August 21, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Putin’s Russia is a Basket Case

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russia Stabs its Heroes in the Heart

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Stealing from Sberbank

(4)  Postcards from the Propaganda war in Georgia

(5)  Гогуль vs. Google

4 responses to “August 21, 2009 — Contents

  1. Well, well, look at this in the NYT’s, a hint at what Russia’s alleged pirated ship was carrying:

    The official version of events was questioned by Yulia Latynina, a leading Russian opposition journalist and commentator.

    “The Arctic Sea was carrying something, not timber and not from Finland, that necessitated some major work on the ship,” she wrote in the Moscow Times newspaper on Wednesday.

    During two weeks of repair works in the Russian port of Kaliningrad just before the voyage, the ship’s bulkhead was dismantled so something very large could be loaded, she wrote.

    “To put it plainly: The Arctic Sea was carrying some sort of anti-aircraft or nuclear contraption intended for a nice, peaceful country like Syria, and they were caught with it,” she said.

    Russia, arms merchant to the most unsavory thugs on the planet. And, they wonder why the west increasingly views them as a rogue nation.

    Russia can’t wither away fast enough.


    Hey, good news! Latynina a source in the NYT! Things are looking up. Penny is ever watchful and invaluable as always.

  2. Well, it certainly spells out Russia’s game plan at keeping as much turmoil going on in the ME as they can. Chaos and turmoil there benefits oil prices.

    What a loathsome foreign policy.

    Too bad Obama isn’t Reagan to call them out as an evil empire again. “Empire” being wrong worded as they are losers in a league with other global losers. Their glory days died when the emperor was discovered to have no clothes on. Flabby poseur Pootie is the perfect metaphor.

  3. Uh-oh, “the president” officially sanctions extrajudicial killings in his Dirty War:

    No mercy to terrorists – President Medvedev

    Russia Today
    19 August, 2009, 19:37

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called on law enforcement agencies for radical action to confront terrorism in the Caucasus and eliminate terrorists in cold blood and without hesitation.

    It follows Monday’s suicide blast in the city of Nazran that claimed the lives of 25 people, and injured more than 130.

    The President addressed security bodies including members of the Russia’s Security Council at a special meeting in Stavropol in Southern Russia dedicated to the neutralization of terrorist and extremist threats in the North Caucasus region.

    “They must pay dearly for the crimes committed against Ingush people, leaders of the republic’s law-enforcement authorities and human right activists [ha… ha…]. The punishment must be severe and inevitable,” the Russian President demanded.

    “Make no exceptions dealing with terrorists, terminate them swiftly and without indecision otherwise there will be no success in this matter,” said Medvedev.

    • And btw the “crime against Ingush people”, the dead police were 15 Russians (as in sent from the Russian regions) and only 10 Ingush.

      That’s how it’s there for a long time, when you hear “Ingush police” it’s probably Russians.

      About them (Moskovsky Komsomolets): “There is no police in the republic as such. The policemen do what they wish, they do not go to work, facilitate lawlessness, and frame people by planting drugs in their pockets, releasing detainees for ransom. This is a mafia, which is connected to Moscow.”

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