Oh Nobama! Barack’s Approval is in Freefall


U.S. President Barack Obama’s benighted Russia policy is just one hallmark of an increasingly failed administration, and the people of the United States are getting wise. Just look at those job approval ratings!  He’s inches away from seeing the red disapproval line exceed the blue approval line, and he’s only a few months into his presidency. Time for a rethink, Mr. Obama?

6 responses to “Oh Nobama! Barack’s Approval is in Freefall


  2. Snake Oil Baron

    I seem to recall that if you look at the “strongly approve/disapprove” stats he has already crossed well over to more disapproval; even though he had a high “strong approval” level early on. There seem to be a high proportion of blacks and Democrats who would support the man even if he was caught eating babies alive but independants, undecidedes and non-Marxists who become exposed to information from outside the prObama community of progressive-leftist media are starting to worry.

    Representing a party which describes people who ask uncomfortable questions as “political terrorists” and has hired goons beating up protestors can be challenging enough at the best of times but when you’ve turned a recession into a disaster by effectively nationalizing industries it can be rather difficult to stay popular.

  3. Snake Oil Baron, right on, perhaps finally the American public now battered by his policies are getting their heads out of the sand.

    The guy was from the beginning a nothing, an Empty Suit, packaged by the media to a public that wasn’t paying attention.

    His recent assault on the First Amendment hasn’t gone unnoticed. Creating a snitch-on-your-neighbor site exposes him as the illiberal lefty that he is.

    He’s a vapid elitist wimp and the world’s thugs have a measure of him now. Destroying America as the only well militarized Good Cop standing will have consequences not that the dolts on the left care.

  4. Bogdan of Australia

    It is beyond comprehension that such a large number still aproves that moron. It is also an indicatin of an extent of political ignorance that prevails in America. The stench of Obama’s hipocricy has been so intense that it has reached even Australia and long time before the election.

    And frankly, there is No excuse for that ignorance as it was sufficient to just click the right button on your keyboard to learn about that empty mannequin. In the countreis that suffer under the whip of totallitarian regimes, people risk their freedom and sometimes even lives to get the right information, to learn the truth. Here in the so called “free world” (including my own “Eunuchalia”) people have those things presented virtually on the plate and still refuse to consume it.

    It is exactly the very same approach that characterised Germans during the WW2. “We didn’t know!” they claimed. They didn’t know, because they didn’t want to know. Looks like nothing has changed.

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  6. The Gray Communist Cheat wasn’t even legally elected. A British subject at birth under the UK Nationality Act of 1948, he isn’t eligible according to the US Constitution.

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