EDITORIAL: Russian Drivers are Undisciplined and Criminally Careless


Russian Drivers are Undisciplined and Criminally Careless

Russian drivers are undisciplined and criminally careless. As a result, they are inflicting barbaric homicidal damage on their country which can be found no place else in the civilized world.  There is no domestic movement to make the roads safer, no capacity of local government to address the issue, so the national leader has no choice but to police the nation’s roads himself.

Now just hold your horses!  Before you go accusing us of “racism” against Russians, those aren’t our words. They are the words of an entirely different Russophobe, by the name of Dima Medvedev, who just happens to be the so-called “president” of Russia himself.

Russians are “undisciplined and criminally careless” according to “President” Medevev.  Now, we have a question:  Mr. Medvedev, if you agree Russians are “undisciplined and criminally careless” in regard to their driving, isn’t it possible they act that way in regard to other activities as well. Like, just for instance, electing the president of Russia?

By what logic would anyone dare to claim that Russian have in a disciplined, careful manner when voting and then magically become undisciplined and careless — criminally careless — when they get behind the wheel?  Couldn’t they be committing more “blatant acts of crime,” as you yourself have called them, when voting?

And how about when deciding whether to support military actions, such as the buzzing of American coastlines with nuclear bombers or the invasion of Georgia or the cyberattacks on Estonia?  Couldn’t these decisions also be rendered in a “criminally careless” manner?

There’s also the people’s response to opinion polls to be considered. Couldn’t those be undisciplined and wrong as well?  When Russians suggest they love Vladimir Putin and his sweeping neo-Soviet crackdown on civil society, might they not be just as wrong as they are when the brutally mow down innocent children on the roadway?

We think so.  We think, in other words, that Mr. Medvedev ought to broaden his perspective, and also take a look in the mirror.

12 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russian Drivers are Undisciplined and Criminally Careless

  1. Steamed McQueen

    Ah yes, Russian drivers. Makes Italy look like experts by comparison.

    To obtain a Russian driver’s license one must complete 4 months of classroom training, two or three written tests and a road test. Or one can do as many Russians do and simply buy one.

    Curious item: At no time during the classroom instruction is the concept of ‘Yield’ ever introduced or discussed. As I understand it this is because the Russian word for yield equals that of surrender and of course Russians aren’t giving anything up!

    Between the incompetence of the drivers and the deplorable conditions of the roads it is nothing short of a miracle that there isn’t more widespread carnage.

    Perhaps I’m missing the main point but I don’t know of anyone who ‘voted’ for Dima, yet he was said to have won over 70% of all the votes cast during the ‘election’.

  2. The sad thing is that where Russia is concerned you have to specify what you mean by “buy.” Same as with university diplomas, could be bribing the government for a real one or purchasing a forgery. All options for all tastes in fraud are fully available in Putin’s Russia.

  3. Steamed McQueen

    In this case I meant ‘buy’ in the traditional sense, at least as it applies to Russia. That is, you pay off (bribe) whoever it is that is responsible for issuing licenses.

    True story: Several years ago, while in St. Petersburg and waiting for a friend near St. Petersburg State University I was approached by a man who asked me if I wanted to buy a degree. He then opened his briefcase and had all manner of diplomas in every discipline that SPSU offered. I declined the offer, and when my friend arrived I asked who that man was. It turned out he was one of the directors of the school!

    This is why a diploma from a Russian university is near-worthless outside of Russia. Everyone knows this sort of thing goes on all the time.

    Yet to a Russian this is perfectly normal and they see nothing wrong with it.

    • Let’s say you buy a degree in electrical engineering. How will you use it without having studied the subject? Wouldn’t it be immediately apparent during the first day on your job that you don’t know how to design an electric motor or how to build a transformer?

    • It turned out he was one of the directors of the school!
      Sometime ago when I lived in Philadelphia I met Clint Eastwood. He lost his wallet and I lent him $20.

  4. Steamed McQueen

    It has been my experience that in Russia all that really counts is the document. Actual ability or knowledge is secondary. I saw it at all levels beginning with my youngest English students. The parents had paid the money to the school, therefore they were going to get their precious ‘diplom’ regardless of how much work they did -or did not- do. The kids were well aware of this fact and as you might surmise didn’t put a whole lot of effort into studying.

    Going back to the drivers and roads for a moment, the same situation exists when the GAI (traffic police) flag down a car. All they care about is if the paperwork is in order. I have seen cars on the road in Russia that would not qualify for use in a demolition derby.

    That’s the way it is with pretty much everything over there. As long as the paperwork looks good, everything is fine. The reality is ignored as long as the document has the proper stamp.

    FWIW, Russians carry around their diplomas in wallet-sized folders. If you ask the question ‘kto vy’? (Who are you?) they will reply by displaying the diploma. To a Russian, their profession IS their identity.

    • All this sounds very weird, especially the part that ability or knowledge are secondary. Say, if a student you teach English gets his diploma but can’t speak English after he has graduated, hasn’t his purpose of taking the class been defeated?

      Russia really sounds like a fu-d up place

      • Perhaps you’ve hit upon the reason that Russia doesn’t rank in the top 150 nations of the world for adult lifespan and has a per capita GDP bettered by the likes of Libya and Croatia. Those stats seem impossible from a nation that has flown in space until you review facts like those you’ve just discussed.

  5. probablyabogusname

    “such as the buzzing of American coastlines with nuclear bombers ”

    Gee, I live in America and I have’nt heard about this……

  6. Makhachkala traffic police literally under siege by snipers:

    Makhachkala traffic police checkpoints ordered to organize all-rounddefense

    ROSTOV-ON-DON. Aug 15 (Interfax) – Traffic police checkpoints in Makhachkala, Dagestan, have been ordered to organize comprehensive defense in the wake of several attacks that happened in the city earlier on Saturday.

    “All the personnel at traffic police checkpoints in Makhachkala has been ordered to receive weapons and armor vests and organize comprehensive defense. These measures are being taken now,” the Dagestani traffic police headquarters told Interfax.


    Two police dead after fresh attacks in south Russia

    MAKHACHKALA, August 15 (RIA Novosti) – Two officers injured in separate attacks on police posts in Dagestan’s capital on Saturday have died, a security official in the volatile southern Russian republic said.

    He said the attack resembled a sniper attack which killed two officers and injured another in Makhachkala early on Friday.


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