If it’s August, Vladimir Putin must be Nude in Public

In August, a young neo-Soviet lunatic’s thoughts turn once again to love . . .




37 responses to “If it’s August, Vladimir Putin must be Nude in Public

  1. And not only him. Didn’t get the implication of the editorial.

    He seems to be in very good shape. That’s it.

    • Well, we’ll explain it to you then. Leaders of other countries don’t do this. For good reason. It’s not presidential or prime-ministerial. It’s really weird. Scary weird.

      Especially since Putin has been seen publicly fondling a little boy and pulling off his clothes.

      And on top of that, it’s classic Soviet propaganda, to try to fool the nation into thinking he knows what he’s doing when in fact (see our editorial today) he has no clue. Why does he want people thinking about his body? Because his brain is clearly inferior.

      Your comment is quite helpful, because it emphasizes how many Russians think things (like a president pulling up a little boy’s shirt and kissing his stomach in front of TV cameras) normal that anyone else would consider barbaric and how they suffer because of that attitude.

  2. Yeah
    he should have chosen December

  3. I seriously think he must have been molested as a young boy, or in some way emasculated. I’ve never seen someone who was so obsessed with constantly parading his masculinity in obviously scripted public appearances. We get it Vlad, you’re a manly man. Put your shirt back on, please.

  4. MOSCOW – Vladimir Putin stripped to the waist for photographers while visiting a remote, rugged region of Siberia, cultivating the macho image that has helped him remain Russia’s most popular leader more than a year after stepping down as president.

    Putin, now the prime minister, rode a horse bare-chested and swam the butterfly in an icy river while visiting the Tuva region of southern Siberia.

    He also posed for photographers while sitting in a tree, wearing khaki pants and T-shirt with a canvas bush hat.

    Putin’s visit earlier this week was a return trip to the area where he and Prince Albert II of Monaco vacationed two years ago.

    Photographs taken then of Putin stripped to the waist produced a storm of gossip and speculation. Putin was nearing the end of his second presidential term and had not yet announced his future plans. Some saw the public display of his muscular torso as a sign he had no intention of giving up power.

    As prime minister, with direct responsibility for Russia’s hard-hit economy, Putin has been determined to show ordinary Russians that he understands their difficulties and can bring Russia through the hard times.

    In Tuva, Putin visited the home of a shepherd and rode a horse with the shepherd’s young son. After the ride, Putin took off his Swiss watch and gave it to the boy.

    “See that you don’t lose it,” Putin said as he put it on the boy’s wrist, telling him that he should tighten the band. He then patted the boy on the back and shook his hand.


  5. It’s Putin’s Brokeback Mountain photoshoot.

    • Good One George.
      I see that you have the same name, but there is no confusion. My name is lit up with some insane website if you click on it. No problem for me as your doing a good job with my namesake.

  6. Oh really LR? It’s not presidential or prime-ministerial? You must be forgetting how the American media was urinating on themselves over Obamas photos at the beach. Didn’t Keith Olberman have an orgasm on live TV, while Rachel Maddow was lubing him up?

  7. I think Putin is secretly trying to come out of the closet

  8. I see it as Putin’s display of solidarity with Russia’s beleaguered gay community.

    • Adame Eshmakidze

      LOL. Yep, where’s RTS\AKM to back it up? I’m sure sock puppet and master would actually try to go as far as to say something along those lines.

  9. Man-tits!!!!

  10. Tomek, right on, I think there is something twisted in Putin’s creepy need to strip to the waist and do macho man photo-ops. The hilarious part is that he’s such a pasty looking little elf.

    Maybe his need to do his flabby stud poses stems from this episode ’03 when he was enraged and suspicious that Dobby was crafted in his likeness:

    Many seem to see the likeness. Indeed, the BBC felt compelled, when juxtaposing images of the two, to add the following tongue-in-cheek caption: “President Putin is on the right.” And in a poll on the topic, it reported that those who saw the resemblance outnumbered those who denied it.

    According to a Russian newspaper, a major Moscow law firm is preparing to sue the moviemakers for alleged misuse of Putin’s image. (Oddly, it is not clear from the coverage to what extent Putin himself is behind the suit.) The firm reportedly plans to allege that Dobby’s creators intentionally based the house elf’s appearance on Putin’s.





    Really, this is NOT a turn on at all. He really needs to stay dressed.

  12. AKM, Obamas pictures were not staged (or if they were, they at least made them look like paparazzi pics). Putins staff doesn’t hide that there’s actually proffessional camera crew traveling around with Putin. And for how long now has there been new footage of him traveling on daily news, a week? With Obama it was one crappy pick and that’s it.

  13. yes I like the corrupted aspect of buying the young boy with a swiss watch. At best he could put it around his neck. Of course keep it formal and shake the hand before you go, business is business!!

  14. Vlad “Dracula” Rasputin is a super-macho man. But when in 2000 the one-legged cherny supervillain Shamil B. offered him aduel-to-the-death using the weapon of Putin’s choose, the two-legged judo-black-belt KGB superagent Vlad Bond declined the offer. But I guess it’s only because Shamil said nothing about them fighting toplesss?

  15. LR, how about getting Dobby’s picture up there please for contrast.

    I think you can find the controversial split image with Google. I remember it existing then.

  16. La Russophobe

    How about Monica and Bill?
    That was much a taugher game. Their “love story” “emphasizes even better how many in the US think things normal that anyone in Russia would consider barbaric.
    Most of your arguments don’t wash. Are you all here under the age?

  17. Robert

    I am more interested in “the Mystery of Dissapearing” Serbs in Kosovo where they “have managed to solve it.”

    “They prefer sadism such as hanging people by their balls and burning whole bunch of children alive.” ??? — and eat them up?

    Frightning picture as it may seem. Sort of Sabra and Shatila massacre commited by the Israeli army? Are you a human rights activist nominated for the Peace Nobel Prize? I can give you some directions to go, Bob.


    • @”“They prefer sadism such as hanging people by their balls and burning whole bunch of children alive.” ??? — and eat them up?”

      Not really. Just have their burned remains bulldozed and thrown into a garbage dump.


      @”Sabra and Shatila massacre commited by the Israeli army”

      There was never any “Sabra and Shatila massacre commited by the Israeli army” (there were only massacres by the Lebanese, by the Christian Phalange in ’82 and later in ’86 by the Shiite Amal in the War of the Camps). Go on, keep proving your idiocy.

    • @I am more interested in “the Mystery of Dissapearing” Serbs in Kosovo where they “have managed to solve it.”

      What are you talking about? There are Serbs in Kosovo (they are majority in 5 districts). But there are practically no Russian civilians left in Grozny – your army “managed to solve it” alright. (Besides some officers’ families in the Khankala military base outside the city.)

      No, they did not return. No, they won’t return. Even those still alive.

      The Grozny Orthodox church (the only one, it was destroyed by guess whom, yes a Russian pilot in 1995) is now rebuilt, but the Christians are gone.

      And in addition to this single, largely empty church there are now there are multiple new mosques, including the largest mosque in Europe, the 62-meter high, 14-hectare big Kadyrov Mosque (10,000 worshippers at a time). And this huge mosque is now standing where the ethnic Russians’ apartment blocks once stood, not a trace remainig of them now.

      Enjoy your “solution” (quite “final” one).

  18. Robert

    “There were only massacres by the Lebanese, by the Christian Phalange in ‘82 and later in ‘86 by the Shiite Amal in the War of the Camps. Go on, keep proving your idiocy.”

    Robert, stop bangin’ on the bongoes like a chimpanzee and hanging on to every word. You’d better read this below:

    Israeli Defence Minister Ariel Sharon moved to root out some “2,000 terrorists” he claimed were still hiding in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila. After totally surrounding the refugee camps with tanks and soldiers, Sharon ordered the shelling of the camps and the bombardment continued throughout the afternoon and into the evening of 15 September leaving the “mopping-up” of the camps to the Lebanese right-wing Christian militia, known as the Phalangists. The next day, the Phalangists – armed and trained by the Israeli army – entered the camps and proceeded to massacre the unarmed civilians while Sharon and his men watched the entire operations. More grotesquely, the Israeli army ensured there was no lull in the 36 hours of killings and illuminated the area with flares at night and tightened their cordon around the camps to make sure that no civilian could escape the terror that had been unleashed. The atrocities committed in the camps of Sabra and Shatila should be put in the context of an ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people in the 21th century.

    • And your secret source is palestine.org. Isn’t it?

      There’s no “ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people in the 21th century”.

      But as we’re speaking of “ongoing genocide in the 21th century”, maybe you should check what the Russia-armed and trained Sudanese government (National Islamic Front) army and the Janjaweed militias do in Darfur.

      So, comrade, how do you feel now, as we together solved the Mystery of Disappearing Russians? I think this was better than anything the Hardy Boys ever pulled off.

      And an another dynamic duo in the glorious Kadyrov Mosque:


      Not pictured: countless Russian-majority apartment blocks systematically obliterated in 2000 to make space for this mosque (and sometimes dynamited with still living people inside).


  19. Rts, what about Serbs in Kosovo? I was actually there for an year as a peacekeeper. I saw Serbs there every day and I actually talked to them every day. None of them claimed there were Serbs missing, just a lot of them were forced to move to Serbia. And there were a lot of Albanians who used to live on the northern Serbian side of the border, but were socially pressured to move out after the 99 war. Yeah, the whole thing was a bloody mess. Many people died in vain.

    In a village outside the Pristina airport, few miles to the west from the town of Kosovo Polje, I was trying to impress local Serbs with my native russian, a language pretty similar to one they speak there. Local Serbs told me a story about the year 99 when the Russian troops occupied the airport. The Russian troops were just sitting tight in their camps while there was still mass murdering going on on both sides. That is until they got drunk and used their APCs to break in to some of the local liquer stores kept by Serbs and steal more booze. Sure they would have been happy to steal the booze from the Albanians, but since they hadn’t any of it because of their religion, the Russian “peacekeepers” were content to steal it from the “brothers of faith”. But I’m sure that the Russian “peacekeepers” are doing great job in Northern Caucasus and Georgia.

  20. ‘…Are you all here under the age?….’

    Why do you ask RTS? Planning to present us all to your puppetmaster Putin to have our bellys fondelled if we are?

  21. Yeah Anton, Obamas pictures weren’t staged. They weren’t air-brushed either.

  22. check this out:


    “Can build his own fire…with the help of 8 people and two boats.” :D

    “Forces rivers to flow backwards with his mind” :D

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