Saakashvili Speaks

Georgian president Mikheil Saaskashvili, writing in the Washington Post:

On the night of Aug. 7, 2008, Russia’s 58th Army crossed over Georgia’s internationally recognized borders. Thus began what the evidence shows was a long-planned invasion aimed at toppling my government and increasing Moscow’s control over our region. A year later, the results are not what the Kremlin expected.

Tragically, 410 of our citizens, mostly civilians, were killed, and more than 1,700 were injured. Almost 130,000 people were forced to flee their homes, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, including tens of thousands ethnically cleansed from villages in the Georgian territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Costs ran into the billions. And in violation of the cease-fire that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed Aug. 12, about 10,000 Russian troops remain in the two Georgian territories.

Russian provocations have not stopped; snipers in Russian-controlled areas have killed 28 Georgian policemen. In recent days, Moscow has engaged in a series of provocative acts and statements, echoing its prelude to last year’s invasion. Even as the world watches, Moscow has vetoed monitoring missions from the United Nations and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. In violation of the cease-fire, Russia also denies European Union monitors access to the occupied territories.

Despite all this, and contrary to some expectations, Georgia has rebounded. Our democratic institutions are growing. Foreign investors are returning. The world should recognize that the kind of behavior Russia exhibited last August threatens not only Georgia but our entire region.

Since the 2003 Rose Revolution, we have worked hard to replace a deeply corrupt, failing state with a modern, responsible state that is allied with the West; run by European standards; and committed to liberal democracy, free-market principles and peaceful relations with our neighbors. Twenty years after the fall of communism, that goal should be unremarkable. Indeed, Russia should have welcomed a prosperous, stable neighbor. Instead, Moscow feels threatened by our aspirations.

After the war, we faced a choice. Most countries confronting dire threats turn inward. We chose to reinforce our commitment to values we share with the West, such as personal and economic freedom. Such values provide our best protection and inspired our people to rebuild, even as we now sit within the range of Russian artillery.

I committed to even deeper democratic reforms. When domestic political protests emerged in April, my government pursued a policy of openness and restraint. We allowed protesters to illegally block the main avenue in Tbilisi for three months and then invited opposition leaders to begin a dialogue over reforms in our constitution, the handling of elections, the media and the judiciary.

Last month, I committed to specific reforms with firm deadlines, including the direct election of mayors next May; a new electoral code and a consensus chair for our Central Election Commission; less power for the president and more for parliament; stronger sanctions against officials trying to influence judges; and a public television broadcasting board with equal representation of the governing and opposition parties.

All along, we have appreciated the international response to what happened. More than $4.5 billion was pledged to help us repair war damage and care for internally displaced Georgians. Foreign investment is flowing again. The international community has condemned Russia’s serial violations of the cease-fire. In Moscow last month, President Obama firmly defended our territorial integrity and NATO aspirations.

Georgia faces a situation that is new and old. Just as a wall used to divide Germans, a barbed-wire border divides us from our two occupied territories. Within those territories, monitors have been expelled, media are muzzled and Georgian citizens are forbidden to return to their homes — while Russia builds military bases.

These developments threaten all free nations that believe international borders must not be changed by force. If we do not stand up to tactics such as cross-border aggression, creating “frozen conflicts” that destabilize sovereign states or attempt to legalize ethnic cleansing, or cutting off energy supplies for political gain, none of us will enjoy lasting stability.

That is why we are responding in ways that mirror the steps that helped peacefully end the Cold War.

We have called for other countries to insist on Georgia’s territorial integrity and not to recognize the occupied territories, and we are grateful that most nations have embraced this approach. We do not seek to retake the territories by force — but we are resolute that we will never forget the rights of the displaced. And in pursuit of a greater good, we continue to build an open democracy and economy. As Vice President Biden said last month in Tbilisi: “Every progressive nation in the world has a stake in your success, particularly nations in this region.”

Twenty years ago, the attraction of a free and prosperous West brought down the Berlin Wall. We believe the example of a free and prosperous Georgia ultimately will restore our sovereignty and reverse the wrongs caused by Russia’s invasion. With the support of our friends in the United States and Europe — support for which we are deeply grateful — Georgia will continue to rebound and set an example for the region.

40 responses to “Saakashvili Speaks

  1. Wonderful words!
    God bless free Georgia! and God bless the heroic
    Mikheil Saakashvili!
    Reader Daniel

  2. Yes, he is a much better man than you would think reading some of the rubbish printed about him in pinko newspapers in Europe and the US.
    They try to blacken his name because he was supported by a Republican administration.

    God bless Georgia.

  3. Deliver lectures on prosperity and freedom if you can’t fight. The easy option.
    Mishiko, you’d better be going back to the US.

  4. To FSB-propagandist ‘rts’: And where will you go, when there is no more Putler’s-Russia?
    You had better learn to speak Mandarin-Chinese.

  5. LOL,yes, soon China will seize a large part of the russian occupied “Far East” and “Siberia”,and despite all chinese shortcomings on the political arena the people in these regions will live much better and with more freedom under chinese rule than under FSB-rule!

  6. by the way,should the russians invade Georgia again in the next days,this time no pro-russian chechens will be involved! The two pro-russian traitor militias “Vostok” and “Zapad” were disbanded last november,while Kadyrov has already refused to send his “Kadyrovites” to Georgia in June! Instead of sending thousands of his armed bandits to South Ossetia to support the russian invasion Kadyrov has recently sent dozens of his pofessional killers to Moscow to continue the killings of his former pro-russian opponents!!!

  7. anyone is no certain of attck betwen 12 and 15?

  8. rts, are you as much as a joke as your stock market, valued as garbage assets?

  9. Sabakashvili speaks

    Δεν μπορεί να μιλάει, ο μαλάκας μόνο μπορεί να γαυγίζει :-)

  10. Adame Eshmakidze

    სიკვდილი დამპყრობლებს!

  11. rts, the one thing you can talk about is “FIGHT”. Stay in your putler’s roosha and rot together with it. We’ll see how you’ll fight then. Idiot! Yes to democratic Georgia!

  12. voroBey

    “rts, the one thing you can talk about is “FIGHT”. Stay in your putler’s roosha and rot together with it. We’ll see how you’ll fight then. Idiot! Yes to democratic Georgia.”

    You’re not fair, not only FIGHT, really. There are other things I would like to talk about.
    What do you think is the best way to deport 1.000.000 illegal georgians out of “rotting putler’s roosia” back to democratic and prosperous Georgia? They overstayed Russian welcome long ago let me tell you.
    It seems to me there are three options so let’s assign each option a number from 1 to 3:

    1. EU and US could easily spare 300.000.000 EUR to buy them all Moscow – Tbilisi one-way tickets in the name of humanity and European values.

    2. In the name of the above mentioned humanity and European values 1.000.000 democracy loving Georgians presently living in Russia and badly suffering in Russian captivity might be equally easily resettled from Finland to Portugal, from Maine to Hawaii.

    3. They could be sent by force to clear the ice and snow from sidewalks of East Siberian special camps for illegal aliens where there’s no humanity and European values yet in sight but a good chance to cover Russian deporting expenses – planes, speznaz, dogs, clubs and handcuffs.

    Which is the best option in your opinion?
    For all other things – “Yes to democratic Georgia!” Why not?

    • rts,

      Maybe the US & EU can deport the several million bottom feeding Russian illegal immigrants (you know, all those Russian whores, pimps, drug dealers etc) back to Russia instead?

      After all, by getting rid of Russian illegals, they will break the back of prostitution, drug dealing, and human trafficking in one fell swoop.

      After all, your culture is a cancer that should be excised based on your foul opinions.

  13. salman, would occupied Siberians ” will live better and with more freedom under chinese rule” as good as Tibetians and Uighurs do now?
    As far as I don’t like current Russian government, I believe Chinese occupation would be really more repressive. The option I wish for Far East, is independence with security guarantees from West.

  14. i agree with you TTC! But as a witness of the genocide in Chechnya even North Korea would be a better place to live in than the russian satanic empire,believe me!


    simply watch this and you will understand what i am talking about! Even China wouldn´t be able to commit such incredible crimes and massacres!

  16. psalomschik

    “To FSB-propagandist ‘rts’: And where will you go, when there is no more Putler’s-Russia?
    You had better learn to speak Mandarin-Chinese. R.D.”

    Why not.
    You are a shrewd person with some correct vision of the future as far as I can judge from your previous post on my account. In other words, you hit the right nail on the head.

    Russians do not have to go anywhere but stay where they are now. They and the Chinese are brothers in their common space which is called EURASIA. Let the nature work its strange demographic ways.

    I figure it out Taiwan is the priority #1 on the current Chinese hit list. Watch and enjoy the anti-American Chinese show in the next couple decades.

    And one question more: Do you speak proper Spanish, gringo?
    I know quite a lot of poshy “educated” wasps living across the “Berlin” San Diego – Tijuana “freedom protecting” fence for 30 years with zero proficiency in the Spanish language. Mexican are far better in that respect.

  17. hey rts, I could say the same over million and half illegal Russian colonists in Baltic states. Their human rights are “very violated” in “poor and very Nazi fascist Baltic States”. But somehow they don’t want comeback to their “prosperous and loving motherland” (which is also in no way fascist).

  18. rts > ttc
    rts > Andrew

    Well, we all have got something to say on this.
    I am here to clear up our differences and find a way to make things better both in Russia and Georgia.

    You’ve failed to answer my question on how to deal with illegal aliens from Georgia. I am inclined to think Saakashvili needs more young soldiers to fight the battle for freedom and democracy and see no reason why not to take them back home. Which is the better choice?

    We’ll proceed to the Baltic states and Russian illegal immigrants in EU after having the right choice made on hordes of native Georgians in major Russian cities where there’s no need in them. My word.

    Andrew I’ve ever considered you to be an expert on all things about Georgia and Georgians. Let me put it bluntly – What to do about them, buddy?
    Georgians must live in Georgia as Russians must live in Russia). I see it this way.

  19. Long live free Georgia, you have all our support and love against the RuSSian aggression ! We hate them also. Greetings from Scandinavia !

  20. This sounds so familiar for us (Finns). RuSSians have started so many wars, killed our civilians, women, children and even babies. They stole and destroyed our homes, bombed our towns and are still occupying some parts of our country.

    Too bad for RuSSians, everybody still remembers what RuSSians have done. Our deep love and support goes to heroic Georgians, our brothers. We are with you !

  21. Soon this dirty russian scum will be erased from this planet,all the human filth will be washed away in their own blood! Without russia the world will be much more peaceful,we chechen muslims will not attack anyone else beside the russkies,we have no global islamic aims like Al Kaida and want friendly relations with everyone! Russia must be completely destroyed into more than 100 independent states,even Moscow must become an own independent country without imperial aims!

  22. Salman

    You bring out interesting points on Kadirovs hunt for pro-russian stooges in Moscow. I also read that he wants to open Chechen National Bank and open customs control on the border of Ichkeria and Russia. I also read that Zakaev offered kadirov to reppent his past crimes by switching to Ichkeria side at the right moment in the near future, otherwise, if not Russians, than Ichkeria supporters will liquidate him. He does know who killed his father Akhmed and he mentioned about it before. I think he is weighing his options. He is a type of scum which is concerned about his well being and if sensing danger, he will sell out to the highest bidder who will give him a chance to live (and Zakaev is such a man who can offer him amnesty in exchange of 80,000 well armed, most-combat experienced troops in the entire Russian army). LOL, even Dudaev would have not imagined such a large army of Chechens (most of whom are former rebels). Pathetic Russia, spelling out its doom. They had such an enormous opportunity to negotiate with civilized ex-soviet generals like Dudaev and Maskhadov, but like the scum they are, they lured them and killed in in cold blood-typical Russian style. Now they have maniac to deal with. Good luck luring him…..

    • Kadyrov has no “80,000” armed men. Even Dudayev never had that many (including those completely not under his control). It would be like what, every third or fourth man of fighting age there?

  23. Georgia should not be afraid of a russian invasion! I have heard,that in case of a new russian attack the “A-Team”, Mc Gyver, Rambo and the Terminator will go to Georgia to fight the russians,LOL

  24. alan

    California went broke. Time to make a beeline to Georgia to help US-made psycopath out and terminate bad ruskies. Arnold, the ruskies we’ll be back!

  25. aaaaaahahahahaha californai went broke LOOOOOOOOL sweet pathetic Russians, keep on dreaming :))))))))))))) Russkie will only be back in harem halls of Turkey and China :)

  26. rts,i am pro-georgian and anti-russian,my joke was not a pro-russian joke,you dirty FSB-filth

    • alan (aka sascha, akhmad, etc),

      You are embarrassing me.

      But at least it’s only on the internet (and no, you can’t “kill” me on the internet).

  27. rts,

    Quite simply, you are a sadistic pervert who revels in provocation and slander.

    What did your father do to you?

  28. from Europe with love

    rts, get your folk out of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Moldova etc. Europe is full of Russian illegal immigrants. And then complain about Georgian immigrants. Unlike Russians, Georgians don’t pimp their women, they aren’t alcoholics, they work and they come from a civilized, democratic country.

  29. rts,

    “Quite simply, you are a sadistic pervert who revels in provocation and slander. What did your father do to you?”

    My father taught me to say the truth and nothing but the truth.

    Since you guys seem to be repeating yourselves post after post on my account, let me repeat myself too. — Invent something fresh and out of the range to steer up my emotions at my advanced age. There are many curly words in the English language. Use them up to the bottom, let your imagination run wild. It would make me only credit while reflecting your EU nazi mentality. Oh sorry , nazi ideology originated from inner Mongolia, not on EU soil and human filth of the “enlighted” continent. All of you must thank Russia the first thing in morning. They (the ruskies) let you live, not die. Never (I mean not a single minute) forget about tons of your EU noble “civilized” bones left resting in Russian mud since the 40’s. Some say history repeats itself. Russian mud, I will tell you guys, is the best mud for EU bones to be buried in. It has been proven down the centures.
    Do not rely on my emotional words only, jackals. I am not over-reacting this whole issue, ask Hitler and Napoleon for more references.

  30. Oh come on rts, Russia killed far more of its own people than the fascists ever did.
    Russians are the greatest mass murderers in history, and for all your whining about being invaded, you have done far more of that particular activity than you have suffered.

    You want to see the real enemy of the Russian people, just look in the mirror.

    You are the same sort of vermin that staffed the Okhrana, the Checkists, the NKVD, OGPU, KGB, and FSB.

    As for “My father taught me to say the truth and nothing but the truth”, like most Russians, you are a liar, your whole culture and nation are based on lies and falsifications. You know this in your hearts, as evidenced by the creation of a ministry to stifle debate on history, by your constant and rediculous denial of historical facts, and by the fact that you kill those who tell the truth about the disgusting crimes of your repulsive state.

  31. Imperialism and Great Russian Nationalism

    Czarist Russia is often not even mentioned as one of the great imperialist powers of Europe. The difference is that British, French, and German imperialists founded overseas empires, while the Czars simply began annexing adjacent lands. Its wars in Europe with Sweden, the Ottoman Empire, and Poland gave the Czars relatively little – but densely populated – territory. The centuries-long war against bordering indigenous peoples gave the Czars few new subjects, but an enormous land area stretching all of the way to Alaska.

    Russia’s conquest of the primitive peoples of Siberia and Asia was in many ways similar to the Indian wars of the United States. Siberian tribes of Ostiaks, Samoeds, Nenets, Tungus, Mongols, Iakuts, Iukagirs, Chukchis, Koriats, and Kamchadals all fell under Russian domination. Russian rule was frequently brutal, and deadly. To take but one example, out of about 30,000 native Aleuts who lived in Alaska prior to Russian conquest, a scant 3,000 remained when Alaska was sold to the United States in 1867.

    The Czar’s earliest conquests passed almost unnoticed: the Ukrainians and so-called “White Russians” (not to be confused with the pro-czarist forces during the Russian Civil War), although under Russian domination for centuries, were distinct ethnicities who struggled fiercely to retain their culture and way of life. Further west, Poles, Balts, Finns, and numerous other peoples fell under Russian rule. Poland and Finland both enjoyed considerable autonomy, but even light-handed Russian administration seemed harsh to peoples unaccustomed to it. During the 1800’s, other small nations were forced to submit: Georgians, Chechens, Armenians, and numerous others. Mongolia and northern areas of China were added to the Czars’ impressive portfolio of conquests.

    Russian imperialism was already a difficult burden for subject peoples to bear, but it became worse whenever the urge to “Russify” them caught the Czar’s ear. Particularly under the rule of Alexander III, minorities within the Russian Empire found that their native language and religion were under official attack. Poles, Jews, Finns, Muslims and other groups found their religions persecuted, their schools forced to teach solely in Russian, their marriages denied legal recognition, and worse. Jews in particular suffered from official economic discrimination and semi- official violence known as pogroms

    Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of Great Russian nationalism was the ideology of Pan-Slavism. Russophile thinkers often argued that all of the Slavic peoples ought to live under the rule of the Czar, and become assimilated to Russian culture and religion. Pan-Slavism provided a recurring impetus for war with Turkey and Austria-Hungary, both of which contained large Slavic minorities. (It should give one pause to realize that in 1945, Stalin’s conquests essentially completed the Pan-Slavists’ programs).
    The great irony of history is that Russian imperialism was often overlooked simply because Russians did not have to board ships to conquer Asia. Russian imperialism was on par with, and often far worse than, British or French imperialism. Even the collapse of the Soviet Union has left a substantial portion of the Russian Empire intact, for while many subject peoples won their independence, others – such as the Chechens – still live under Russian domination.

    And then there is this fact

    “Russian Imperialism From Ivan the Great to the Revolution” is a collection
    of essays assembled by editor Taras Hunczak, professor of history and
    political science at Rutgers University. This volume, according to Prof.
    Hunczak, provides “the first comprehensive history of Russian imperialism.”

    At its height, the scope of Russian imperialism was staggering. Whereas in
    1462, Russia occupied only 15,000 square miles, it controlled 8,660,000
    square …

  32. Andrew

    I am more than eager to answer your last post and make a mocery of it with a long list in staggering detail of crimes commited by the European powers in Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia. Pinguins in the Antarctic were happy not to be totally exterminated and civilized by Christ enlightened Europeans. They didn’t have icebreakers at the time. — but after I have my two my simple questions answered with your kind permisssion and expertise.

    1. What should the Russians do with 1.000.000 illegal aliens from Georgia?

    2. What continent was the place of birth of Nazi ideology and why?

    Soros-funded written trash is no help to you in this. Rack your intellect and tell something on your own putting Soros idea logistics meant for East European dowgraded jackals aside.

    You must have one thing firmly fixed in your mind – Half the truth is much worse than the whole lie. I see your brains are stuffed with Soros-funded trash. It can be convincingly depicted in your double talk about Roossia, brainwashing technology which is as old as the hills.
    Cheerio! Still waiting for your advice of an expert on Russia and Georgia. Questions asked.

  33. Germany was the birthplace of Nazi ideology, but Russia is it’s new home.

  34. As for “brainwashing technology which is as old as the hills”, well my verminous little friend, you are certainly proof of that.

  35. rts,

    Do the crimes of EU states in these continents continue in any manner comparable to the persistently sadistic actions of Russia? Absolutely not.

    The constant references to your ‘advanced years’ explain a lot in terms of your state of mind rts. I guess you were born in the soviet union and perhaps grew up in a ‘priveliged’ family (I bet you had a Volga right and a 80 metre apartment right?). The poisoned brains of your era are sadly incurable, and as a business operator in a CIS country I know for a fact it’s impossible to do anything sensible with people of your generation and ilk.

    I certainly hope your ‘advanced years’ mean that your time left here is limited.

  36. Modern Nazi Ideology (facism) was born in Smolney, in 1917, by one of the most infamous blooddrinkers of all time, Lenin.

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