August 12, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Here Comes NASHI

(2)  EDITORIAL:  The Beast of Chechnya

(3)  Putin Shows Exxon how its Done

(4)  Der Spiegel Exposes and Condemns Russian Barbarism

(5)  Oh, Nobama!  His Poll Numbers in Freefall

(6)  Annals of Shamapova

6 responses to “August 12, 2009 — Contents

    • Hi Andrew,

      From your link:

      The higher the education level, professional qualifications, level of awareness, and income of the respondents, the more critical their assessments of Putin’s economic policy tended to be.

      In other words, the higher the level of development of market relations and infrastructure, the higher the level of dissatisfaction with Putin’s leadership of the country. (Muscovites were almost three times more likely to brand Putin’s economic policy a failure than were residents of provincial towns.)

  1. “To a large extent, Putin’s authority, his recognition, and the willingness to support him springs from this idea — that there is no one else,” says Levada Center Research Director Boris Dubin. “And [Kremlin] propaganda and the mass media under Putin have done a lot to create just such a picture.”

    Analyst Oreshkin agrees that Putin’s popularity is largely determined by the bell jar-like political atmosphere that he has created.

    “Putin’s popularity is partly a rating of despair, because there is nothing else to believe in,” Oreshkin says. “We don’t believe in institutions; we don’t believe in the courts; we don’t believe in elections. In this situation, there is one single figure upon which to concentrate all our positive hopes — Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.”

  2. Dutch correspondent sues Russia over August war

    eroen Akkermans from Holland’s RTL channel suffered a leg injury and his cameraman Stan Storimans was killed during Russian airstrikes near the Georgian town of Gori, 76 kilometers (47 miles) west of Tbilisi, on August 12.

    Akkermans is joining a case originally brought by relatives of Georgians killed in airstrikes, who claim Moscow used cluster bombs during the defensive and is responsible for their deaths. Tbilisi has said some 400 Georgians were killed during the conflict.

    • @during Russian airstrikes near the Georgian town of Gori (…) claim Moscow used cluster bombs

      Actually it was the rocket (tactical missile) attack on the central square of Gori.

      But you know, it’s RIAN reporting.

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