EDITORIAL: Alexei Pankin, Shameless Neo-Soviet Liar


Alexei Pankin, Shameless Neo-Soviet Liar

In a recent op-ed in the Moscow Times, Russian “journalist” Alexei Pankin claims that before the war against Georgia in 2008 he was pro-West, but then when the West dared to take Georgia’s side over Russia he realized how wrong he had been.

This news came as rather a big surprise to us here at La Russophobe, since we carefully documented Pankin’s slobbering anti-Western hatred as early as November 2006, when we called him a neo-Soviet bagman, and again in August 2007, when we called him a scum-sucking greaseball.

But it was the current column that surprised us the most.  Pankin began it, in a classic Russian state of seemingly drunken oblivousness, declaring:

Back in January 2003, I read the following opinion on the Kreml.org web site, an analytical forum that had just been created: “We will never be accepted in [the West’s] world or recognized as equal partners in their innumerable communities. Russia may have many allies in the West, but from our Western partners’ standpoint we will always be viewed as different, strange, somehow improper and eternally guilty of something.”

So Pankin is admitting that Russians made up their minds about the West five years before the Georgia conflict took place!  Given that, why should Westerners have reacted any differently when the war broke out?  Pankin doesn’t care to say.

Pankin then becomes increasingly and openly hostile to the West:

A few days ago, I read an interview on Slon.ru with Vladimir Sungorkin, editor-in-chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda, one of the country’s most popular and influential newspapers. “If you do not support this country,” he said, “this regime and this president, then you automatically support outside forces that have an interest in weakening and destroying the state.” Rather than offering a rebuttal, I now accept those words as a simple fact.

He accuses the West of “presumign Russia guilty regardless of circumstances,” even as he presumes Russia innocent regardless of circumstances.  He finds it proper for Russians to reject Barack Obama even before meeting him even though the rest of the world, including many countries which had harshly criticized America, adored him.

The he finishes with a venemous flourish:  “P.S. I’m off now to reread Vladimir Putin’s 2007 Munich speech.”

So everything is quite clear now.  This nasty little cockroach, like so very many other Russians, hates the West and has always done so.  They were simply waiting for the excuse to display their hatred, ashamed to speak because of the spectacular public failure of their beloved USSR.  They suckered us by hiding their true feelings when the Berlin wall collapsed, making us think Russians shared our values and wanted to build democracy.  In fact, as personified by Vladimir Putin, they only wanted us to drop our guard and let them rebuild their dictatorship, which we quite helpfully did.

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