August 17, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Economic Collapse in Putin’s Russia

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Further Misadventures of Matveeva the Rat

(3)  Sakhalin wants Out!

(4)  Now We’ve Seen it All!

NOTE:  For those interested in history or philosophy where Russia is concerned, Streetwise Professor offers a truly brilliant (and scary!) take on the Hitler-Putin nexus.  Required reading!  We link today and reprint on Wednesday.

NOTE:  Blogger “cyxymu” has written an open letter to Russian “president” Dima Medvedev asking for an investigation into the cyber terrorism launched from Russia against his blogs.  He indicates that previous attempts by him to comment on Medvedev’s blog have been censored. The post already has nearly 100 comments.

NOTE:  “Who sings better than me?” he asked. “Nobody does, besides God.”

9 responses to “August 17, 2009 — Contents

  1. The next politician seen in public without a shirt (or pants in this case) should be thrown into a broom closet with many sexually agressive porcupines.

  2. You do realise that Chernovetsky supported the Orange Revolution, according to the article you linked to, right?

    The man is an idiot. I was just in Kiev–which is a beautiful city. Unfortunately, it’s also quite trashy because he refuses to clean it up. It’s quite gross to walk around and see mounds of trash all over. And I was in the good part of it where there are lots of embassies. Can you imagine what the rest must look like?

    • You do realize that Vladmir Zhirinovsky supports Putin, right? Do you admit that disqualifies Putin and means he must resign? Do you think AT ALL before you publish your gibberish on our blog?

      Regarding the dirt, interestingly enough that’s exactly the same reaction many visitors have to Moscow and St. Petersburg. They also find Russians racist, corrupt, xenophobic, rude, smelly, and with atrociously bad teeth. These are just some of the reasons that Russia has a laughably low level of Western tourism.

      Ukraine, at least, has the excuse of being exploited and raped by Russia for centuries. What is Russia’s excuse? Bad luck?

      You do realize that we linked to this story to poke some fun at Ukraine, right? We never said it was a paradise. We just said (a) it’s light years better than Russia and (b) most of its problems were caused by Russia.

      Just out of curiosity: Why is it OK for you to trash Ukraine but not for us to trash Russia? Just typical Russian hypocrisy and ignorance?

      Now: Would you like to discuss Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and his wife?

  3. Chernovetsky is indeed a lunatic. He sold his Pravex Bank for very big money, in the millions, but used Cyprus and other “offshore” corporations to avoid taxes in Ukraine.

    Kyiv has no hot water. It has the legacy of a sovok system, by which all hot water is supplied from a central location. No worries – Lenny Kosmos brags that he takes cold showers.

    Lenny Kosmos has also been involved in land grabs in and around Kyiv, with the eager participation of assorted members from assorted factions feeding at the government trough on these crooked land deals for millions and millions of dollars.

    He bought his way into office by handing out little food packages of buckwheat and stale tea to his “beloved babushkas.”

    It is a disgrace.

    Yet, in Ukraine, the 3 factions, who have talked much about this disgrace of a mayor, are happy to do nothing and to keep a stooge in office, as the article points out, in a 3-way Mexican standoff.

    The mayoral election in Kyiv featured the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, one of the Klitschko brothers, as a candidate.

    Klitshko thought he could waltz in just on his big name.

    But Lenny Kosmos is a loonoey, but clever thug, and he does indeed cultivate his “beloved babushkas” and others, through bribery and other methods, for votes.


  4. Good read, indeed.

    I also suggest this:

    Excerpt below.

    Democratic Ukraine, autocratic Russia: Why?
    Today, 11:54 | Andreas Umland and Ingmar Bredies, Special to Kyiv Post

    Kyivan Rus, the medieval state that
    existed from 880 to the middle of the
    13th century, gave rise to modern-day
    Ukraine and Russia. The two nations
    have taken divergent paths toward
    governance, differences that began in
    the old empire.

    Developments in the former Soviet Union in recent years were fascinating for the specialist and might have puzzled the layman: Why have Europe’s two largest countries developed in such different ways? Russia has returned to authoritarianism while Ukraine seems to be maturing towards a real democracy. How did this happen – in spite of these nations’ similar Eastern Slavic Orthodox cultures and intertwined histories?

  5. Another good read along the same lines here.

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