The Women of Gori remember Russian War Crimes


The women of Gori, Georgia, commemorate the civilians from their city brutally murdered by Russian cluster bombs and other savage attacks on civilians during the war of aggression against the country one year ago last Friday.

9 responses to “The Women of Gori remember Russian War Crimes

  1. Could they be mourning Nabucco?

  2. Why would they be mourning a decision by Europe to fully fund that project? They would be celebrating Russia’s humiliation!

    Your inability to respect their grief is barbaric, and makes Russia look like a nation of apes.

  3. You judge a whole nation by actions of one person LR? Thats prejudicial and outright racist. Obama wouldn’t approve.

  4. AKM:

    Your ignorance is rather hilarious. Russian isn’t a race, its a nationality. Or maybe you think Chechens aren’t “Russians”?

    Whose the racist?

    Meanwhile, the point is that one who didn’t have much experience with Russia WOULD judge Russia by the Russians he meets. If you are that Russian (or Russophile) then you would be judged. And the judgment would not be pretty.

  5. LR you pose as an American blogger. What do you think Russians think about Americans after reading your hateful, russophobic rants?

  6. At least I have a reason, and a good one at that.

  7. You’re a joke, russophobe.

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