensic investigation found that she had definitely been raped.

                  “who was the rapist?It has been established that on the last night of her life the poor girl was also raped. Budanov denies it was him, but somebody did it. This is the unequivocal conclusion of the two forensic examinations conducted during the preliminary investigation. The first one was conducted by the 124thCentral Laboratory of Forensic Medical Identification. Here are quotes from the Lab’s report and from the minutes of the investigative experiment conducted on March 28, 2000. The burial place is located in the forest belt, 950 meters from the regiment’s command post. Discovered the body of a completely naked woman wrapped in a blanket. The perineum4in the region of genitals is stained with blood, as well as the corresponding portion of the blanket. Forensic medical examination of Kungaeva’s body was performed March 28, 2000, on the outskirts of the village Tangi-Chu, under conditions of sufficient natural lighting, by Head of the Medical Department of the 124thLaboratory, V. Lyanenko, , a Captain in the Medical Corp, and lasted from 12 A.M. to 2 P.M.. Wet dark red stains resembling mixture of mucus and blood are found on the genitals, on the skin of the perineum, on the back of the upper third of the thighs… The opening of the hymen is annular, 0.6 cm in diameter. There are radial, linear hemorrhaged lacerations of the hymen. In the buttocks fold there are dried up reddish – brown stains. The rectum mucus membrane is torn starting 2 cm from the anus, with the length of the tear 3 cm. The tear is filled with coagulated blood, which shows that victim was alive at the time she sustained the injury. On the blanket, on the side facing the body, there is a wet dark brown stain resembling blood. The stain the size 18х20х21 cm is located in the part of the blanket situated in front of the perineum area. The following items have been delivered together with the body: 1. A wool jacket. The back torn (cut)vertically apart… 3. A T-shirt that shows signs of having been worn. The back torn (cut) vertically apart. 4. A bra that shows signs of having been worn. The left back flap cut (torn)apart. 5. A panties that shows signs of having been worn. The taking of tissue samples for forensic histology has not been performed because of lack of facilities for storage and conservation. Vaginal and rectal smears have been taken using gauze tampons. A gauze napkin has been used for taking a blood sample. The samples and the items listed above have been transferred to the investigator.
                  The tearing of the hymen and of the rectum mucus membrane discovered on the body of Kungaeva were the result of penetration of a rigid, blunt object (or objects), such as an erected penis or the butt end of a standard issue digging tool. At the same time, all the experts came to the same conclusion: the vaginal and rectal injuries had been sustained while Kungaeva was still alive. Recalling that Budanov let the crew of the personnel carrier into his van when Kungaeva was already dead, the things don’t look pretty, not pretty at all

                  • And why don’t you post the findings of the second forensic investigation of the female Chechen snipers body? Because you know that the second one concluded that she was raped after her death. Which means anyone could’ve done it, perhaps the Chechens. We have seen Albanians and Palestinians use that tactic plenty of times in order to attract the attention of human rights organizations and accuse the other side of war crimes. In fact no biological investigation was ever conducted, and even the fact of the rape was never proven, thus it was dismissed from the case.

                    • Considering that she was buried by Budanov and the soldiers he threatened to kill if they talked, I doubt it was by the Chechens.

                      The second investigation was considered a whitewash. But here it is:

                      “Recalling that Budanov let the crew of the personnel carrier into his van when Kungaeva was already dead, the things don’t look pretty, not pretty at all. To make them prettier the court requests a new forensic expert examination, so that an officer and a bearer of two Orders of Valor would not be also a rapist, at least on paper.

                      This is what the new, politically correct, forensic examination report has to say:

                      “The tearing of the hymen and of the rectum mucus membrane was posthumous, inflicted after the contractile capabilities of the live tissue had been completely lost”. That is, somebody, of course, did violate Kuganov’s body, but no, not Budanov, because he has an alibi: having killed Kuganov he went to sleep.

                      To eradicate all doubts, the signs of copious bleeding observed by the forensic expert Lyanenko have become “traces of blood in the genital area that are not inconsistent with the conclusion of posthumous character of the injuries”.

                      “Objective reasons” are found to deflect the rape charge:

                      “The unjustified refusal of the forensic expert to take samples for forensichistology analysis presently makes it impossible to advance better substantiated arguments…”

                      This is true: no histology samples had been taken. There was a war out there and no place to keep the tissue samples (is it called “unjustified refusal”?), and it is no wonder that the war helped a soldier to escape responsibility.

                      All pathologists agree that without histology any attempt to prove Budanov the rapist are doomed to failure!

                      As the result, the experts easily came to the required conclusion: “There are no grounds to suggest that the posthumous injuries have been caused by an erected male sex organ. The results of the forensic examination of the body and of the material evidence do not provide grounds to conclude that a forcible sexual act against Kungaeva took place.” THERE WAS NO RAPE. AND THOSE WHO THINK OTHERWISE CAN GO FLY A KITE.

                      And who are the heroes this time? This forensic expert commission report exonerating Budanov is signed by

                      – Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Center for Forensic Medical Examinations of the Ministry of Health, I. Gedygushev, M.D., a Distinguished Physician of the Russian; Federation; – Head of the Department of Complex Examinations of the same Center, A. Isaev, M.D.; – a forensic examiner of the Department of Complex Examinations of the same Center, O. Budyakov, M.D., a Distinguished Physician of the Russian Federation.

                      These people sought to remove a very dirty stain from the tarnished image of the Russian army.

                      But history is not something that can be altered by a made – to – order forensic report, and the true story of how Elza Kungaeva, a girl from the village of Tangi-Chu, has died will eventually become free of the politically expedient lies.”

                      Unfortunately, scum like AKM will always twist the truth, just like their savage and inhuman Russian state.

                    • So there you go Andrew. The second investigation clearly proves that no rape of the female Chechen sniper took place. Just because you interjected your own biased comments in the report in a failed attempt to claim that it was falsified, doesn’t change what it say.

                    • In addition:

                      “Russian authorities have turned “to a familiar
                      partner from Soviet times, a psychiatric profession that for decades followed orders to camouflage political problems behind the opaque
                      curtain of mental illness. In doing so, however, officials have resurrected questions about psychiatry’s shameful past in the Soviet Union – and its highly politicized present.”15 Moscow authorities used this case to attain their political goals. They demonized Budanov before the elections in Chechnya and gained important votes. However, after the election was held, they were silent about their earlier declared readiness to punish him.

                      Meanwhile, Budanov is now celebrated as a national hero in Russia.

                      Polls conducted by Komsomolskaya Pravda, a Moscow-based daily, showed that some 79% of Russia’s population supports him.16 Budanov’s trial has demonstrated the Russian national authorities’ lack of political will and the ambivalent attitudes of ordinary Russians about bringing to justice those responsible for abuse during the wars in Chechnya. Domestic politics has become a clear obstacle to enforcing human rights in Chechnya, creating a need for outside intervention to ensure that these incidences of human rights abuse in Chechnya do not go unpunished.”


                      2004 Council of Europe report released last January revealed that over the past three years nearly 10,000 human rights abuse claims had been brought before the Office of Russia’s special representative in Chechnya.
                      Yet, investigations into most of those complaints were rarely ever completed.5 Given the Russian government’s intransigence on this issue, it is understandable that Chechen victims of Russian human rights abuse would want to try to seek redress outside of Russia. Some victims, and families of victims, of human rights abuse in Chechnya have begun to take their cases to the European Human Rights Court.


                    • Now AKM, my little friend, why do you discount the 1st examination (which was a HUGE embarrasment to the Kremlin and the Russian military), while extoling the virtues of the second one.

                      The first was made soon after the event, the second was made under political duress.

                      BTW, the comments were not mine, they were Politkovskaya’s.

                    • @And why don’t you post the findings of the second forensic investigation of the female Chechen snipers body? Because you know that the second one concluded that she was raped after her death. Which means anyone could’ve done it, perhaps the Chechens.

                      1. There was no “female sniper’s body”.

                      2. If you’re talking about the kindap victim’s body, it was not “perhaps the Chechens” even according to official story – but the soldiers who raped the corpse.

                      “Charges of rape against Budanov were dropped. The soldiers whom Budanov ordered to bury Kungayeva were found guilty of desecrating her body, but pardoned under a blanket amnesty.”


                • @Ul’man-While on a spec-op mission to capture one of the terrorists his groups cover is blown by an approaching truck with 6 men. According to witness testimony Ulman ordered them to stop, but the truck kept going, almost hitting him. Only then he ordered to fire. This has happened plenty of times in Iraq/Afghanistan.

                  You “forgot” this part: only one of the “men” (people of both sexes) was killed by this fire. The “truck” (a minibus) was stopped and they discvered they shot dead an innocent Russian citizien.

                  Then, they murdered the others (pregnant woman etc): they told them they were free to go and then shot them in the back (one was only wounded and jumped into a river, but they killed him there too).

                  Then, they dragged the bodies into the truck and tried to make it look like a “mine accident”, but failed to explode it. So they just used gasoline and burned the car and the bodies.

                  And this was their official story.

                  Their defense line: “we were only following orders” (aka Nurnberg Defense).

                  Because their commanding officer (not accused here, but just a witness in the case!) told them by radio to execute all the survivors/witnesses.

                  Which is actually a standard GRU tactic.

                • @Only idiotic, corrupt politicians who have never been shot at think that soldiers conduct in a warzone could be regulated by some rules written by bureaucrats. (…) As you see Bobby, war is unpredictable. You need to refrain from comparing Russian and American soldiers to Nazi war criminals.

                  So, why do you think the German (or Japanese) conduct in WWII should have been “regulated by some rules written by bureaucrats”? Are you an ” idiotic, corrupt politician” too?

                  @There are no concentration camps in Baghdad or Grozny.

                  Maybe read some about the “filtration camps”.

  7. Robert,

    For me putting Arakcheev, Ulman, Budanov or US marines in one sentence is deeply offensive. I don’t know whether AKM truly believes that there is no difference, or just tries to stir the pot, but I see huge differences.

    You are right – the marine from Okinawa is more similar, and I feel no need to justify such actions. Obviously, AKM feels that Ulman, Budanov, and the marine from Okinawa deserve public support. I disagree.

    • Funny. I hear two retards blabbering about Okinawa, like neither one of them has hear of this famous case.

      “A US soldier was sentenced to 100 years in prison yesterday for one of the worst known cases involving US troops in Iraq – the gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl and the killing of her father, mother and sister.”


      • I see, AKM. I guess your other “warrior class heroes” are Oskar Dirlewanger and the Japanese at Nanking?

        It’s a rhetoric question because I know the answer is “yes”. But probably not Shamil Basayev, because he never raped anyone.

        You are almost like a parody of a stereotypical Russian degenerate. Grandpa raped a lot in WWII and you liked his war war stories, eh?

        • Yeah. He raped your Nazi grandma, whose stories have made you a racist, russophobic degenerate.

          • Dear AKM,

            Are you an orphan?

            • What retards like AKM fail to see, is that when US/UK/NATO troops commit crimes, they are tried and punished severely, as in the case of the Marine in the Haditha case.

              In Russia, they are given medals for the same crimes, and treated as heroes (Budyanov and pretty much all the other Russian vermin who served in Chechnya), just like all the Russian apes who got medals for burning Georgian villages in Shida-Kartli (the historical name for what the Russians renamed South Ossetia in the 1890’s when they began evicting Georgians and resettling the area with Ossetians from north of the mountains) in 2008.

              Russia has no heroes, it only has raping, looting, ill disciplined scum that can only win battles through sheer weight of numbers.

              • Nah, he sees this. But for him it’s “betrayal of their warrior class”.

                A funny thing. He uses “Nazi” as an insult (as in the “Nazi US occupation of Iraq”, or me as a “Nazi sympathiser”), but then is supposedly outraged when someone else compared some American soldiers to the Nazis.

                So he hates the Nazis, hates the Americans too and calls them (all of them) “Nazis”, but also hates when they answer for their “Nazi” crimes – or even when anyone else (but him) just criticizes him (all the other critics are “whores”).

                Schizophrenia, retardation or just trolling, I’m not sure.

                Also, he now says he’s supposedly a self-hating Russian Jew? Like the super-Russian Zhirinovsky (born in Kazakhstan as Eidelstein, a son of Polish Jew)? :)

                • @or even when anyone else (but him) just criticizes him

                  Criticizes THEM (the Americans), of course :)

                • Its you who hates Americans, Bob. You hate the marines who risk their lives, for not abiding to some unrealistic bureaucratic rules. You can’t have double standards for everything. I on the other hand love real Americans more than you ever could.

                  Andrew is a perfect example of these double standards and sheer ignorance.

                  Budanov-Imprisoned 2000-2008.
                  Arakcheev-Serving a 15 year sentence.
                  Hudyakov-Serving a 17 year sentence.
                  Ulman-Kidnapped and most likely brutally murdered by Chechens as a loyalty payment to Ramzan by MedvedoPut.

                  And then we have Haditha marines.
                  Out of 8, 7 had their charges dropped. Its still not clear if the last one will serve time.

                  • Now AKM (not actually a very good weapon in reality, just cheap and overrated), Budanov is still considered a hero in Russia despite his crimes.

                    The rules against raping and murder of civillians are not just “some unrealistic bureaucratic rules”, they are the basis of military law, and also a protection of ones own citizens.

                    Given that rape, looting and murder of civillians are encouraged in Russian military tradition, I doubt you will ever understand the reasoning behind it.

                    As for “double standards” well, thats your line not mine AKM.

                    Coming from a service background myself, I can tell you that it’s not hard to follow the rules, only lazy criminally inclined vermin such as yourself have a problem with it. As the old saying goes “do the crime, serve the time”

                    There is no excuse for rape. Period.

                    • Inlike in the case with the American marine, who did rape a little Iraqi girl, the accusations of Budanov raping the female Chechen sniper were soundly defeated in court, even though Kadyrov was exerting immense pressure on the judiciary. There just wasn’t any evidence.

                      In no other case was rape an accusation. As for murder of civilians, that is exactly what occurs at war. It has been like that for centuries, and always will be.

                    • Wrong again AKM, the medical examination found that she had been repeatedly and brutally raped.

                      He was not charged with rape due to pressure on the court from Putin and co.

                      What you fail to understand is that properly trained and disciplined soldiers despise war crimes.

                    • One examination proved that rape occured, and the other one didn’t. Another soldier, Aleksandr Egorov, admitted to raping the female Chechen sniper, but afterwards admitted that he was pressured into testifying against himself. Your claims regarding Kremlin pressuring the court to acquit Budanov are ridiculous. If Putin wanted to do that, Budanov would’ve never even been arrested, instead Putin wanted to appease the Chechens and offer them a sacrificial lamb. Its Kadyrov and his thugs who terrorize courts and jurors, by threatening to kill or kidnap their families. And everyone knows the Chechen savages are real skillful at that. As a proof of my statement, the judge who presided over Budanov’s case was just recently found guilty of taking money for carrying out certain decisions, and put in jail. Without a doubt thats what happened in Budanov’s case.

                    • Actually, he was punished for pulling a weapon on a senior officer.

                      As was commented at the time of his case, the Russian government was not going to have a “Hero of Russia” go down for rape.

                      He got a minimal sentence and was then let out early.

                      He was not stripped of his medals as would have occured in a civilised state.

                      FYI, Russians (especially the government) are well known for intimidating juries, judges, and generally perverting the whole judicial system, you scum make the Chechens look like amateurs in that regard.

                      Still, what can we expect from Russian savages with no culture or civilisation?

                  • @Ulman-Kidnapped and most likely brutally murdered by Chechens as a loyalty payment to Ramzan by MedvedoPut.

                    Haha. No, just in hiding, like many others among the few official Russian war crime suspects (and no one is really looking for them). For example, Sergei Babin.

                    And by “war” here they mean “the counter-terrorist operation, what war, there was never been any war there”, of course.

            • No, but if you’d like to help orphans, here is the site.


  8. The funniest line in this article is:

    “I believe this is a real breakthrough in Russia’s recent history.”

    ZHUKOVSKY, Russia, Aug 20 (Reuters) – Russia is to make the largest overhaul of its military aviation in post-Soviet history, its Air Force commander said on Thursday, but admitted the planned modernisation was still a far cry from Soviet times.

    Russia’s creaking military machine contrasts starkly with the Kremlin’s drive to be more assertive in world affairs, and analysts say much of its technological potential was lost in the turmoil that followed the Soviet Union’s demise in 1991.

    In what some officials branded a “record contract”, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin oversaw the signing of a $2.5 billion deal this week for state-controlled plane maker Sukhoi to supply the Air Force with 64 new jet fighters.

    “For the Air Force, this is one of the largest orders which we must fulfil by 2015,” Russian Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin told a news conference during the MAKS-2009 aerospace fair outside Moscow.

    “I believe this is a real breakthrough in Russia’s recent history.”

    Zelin said the Air Force would finally receive in the next few years the new Mi-28NM helicopter, dubbed “Night Hunter”, the Ka-52 attack helicopter, known as “Alligator”, and the Su-34 advanced fighter-bomber. He gave no numbers or time frames.

    A handful of each of these aircraft have trickled into the armed forces in recent years, despite the fact all of them were designed and made their first flights in Soviet times.


    The planned deliveries of new equipment to the Air Force, albeit the largest since the collapse of the Soviet Union, are dwarfed by comparison with Soviet-era military programmes.

    Zelin compared Russia’s Air Force today with that of the 1970s and 80s. “In those times, the Air Force would receive between 400 and 600 aircraft annually,” he said. “But this was a different country and it had a different potential.”

    Zelin said Russia would modernise its MiG-31 interceptor jets, in service since the early 1980s. Zelin said their capabilities could be boosted by new types of short- to long-range weapons, satellite navigation and the ability to land on any military or civilian air field.

    Russia planned to create nine squadrons each consisting of 12 of those modernised aircraft, he said.

    In another sign of modern Russia’s heavy reliance on its Soviet-era workhorses, Zelin said there were plans to extend the lifespan of the Su-25 ground attack aircraft to 40 years or 4,000 flying hours.

    He gave no details on the number of Su-25s whose service would be extended. This armoured aircraft, codenamed “Frogfoot” by NATO, entered service in the early 1980s and is still considered one of the most durable Soviet-built planes.


    • Funnily enough, the Su-25 was designed by Georgians, and were mostly built at the Sukhoi works in Tbilisi, by Georgians.

      Probably why they have been so successful when compared to other soviet designs, as they were not designed by Russians.

  9. AB,

    Just wondering, what is your source? While the facts that you bring are well-established (although Lielupe is 30 km West of Riga, not East – which makes one question the other facts that the author brings) – the link between Christmas Battle and February revolution is nebulous at best.
    At least I couldn’t find anybody linking the two, on Wikipedia or elsewhere…

    • Off topic. You know whats scary Felix? Is that we both have the same last name.

      • Obviously AKM comes from the shallow end of that gene pool.

        Also he has a strange last name for such a rabid anti-semite, then again Rosenburg was a nazi philosopher……

      • It doesn’t scare me. That said, I would never choose a nick that means most popular (although quite outdated) Soviet weapon
        And I never said that national origin is very important to me… Kaganovich and Yagoda were as terrible as Molotov and Yezhov; and I find Barbar Boxer or Barney Frank quite despicable.

        • Are you accusing me of being childish Felix? Because that would be kind of funny considering that your avatar is a mutated monkey from a 1960’s Soviet cartoon. As for me, neither Cheburashka or AKM can be outdated, they are classics. Besides I am disgusted by Bolshevik Jews or corrupt US congressmen, as much as you are.

          • No, he was accusing you of being a retarded, violent moron.

            The AKM is a weapon designed for ill trained, undisciplined morons such as yourself. It is inaccurate, but can handle not being cleaned or maintained for long periods, a bit like your morals and education.

            • And which one are you Andrew? Bolshevik Jew, Corruput US politician, radical wahhabist or a historically sodomized Eastern-European with a chip on your shoulder?

            • Discovery Channel experts would disagree with you. They rate AK-47 as the Number 1 Assault Rifle in the World.

              • Hmmm, it was voted no.1 based on its widespread use and historical influence.

                It is not an accurate weapon, its strengths are that it is cheap, simple, and capable of being used by morons such as yourself.

                A bit like the T-34, not actually a very good tank due to several flaws, but able to be produced in very large numbers (albeit with armour plate imported from the US because Russian steel was so poor)

                • The biggest flaws you find with AK-47 is that it was low cost, ineguiously simple in its design and easily used without much training? Boy, you must have been the president of the debate club.

                  I only wonder why US soldiers preferred to use AK’s in Vietnam.

                  • No, those are its good points, the flaw is its inaccuracy and relative short range. It also has a massive pull when fired, and an unfortunate tendency to “cook-off” when fired continuously over long periods. It has a very poor and unreliable safety. It is also overweight.

                    It is inferior in every respect to the MP/Sturmgewehr-44 from which the Russians copied it.

                    See what Afghans armed with WW2 (or older) period SMLE No. 1 Mk III’s were able to do to Russian infantry in afghanistan for instance.

                    The M-16 is lighter, more accurate, with a much higher rate of fire.

                    US infantry did not prefer the AK in vietnam, they preferred the M-14, especially the Marines.

                    You very, very seldom see any photo’s of US troops with AK’s in vietnam. Another of your Russian myths I guess.

                    • Quite a few US soldiers in Vietnam preferred to use AK’s that they captured from the Vietnamese. While M-16 might be more accurate, in urban or close range fighting AK is much better, with a higher stopping power. After laying in a swamp for hours, you would definitely want an AK, and not the M-16. Same with US soldiers in Iraq. If they could, they would love to use the AK’s, because sand and mud make M-16 unreliable. The reasons you see very few Vietnam photos of US troops with AK’s is because:
                      1-US propaganda machine would not approve
                      2-Most soldiers wouldn’t want to pose for a photo with a Commie assault rifle
                      3-AK’s were usually back-up assault rifles because ammo was hard to come by and could only be captured.

                    • Actually AKM, huge numbers of AK’s were captured during the Vietnam war, the US won almost every single engagement of the war, so there were large numbers of recovered soviet weapons. If they had wanted to use them in large numbers, they could have.

                      However, contrary to popular belief, the most common weapon used by the NVA was actually the SKS until late in the war, and by the Vietcong was the Mosin 3 line rifle for much of the war. It is interesting to note that the VC actually prized the M-16 when they could get them.

                    • @It is inferior in every respect to the MP/Sturmgewehr-44 from which the Russians copied it.

                      Not so much, it only inspired the Soviet design. It looks very similar but it’s different.

                      About what is better (all things considered), I don’t know.

                      But StG-45 (later turned into the G-3 line) was better than the Kalashnikov’s gun for sure.

                  • @I only wonder why US soldiers preferred to use AK’s in Vietnam.

                    They didn’t.

                    Except some of the SOG operatives (they would sometimes use captured enemy weapons, Swedish SMGs and other such unconventional weapons). Like here:

                    But even there it was hardly common (I spent a while searching for this).

                • @A bit like the T-34, not actually a very good tank

                  In 1941 it was the best in its class. The German could only beat them like they did only because they had better men, commanders, tactics and a radio in practically every tank (and the Flak 88s).

                  • Oh yes, it was very good in some respects, but the Russians have, shall we say, inflated its abilities.

                    By mid to late 1942, even the humble Panzer III & IV had been upgunned well enough to deal with it on a regular basis.

                    Once the Panther came into service, and the Tigers, the T-34 was a deathtrap. Huge numbers of them were destroyed right up until the end of the war.

                    In addition, the T-34 had some serious flaws, both in design and in manufacture.

                    An excellent study is “T-34 Mythical Weapon” by Robert Michulec & Miroslaw Zientarzewski.

  10. to Felix

    you are right about east-west mistake.

    My point was to show Penny example to my statment that “Russians never ever in history were good or even medicore soldiers”

    sources you asked:

  11. http://www.kavkazcenter.com/russ/content/2009/08/21/67511.shtml

    “russian muslim” martyr batallion “Riyadus Saliheen” claims responsibility for heroic attacks in Nazran and Siberia! ALLAH AKBAR!!!!

  12. http://www.gazeta.ru/news/lenta/2009/08/21/n_1395711.shtml


  13. The kremlin ordered the KGB to kill millions (1,000,000’s) of dissidents and intelligentsia and created millions (1,000,000’s) of orphans. Now the kremlin had millions (1,000,000’s) of children, who came from intelligent parents, to mold into delusional useful idiots. They lied to the orphans, and told the orphans that Nazis or Americans or Ukrainians killed their parents. When these orphans had children, then the KGB could count on their delusional parents [orphans] to brainwash their own children.

    This U-TUBE segment shows an ex-KGB propagandist talking about [with pictures] a kremlin prison for children:

    “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever”
    Vladimir Lenin quote

  14. @The second investigation clearly proves that no rape of the female Chechen sniper took place.

    Also because there was no “Chechen female sniper” to be raped.

    (And actually there was never any single such individual, only a Russian myth.)

  15. @While M-16 might be more accurate, in urban or close range fighting AK is much better, with a higher stopping power.

    You don’t have any idea about what you’re talking about now. “Stopping power”? If it’s normal ammunition (that is not armor-piercing), a M-16 round has a great potential of KILLING power. The effects are horrible injuries, often similar to dum-dum bullets: bullets prone to rotating and fragmentating inside of the body, I guess it’s pretty “stopping”.

  16. Moscow’s historical treatment of its REAL war heroes (that is the people who actually did heroic things and made a difference in good way) on an example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Pechersky

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