Russia’s KGB and Islamic Terror

DEBKA reports:

Western intelligence sources in the Middle East have disclosed to DEBKAfile that a special unit of the Russian Federal Security Service – FSB, commissioned by Hizballah’s special security apparatus earlier this year, was responsible for the massive discovery of alleged Israel spy rings in Lebanon in recent months with the help of super-efficient detection systems.

Those sources report that the FSB and Hizballah have amassed quantities of undisclosed data on Israel’s clandestine operations in Lebanon and are holding it in reserve in order to leak spectaculars discoveries as and when it suits their purpose.

This disclosure, if borne out, would indicate that the Russian agency, which specializes in counterespionage, is engaged for the first time in anti-Israel activity in the service of an Arab terrorist organization. An Israeli security sources describes this turn of events extremely grave. It also cast an ominous slant on Moscow’s deepening strategic involvement in Syria.

It was generally assumed until now that new electronic devices supplied by France to the Lebanese army were instrumental in uncovering the suspected Israeli spy rings. It now transpires that the Lebanese army was not directly involved; it only detained the suspects handed over by the Shiite Hizballah.

Those same sources disclosed that FSB agents, by blanketing every corner of Lebanon with their sophisticated surveillance systems, were able to detect the spy rings one by one and additionally hack into Israeli intelligence data bases.

The Russians dated Israel’s massive clandestine infiltration of Lebanon to shortly after its 2006 Lebanese conflict. The Lebanese Shiites sustained heavy casualties and, fearing an Israeli surprise attack at that point, began conscripting thousands of young Shiites as fighters pell mell, without checking their backgrounds. In their haste, they also rounded up Syrian and Egyptian migrant laborers in Lebanon.

Israel used the opportunity to recruit large numbers of agents in both these groups, especially among the conscripts sent to Revolutionary Guards camps in Iran and Syrian military facilities for training.

10 responses to “Russia’s KGB and Islamic Terror

  1. Just after the 2006 Hezbollah-Israeli war, Russia also sent there 2 platoon-sized elements of the (in)famous Chechen GRU battalions Vostok & Zapad – in an open violetion of the UN Resolution 1701 and without even informing the Lebanese government.

    Jersualem Post:

    “With the deployment of former Chechen rebels as Russian military commandos in Lebanon, the report this week exposing Russia’s intelligence support for Hizbullah during the recent war takes on disturbing strategic significance. According to Jane’s Defense Weekly, the Russian listening post on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights provided Hizbullah with a continuous supply of intelligence throughout the conflict.”

  2. Wonder what Phobophobe will make of that?

  3. I don’t get. Wasn’t 25% or so of Israels population born in Soviet Union? And most of them still hold Russian passport? Isn’t sending troops to aid Hizbullah completely contradictory to the rhetorics used in Georgian war, when Russia said it was forced to “respond” to the deaths of their own citizens?

    • In reality, Russians and the Russian government don’t see the “zh!dy” as having any direct connection/relation to them, irrespective of where the “zh!dy” were born.

      To them, the “zh!dy” are guilty two-fold: first, the are “zh!dy”; second, they “betrayed” their homeland by immigrating to a country with better prospects for quality of life. How dare the “zh!dy” do that?!

  4. You are a real antisemite, Dermovinov.

    No wonder your name literally means “Feces/Merde” in Russian.

    FYI, Jews in Russia are doing great. Even though Jews make up much less than 1% of the general population, since 1992 the vast majority of business leaders, prominent journalists, scientists, experts, lawyers and almost half of Russian political leaders – including several Prime Ministers – are Jewish. In other words, at least half of Russia’s establishment are Jews.

    We are doing fine, thank you. We work hard – and we get recognised and rewarded. Even in USA, even though there are probably 10 times more Jews than in Russia, no Jew has ever risen to such political prominence as Vice President. In 17 years, Russian Jews have served in more top political roles than American Jews in 230 years.

  5. Dermovinov –

    don’t worry, Phobophobe enjoys making ad hominem attacks on other commenters! I see you post for what it is… a fairly accurate description of Russian government’s position vis-a-vis Jews and Israel. It became quite obvious during Gaza operation last winter. The official media was inundating with stories of suffering Gazans and Israeli atrocities.

    This position, by the way, is quite similar to Soviet position. There was a thaw in the nineties, with Russian ambassador Bovin being very friendly to Israel; but with Putin in power the relationship froze again.

    I am not saying that Berezovsky’s exile or Khodorkovsky’s imprisonment is driven by them being Jewish (or half-Jewish, as case may be); similarly, there is no reason to believe that Abramovich’s favors or Dvorkovich’s role is due to them being Jewish. But the 17 years when Russian Jews had most top political roles where 1918-1935… I am not sure I want to associate with those Jews.

    Last – I don’t know why you picked your nick. When I see it, I think of hilarious section on – dermometr. So, I enjoy your nick and enjoy your posts!

  6. I actually wonder what birdbrain would say to this. She was so adamant that barking on Russia takes the attention away from real enemies – Iran, Palestinians. Somehow, American enemies often have a tendency to gravitate to each other.

    For now, unfortunately, she is fascinated with topless Putin. Oh, well – she will grow up!

  7. Evil Empire: Russian open hand to terror

    Return of the Cold War:
    Russian hegemony switches from historical support of Israel’s enemies, to their proxy terrorist organizations.

    Over a Million Russian Israelis: Lives threatened by their former empire’s endless thirst for power, quest for deniability.

    Russia is in high defense mode now that it is being revealed that most of Israel’s fighting casualties came from Russian anti tank weaponry. Weapons not even nec. being used against tanks, these advanced missiles were used as rocket launchers targeting soldiers, vehicles, Lebanese buildings with Israeli troops inside etc.

    It is no mystery where these weapons came from including the most advanced russian anti-tank missile the RPG-29 which can penetrate both Israeli & American Armor and caused heavy tolls on Israel. Equally as disturbing, this is the top killer of American forces in Iraq, rivaled only in terms of sheer numbers by the IEDs or roadside bombs (shaped charges and advanced explosives which evidence shows are coming from Iran..)

    The picture painted is damning, Russia in cahoots with Iran & Syria is actively contributing to the mass death of coalition forces in the war on terror. Russia supplies Iran with their nuclear technologies, stands in the way of international consensus in dealing with Iran and is CLEARLY on some sicko cold war effort to assert its dominance in the Midde East.

  8. Russia is Selling Hezbollah surface-to-air and anti-tank missiles

    Not even one free world country lifted a finger when Hezbollah recently conquered West Beirut, and attempted to take over Mount Lebanon. And now they are again so indifferent while Hezbollah is adding to its arsenal Russian advanced surface-to-air and anti-tank missiles.

    The Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” reported last week that Hezbollah’s terrorist organization representatives visited Russia in early July, and signed a deal to purchase surface-to-air and anti-tank missiles. The newspaper stated that three high-ranking Hezbollah officials showed great interest to buy Russian weapons which have been effective in the recent 2006 war with Israel.

    Noting that the three men entered Russia with Iranian passports, and visited the Sixth International Russian Weapon Exhibition under the status of distinguished guests.

    In an interview with the Israeli newspaper “Maariv”, the Italian reporter who broke this piece of news stated that Hezbollah’s representatives kept a very low profile during the visit, and did in fact sign a number of private contracts to buy air defense systems and anti-tank missiles after the exhibition was closed.

    Very briefly, and without any personal opinion or analysis, this important report states openly that Hezbollah, the terrorist organization is violating clause eight of the UNSCR 1701 which stated: “No sales or supply of arms and related materiel to Lebanon except as authorized by its government.” …..

    ……Meanwhile, we would like to bring to the attention of the Russian government that it is a signatory to all the key international resolutions on Lebanon, most important of them are resolutions 1559 and 1701. We also would like to remind the Russian Authorities that Russia is one of the most threatened nations in the world by terrorist organizations, and therefore should reconsider it positions, reassess its political middle east calculations, and fully refrain from arming those organizations and in particular Hezbollah.

    Elias Bejjani
    Chairman for the Canadian Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC)
    Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator.
    Spokesman for the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation (CLHRF)

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