The Sunday Photos: Another Russian Inferno

Yet another towering inferno in Russia, as photographed by a Live Journal blogger. Russia has the highest rate of fatality by fire of any industrialized nation in the world, ten times higher than in the United States. Note that this is a brand new building, not a Soviet-era tinderbox, where the risk is far greater and the Russians drop like flies.





More photos here.

5 responses to “The Sunday Photos: Another Russian Inferno

  1. Steamed McQueen

    I saw this on English Russia. Evidently the building was unoccupied. To repeat my comment from that site:

    I’ll bet a bottle of vodka the fire was intentionally set by the developers to collect the insurance money when no one was buying their overpriced apartment shells.

    • Quite possible! If only the vast majority of fires were like that, rather than in buildings full of people leading to Russia having one of the world’s highest fire fatality rates, ten times higher than in the USA.

    • Unoccupied building in Russia are usually inhabited by illegal migrants from Central Asia and Caucases who live there in complete filth, and without any knowledge or willingness to conform to safety norms. Thats how most fires get started, and that why most accidents occur.

  2. It is more profitable to burn unoccupied
    buildings in Russia because burning ones
    with humans in it ALWAYS leads to
    insurance complications……

    Don’t you see?
    Alive or dead, Russians are always a problem!

  3. Relatives of other separatists have also disappeared under mysterious circumstances over the years. Some have returned, others have not. Meanwhile, militants’ families are now facing another tactic: punitive arson. Since last summer, Human Rights Watch staffers have recorded 26 such fires. The burnings appear well organized.

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