EDITORIAL: Russia is a Nation of Murdering Bastards


Russia is a Nation of Murdering Bastards

“We don’t want this country to turn into Russia.”

— Pennsylvania resident Katy Abram to turncoat Senator Arlen Spector at a public forum on Tuesday

Zarema Sadulayeva in 2006.  Murdered by the Kremlin last Tuesday. RIP

Zarema Sadulayeva in 2006. Murdered by the Kremlin last Tuesday. RIP

Blood is flowing in rivers in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. As a New York Times op-ed writer we publish below states: “Russia is getting away with murder.”

Stalin, through his malignant spawn, as we reiterate in an original translation today, is suing Novaya Gazeta, the newspaper which published Anna Politkovskaya, who was yet another entry in a seemingly endless string of obviously political murders that dates back to Vladimir Putin’s first days in the Moscow Kremlin, with the slaying of Duma deputy Galina Starovoitova.

Stalin is alive and well in Putin’s Russia, in more ways than one.  Stalin had Beria, and Putin has Kadyrov, his homicidal henchman in Chechnya, who is striking down the Kremlin’s critics with total impunity, so fast it is hard to keep up.  And he openly boast of his deeds and his hatred for the women who dare to challenge him.  He recently stated that Natalia Estemirova, Politkovskaya’s successor and struck down just like her, was “misleading people and writing lies.”  Before that, he publicly declared she had “no honor or conscience.”  He admits that he has “blood up to his elbows,” and the blood marks rose a little higher earlier this week when he brutally abducted and murdered children’s rights activist Zarema Sadulayeva and her newly married husband, stuffing their corpses into the truck of their own car.  His police, copying Stalin jot for jot, had rounded them up.

And why shouldn’t they?

What is Barack Obama going to do about it?  Obama has said nothing about Estemirova, and nothing about Sadulayeva.  He is too busy frightening his own people with his own efforts to roll back freedoms, it seems, to care about basic American values or security interests.  His mealy-mouthed statements while he was in Moscow a few weeks ago have obviously been seen by the Kremlin as weakness, as a green light to proceed with the final liquidation of all conceivable sources of political opposition anywhere it may be found.

But the main part of the blame for these barbaric crimes does not lie in Washington DC or even in the Moscow Kremlin. After all, Putin is a man who spent his entire life in the KGB and worships Stalin.  What else would one expect him to do if given power? Plant daisies?  His actions are entirely predicted, and indeed have been predicted for years right hear on this blog.

The real blame lies elsewhere. It lies with the people of Russia, those who enabled Putin and those who stand silent as he pursues his reckless crimes.  Cut off from feedback and criticism and given unlimited power just as Stalin was, Putin acts like Stalin.  And the cowardly, craven people of Russia at best, just as in Stalin’s times, do nothing.  At worst, they inform on their neighbors.  Who knows how the killers got the information they needed about Estemirova and Sadulayeva?  Maybe it came from ordinary Russians eager to get in good with the Kremlin. That was common in Stalin’s times.

This precedent for violence can only destroy Russia just as it destroyed the USSR. To say nothing of terrifying the population and preventing creativity and innovation, the Kremlin’s violence is in invitation to insurrection.  On Wednesday there was yet another assassination of a high-ranking cabinet minister in Ingushetia, showing that two can play at the Kremlin’s game.  Russia is destroying itself, once again, and the people of Russia are complicit.

We condemn their outrageous misconduct and demand that they begin acting like a civilized nation.  If they do not, they will richly deserve the barbaric suffering that is their inevitable punishment.

45 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia is a Nation of Murdering Bastards

  1. so true !!! They should nt kill their own human righs activists. They should rather be invading countries like Iraq , hang their dictator [thousands of innocents may also get killed, but thats important until you have democracy-loving-Uncle Sam’s approval] .


    You’re saying you think it’s OK for Russia to liquidate human rights activists because America invaded Iraq?

    Sounds to us like an old Soviet joke. An American walks up to the manager of a hotel where he is staying to complain about the shoddy level of service he has received. The Soviet manager responds: “Yes, but you lynch blacks.”

    America didn’t hang Iraq’s dictator, he was hung by the Iraquis after a full public trial. And it’s obviously OK fo America to invade Iraq, since Russia invaded Georgia, right?

    So in fact, Russia can’t kill human rights activists unless America does. Can you point to any example of an American human rights actist being murdered after receiving scathing verbal attacks from the state? We sure can’t. So we’re not suprised that you try to change the subject to Iraq.

    • Adame Eshmakidze

      Perhaps you should start your own blog and title it something snazzy like “La Ameriphobe” but until then I do believe this is a blog about Russia, no?

      • America is far from perfect , thats not the point. The thing is it has slid heavliy below in recent years . American credentials about “democracy , human rights, etc ” do not cut ice amongst most countries in the world who have seen better than that. So you better get your own act clear before you start giving lectures to the Russians how to behave . As they say “when you point a finger at others, you point 3 towards yourselves ” .

        • @America is far from perfect , thats not the point. The thing is it has slid heavliy below in recent years . American credentials about “democracy , human rights, etc ” do not cut ice amongst most countries in the world who have seen better than that.

          Most countries still didn’t. Russia of course included.

    • US is FAR from perfect. BUT Russia is today a NAZI FASCIST state and US IS NOT!

    • @America didn’t hang Iraq’s dictator, he was hung by the Iraquis after a full public trial.

      And he was then buried by the other Iraqis in a public funeral.

      A fate not shared by thousands of disappearance victims during his rule, who were only dug-up from mass graves after 2003.


  2. in the USA dark-skinned people are not being knived to death on open streets like in the bloody “Moscow horde”

    • I wouldn’t give it a title like this. Come on.

      @To say nothing of terrifying the population and preventing creativity and innovation, the Kremlin’s violence is in invitation to insurrection. On Wednesday there was yet another assassination of a high-ranking cabinent minister in Ingushetia, showing that two can play at the Kremlin’s game.

      Might be well an inside job. Ingushetia is corrupt even for the Russian standards.

      Notice how it’s unclaimed by the rebs:

      “It is reported, that there were three of the attackers, some reports mention two men armed with a submachine gun and a pistol. After shooting Amerhanov, the armed group in masks left the office and Ingush “police” are looking for a “VAZ-2114″ car with Ossetian number plates.”

      On the other hand, Russia Today seems to be pushing a militant involvement:

    • Dark-skinned people in Moscow have earned themselves a reputation for being criminals and rapists. 70% of all rapes in Moscow are committed by migrants(often illegal) from Central Asia or Caucases. 45% of all crimes are committed by them as well. Majority of Georgian “vory-v-zakone” live in Russia. In fact most of the “vory-v-zakone” are not ethnic Russians. Millions of Georgians depend on incomes that they make from their Russian businesses. Same with the 2 million azeris living in Moscow. All of these non-white ex-Soviet republics were ululating at the thought of freedom back in the 90’s. They kicked out ethnic Slavic people, very often through great violence, and then they realized that they weren’t able to survive on their own. So now all the lowliest scum comes crawling to Russia with parasitic intentions. Russia has become a release valve for third-world savages, just like US is for Latin America.

      And then they complain of “being knived”. Don’t come and you won’t be.

    • “ok , so we dony kill our own citizens , just let them rot in their ghettos & kill people in other countries . So that does not make as bad does it /? ”

      I like this :) .

  3. Adam Delimkhanov openly threatening human rights activists (Chechen TV):

    • Translation:

      “There are some people who call themselves human rights activists, who render support to those devils, those bandits, they work for them, carry out their work and follow their ideas, they are telling various things. But I am aware of the attitude of the police, of people, of local residents. They say that allegations of those people, as well as those made by Aushev and others, and what they are saying and doing are the crimes which are greater than the crimes of the militants who are in the forests. Those people (human rights activists) with their speeches are confusing people and deceive them. But they will not deceive people. They will not succeed. Truth and justice will always prevail. Here are our fighters, commanders, our guys who are asking me, what do those people (human rights activists) want? For us those people have no value and we have absolutely no regard for them. God willing, all those involved in evil will be held responsible by us. All of them, whether Chechen or Ingush or somebody else, should know that they will answer for their speeches.”

      • [10.08.2009]

        ACPC Exclusive: Adam Delimkhanov threatens human rights workers on Grozny TV


        Chechnya is becoming a death zone for human rights workers as demonstrated by the latest heinous murders of the married couple – Alik Dzhabrailov and Zarema Sadulayeva, the head of the charity Save the Generation which provides aid and psychological support to disabled children, orphans, and victims of the military conflict in Chechnya. The couple was kidnapped from their Grozny office and later found in the trunk of a car with bullet wounds to the chest and head. The murder comes less than a month after a prominent activist, Natalya Estemirova, was similarly kidnapped outside her Grozny apartment and later shot to death.

        Human rights organizations have accused Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya’s Kremlin-appointed president and ex-rebel and members of his private militia, of Estemirova’s murder, citing an atmosphere of impunity and persecution of anyone critical of Kadyrov’s brutal regime. Kadyrov vehemently denied any involvement in Estemirova’s death, while calling the activist a woman “that no one needs” who lacked “any honor or sense of shame.”

        Kadyrov similarly denounced the slayings of Dhzhabrailov and Sadulayeva calling the murders “an attempt to intimidate the people of Chechnya.” However, video footage broadcast on Grozny TV just days before the murder of Estemirova questions the earnestness of Kadyrov’s assertions by showing Adam Delimkhanov, Kadryov’s closest associate, representative to the Russian State Duma, and de facto commander of Kadyrov’s powerful militia, openly threatening human rights workers in Chechnya.

  4. Link to back up statistics in my previous post.


  5. ‘Russia is a Nation of Murdering Bastards’

    Innacurate, however to say Russia is a Nation of lying, corrupt Murdering Bastards would be accurate.

  6. you russians are really scum,the Caucasians in Moscow comitt no rapes,all these crimes are done by vodka-addicted russian slavs,or to say it more precise,by russian slaves. To be a russian citizen with a russian passport means to have the mark of being a FSB-slave

  7. An excellent correction, Veritas!

    • Hi voroBey,

      I beg to differ. I prefer “the kremlin’s uncivilized barbarians. After all, a bastard has no choice in the matter.

  8. baku-man statistics prove otherwise.

  9. mihir, aside from outsider jihadi terrorists anyone in Iraq protesting to have Saddam and his sociopathic sons back in their lives? Get real.

    Russia’s contibutions to humanity in taking down the world’s thugs are zero bacause they are amoral slobs. Take a close look at their client states.

    Russia is a degenerate rogue state, as amoral and predatory as Iran, Venezuela and NK.

    • @mihir, aside from outsider jihadi terrorists anyone in Iraq protesting to have Saddam and his sociopathic sons back in their lives?

      Mostl of Tikrit, actually.

      Btw, even Saddam was buried in a funeral by the folks of Tikrit. But the Russians are still yet to disclose what they did with Maskhadov’s body.

      • Prague, 15 March 2005 (RFE/RL) — Rights watchers say Russia is using Maskhadov’s death as an opportunity to show it holds the advantage in the nearly six-year war in Chechnya.

        Alexander Petrov of Human Rights Watch says Moscow began by broadcasting grisly images of Maskhadov’s body in the days after his death.

        He says the close-up shots of the corpse, lying in a pool of blood, do not offer hope that Russian military action in the separatist republic will end anytime soon. “The fact that Maskhadov’s body was shown in such a naked state — moreover, on all the state television channels — evokes nothing but sorrow and disgust,” Petrov said. “It is absolutely the wrong way to achieve a peaceful resolution, especially in a place like Chechnya.”

        Moscow is now drawing fresh criticism for its refusal to hand over Maskhadov’s body.

        Russian law gives the government the right to withhold the remains of alleged terrorists.

        Moscow repeatedly accused Maskhadov of involvement in numerous terrorist acts, including the deadly Beslan school siege last year. Maskhadov denied any role in such operations, and the Kremlin never officially proved its claim.

        Usam Baysayev works with Russia’s Memorial rights group in Chechnya’s neighboring republic of Ingushetia.

        He says many Chechens remember Maskhadov as the man they legally elected president in 1997. Those voters, he adds, now see the refusal to return his body as a slap in the face.

        Baysayev says Russia may be looking to demoralize Chechens. Instead, he says, the move could backfire and strengthen their determination not to give in:

        “Russia is using a method of psychological pressure — to offend, crush, insult,” Baysayev said. “True, it has something of an opposite effect. People are reacting extremely negatively to what’s happening with Maskhadov’s body.”

        Russian forces on 14 March razed the house where they say Maskhadov was hiding before he was killed.

        Officials justified the decision to destroy Maskhadov’s alleged hideout by saying the house was packed with explosives.

        But that claim — like the details of Maskhadov’s death — remains a subject of speculation.

        Critics say that with Maskhadov dead and the house destroyed, Russia has ensured there is little evidence left about the circumstances surrounding the Chechen leader’s death.

        Moscow might also be hoping to prevent Maskhadov from becoming an object of hero worship.

        Chechens throughout the republic made pilgrimages to the gravesite of former Chechen President Dzhokhar Dudayev, who was killed in 1996.

        But Baysayev says Chechens will remember Maskhadov with or without a grave.

        “Chechens are Muslims,” Baysayev said. “For them, the body has a huge fundamental significance that the gravesite itself does not have. Chechen graves don’t become cult sites with the kind of worship you see at Lenin’s mausoleum or the graves in the Kremlin wall. Chechens, as Muslims, say a person’s soul has risen from his body; Allah has taken his soul. That’s what’s important.”

    • Oh, but I don’t think this sentiment was shared by even them in regards to Uday. (Even some of his family members tried to kill him.)

      • And as we’re on funerals:

        Chechen women grieving during the burial of Zarema Sadulayeva in her native village, Shalazhi, on Tuesday. / People praying during Zarema Sadulayeva’s funeral in Shalagi, 50 kilometers southwest of Grozny, on Tuesday.

        At least they gave back the bodies.

        • I’m inclined to think that it was an act of intimidation against all independent organizations sponsored from abroad, not just human rights groups,” Yekaterina Sokiryanskaya, who works in Memorial’s office in Ingushetia, told The Moscow Times.

          “It wasn’t an opposition organization, but it wasn’t controlled by the government either. It was independent,” she said.

          Kadyrov told reporters that the couple’s murder could have been linked to rebels, as Dzhabrailov had served four years in prison for fighting with rebels and was recently paroled.

          “It could be a blood feud-related murder,” Kadyrov said.

          But there was no reason to kill Sadulayeva, he said.

          The killings do not look like a feud murder, however, which under local tradition would not involve women, Sokiryanskaya said.

          They married several months ago, soon after Dzhabrailov’s release, she said.

          The killings were not the first for Save the Generation.

          In April 2005, Murad Muradov, then the group’s head, was detained by security forces in Grozny. His body was returned to his relatives with numerous injuries in February 2006, and prosecutors said at the time that there were no allegations against him, Sokiryanskaya said.

  10. Seems AKM is telling lies as usual. According to Russian research the % of crimes comitted by Caucasians has always been fairly low from the 90’s to today.

    “According to Russian research, the ‘mafia’ reputation of the Caucasians is heavily exaggerated. In August 1995, the Caucasians were responsible for only 4,4 per cent of Moscow’s total crime – in which number the share of the Chechens was only 0,18 per cent. (Moskovskiy Komsomolets, 13th August 1996.) It may tell something about the situation, that one year earlier the Caucasian share of persons formally accused of crimes in Moscow was, however, as high as 20,6 per cent. (Argumenty i fakty, 10th August 1995.) At the same time, investigation, solving, bringing the guilty to court, and conviction for crimes committed by ethnic Russians is relatively rare.”




    The Chechens play a disproportionately powerful role within the Russian underworld, but they are too few to be responsible for all the activities and make up as many gangs as the authorities claim. It would be easy to discount this as a by-product of the way the Chechens have been demonised by state and public alike, and there is some truth in that. Certainly ethnic Russians seeing a criminal of Caucasian origin will often simply assume they are Chechen when they could just as easily be Ingushetian, Ossetian or one of the numerous other regional nationalities. However, there is more to it than that: the efficiency and ruthlessness of the Chechens has given them a powerful ‘brand name.’ This, in turn, is increasingly ‘franchised’ to other gangs, many of which contain no Chechen members and may even be entirely made up of slavs. However, by being able to claim that they ‘work with the Chechens’ (this is the usual expression) and thus signal that not only will they work to the bratva’s own merciless standards but that if necessary they can call on their support, gangs acquire considerable additional authority. Victims which might otherwise consider resisting their extortion demands are more likely to pay; rival gangs are less likely to challenge their turf boundaries; and even law enforcers might think twice about taking them on. In return, the gang pays a cut of its proceeds and subordinates itself to the nearest influential Chechen godfather, who may call on them for services in the future.


    The Russian Mafia also has a multitude of other nationalities such as Ukranians, Belarusians, Armenians (tied to Armenian Power gang), Moldovans, Khazaks, Uzbeks, Georgians, Dagestanis, Azeris, and others. Additionally, countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Moldova have their own mafia organizations which have extensive links to the Russian mafia.

    NOTE: The majority of organized crime groups and their members within Russia are ethnically Russian. Furthermore, the majority of violent organized crime groups and their members are also ethnically Russian within Russia’s borders.


    Besides, we all know how “reliable”, as in NOT, Russian media & government statistics are.

    • @ In August 1995, the Caucasians were responsible for only 4,4 per cent of Moscow’s total crime – in which number the share of the Chechens was only 0,18 per cent. (Moskovskiy Komsomolets, 13th August 1996.) It may tell something about the situation, that one year earlier the Caucasian share of persons formally accused of crimes in Moscow was, however, as high as 20,6 per cent. (Argumenty i fakty, 10th August 1995.)

      Some of this may be readily explained by the fact they went to the war – on either side (“pro-Russian leaders” such as Gantamirov were originally Moscow gangsters, and so were their men).

      The recent end to the story of one of remnants and a “honourable hero” for the FSB too:


      Another one dropped much more quickly:


      Gantamirov is still around (in Moscow, even if not on Wikipedia).

    • Oh, so you’re statistics from 1995 are reliable? Do you have any idea that since then millions of migrants from Caucases and Central Asia have moved to Moscow in order to lead their parasitic existence? My statistics are from СКП, buddy. And if you really knew anything about Russia, you would know that government goes out of its way in order to minimize and hide the facts of crimes commited by those scumbags.

  11. Germany condemns murder of human rights activist

    Aug 11, 2009

    Berlin – German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his shock on Tuesday over the death of Russian human rights activist Zarema Sadulayeva.

    ‘I am dismayed over the murder of Zarema Sadulayeva and her husband and fiercely condemn this cowardly act,’ Steinmeier said.

    The couple were reportedly abducted from their office on Monday.

    Their bodies were later found in the luggage compartment of a car in a suburb of the Chechen capital of Grozny, the Interfax news agency reported. The two had been shot to death.

    The foreign minister appealed to the Russian authorities to find the perpetrators without delay and bring them to justice.

    Steinmeier also reminded that there was still no resolution following the murder of Chechen rights activist Natalya Estemirova, who was kidnapped and murdered last month.

  12. Caucasian Knot

    Kidnapped teenager found murdered in Chechnya

    aug 11 2009

    On August 9, a local resident aged 16 was kidnapped by unknown persons in the Shali District of Chechnya. At night on August 10, he was found assassinated.

    The kidnapping of the teenager took place in the Shali District. According to the Information Centre of the Union of Chechen NGOs, Shamkhan Shamilyov, 16, a resident of Serzhen-Yurt village, was forced away from his house by armed persons in camouflage. Yesterday at night, his body was thrown out in the suburb of the village.

    Human rights activists learnt about the incident from the relatives of the assassinated boy.

    A representative of Chechen power agencies, whom the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent managed to contact, refrained from any comments on Shamilyov’s kidnapping and subsequent murder, saying that he knew nothing about it.


  13. Two police officers killed in separate incidents in Chechnya

    MOSCOW. August 12 (RIA Novosti) – Two police officers were shot dead overnight in separate incidents in the capital of Russia’s republic of Chechnya, a police spokesperson said on Wednesday.

    The officers were both killed as they returned home from work in separate parts of Grozny.

    “Around midnight gunmen shot at a Zhiguli car being driven by a police officer, who died at the scene,” the spokesperson said.

    The other police officer was killed, he said, when “offenders at a bus stop near a police post fired at him.” He later died in hospital from his injuries.

  14. Amnesty International
    12 August 2009

    Russia must end impunity for murder of human rights activists

    The bodies of human rights activist Zarema Sadulayeva and her husband, Alik (Umar) Dzhabrailov, were found in the boot of a car early Tuesday morning in the Chechen capital Grozny. They had both been shot.

    Zarema Sadulayeva was the head of the Russian charity, Let’s Save the Children, which helps children affected by the violence in Chechnya and works closely with the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF.

    Amnesty International said that this latest murder of a human rights activist in Chechnya demonstrated the complete disregard of the rule of law that prevails in Chechnya today. The organization has strongly condemned the killings.

    “Coming only four weeks after the murder of leading Chechen human rights activist Natalia Estemirova, the latest killings are a strong reminder of the climate of impunity in Chechnya,” said Nicola Duckworth, Amnesty International’s Europe and Central Asia programme Director.

    “The international community must wake up to the fact that the systematic and continuing failure of the authorities in the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic to investigate effectively the murders of human rights activists or indeed any other human rights violations that have taken place over the past years is a strong indication that those authorities are at least acquiescent to these crimes.”

    “The pledges of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov that they will find those responsible for the murders are worth little, considering the complete failure of the authorities over the last years to bring to justice those responsible for the killings and abductions of human rights activists, lawyers and journalists working in the North Caucasus.”

    “The light of public scrutiny is gradually being turned off in Chechnya. First, international organizations and journalists were banned from the region, and now, local civil society is being eliminated. This can only lead to the further unleashing of lawlessness which has already been destabilizing the North Caucasus for many years.”

    Zarema Sadulayeva was a courageous human rights activist who had been harassed by the authorities for her work. Four years ago she told Amnesty International delegates visiting the North Caucasus how the office of her organization had been searched and her computer taken by the authorities. What Zarema Sadulayeva told Amnesty International’s delegates then is still very valid today:

    “Human rights violations continue in Chechnya unabated – all the time people are being abducted, forcefully disappeared, beaten or murdered. The complaints of relatives are being disregarded by the authorities. All this is happening under complete informational blockade. Journalists and independent monitors are not allowed in the republic.”

    The murder of Zarema Sadulayeva and her husband should alert the international community to the precarious circumstances in which human rights activists work in the Russian Federation. It follows the killings earlier this year of Natalia Estemirova and of human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov, both close friends of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who herself was murdered in 2006, as well as of journalist Anastasia Baburova.

    “It is critically important in these circumstances that the authorities fully investigate these crimes and do not stop short from investigating the possible involvement of government officials in the murder of their critics,” said Nicola Duckworth.

    “The international community must take concrete and unified action to put pressure on the Russian authorities to end the impunity.”

    Amnesty International has called for an end to impunity for the murder of human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers in Russia.


  15. The typical Russian response of denial and deflection is not just immoral and counter-productive; it’s tiresome. I’m tired of hearing that nothing bad has occurred, that Russia has never been responsible for anything, that someone else is truly involved (Jews, dark-skinned people, take your pick) or that Russians are victims and America is worse. It’s not apples and oranges. It’s not even the same food.
    Of course not all Russians are evil people but there are some truly horrible people and institutions. Talk about them. Deal with them. Enough with this childish deflection and denial crap.

    • Exactly. There are evil and horrible people in every nation and country. So talk about your own. Deal with your own. Stop shoving your noses in other peoples business.

  16. deflection and denial; it’s all the russians do

    awful people

    just flipping awful human beings; why doesn’t america bomb them once and for all and make the world a better place?

  17. PACE:

    Murder of Zarema Sadulayeva and her husband: the situation in Chechnya is becoming untenable


    There’s a really stupid error in the statement, however (it reads: “The constant threat that hangs over these militants can no longer be tolerated in a Council of Europe member state.”).

  18. Signs of Torture on the body of Zarema


    They had brutally beaten to Zarema before killed her and even maybe she was tortured despite the fact that she was pregnant. Her hand wrists and collarbone had broken, also there was a huge bruies over her body. It seems she was kicked or something more” said one of the her closest friend. She added: “Which kind of monster can do this? I am sure that normal people will never done it, especially to a woman.”

    Has Umar’s body beaten or tortured, it isn’t clear.

    • Hi Robert,

      After reading your comment, I assumed, typical KGB hit. After reading this sentence in your link:

      * Also they declined to claims as “blood feud may be the reason of murder”, because according to Chechen traditions if there would be a blood feud they won’t kill the his wife, they could kill to Umar somewhere.*

      I infer, typical KGB torture!

      • Kartashev, an OGPU investigator, willingly spoke of his part in persecuting kulaks: “By my personal count, I shot thirty-seven people and sent many more to the camps. I know how to kill quietly. Here’s the secret: I tell them to open their mouth, and I shoot them close up. It sprays me with warm blood, like eau de cologne, and there’s no sound. I know how to do this job — to kill.”

  19. Killing with impunity in Chechnya


    Estemirova had worked on some of the most sensitive cases of rights abuses in Chechnya: she documented extrajudicial executions, acts of torture and enforced disappearances by Chechen law enforcement and security agencies, and the Chechen authorities did not mince words to express their discontent with her and Memorial on numerous occasions. By contrast, Save the Generation stayed away from sensitive political issues and controversy, focusing on humanitarian problems. What made Estemirova and Sadulayeva similar, in addition to their horrifying deaths, was their unwavering dedication to helping the victims in Chechnya and their absolute independence from local authorities.

  20. Let’s kill a generation

    Tanya Lokshina, Human Rights Watch, special to Prague Watchdog


  21. Lenin+Stalin=Putin another murdering bastard. Nothing wrong with the Russian people it’s there murdering leaders we need to worry about.

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