EDITORIAL: Russia in the Crosshairs of Europe


Russia in the Crosshairs

Back in January of 2008, LR founder Kim Zigfeld wrote on Pajamas Media about Russia’s increasing exposure to outright condemnation in the courts of Europe.  Two more recent developments show Russia sliding fast down a perilously slippery slope that leads to being cast out of Europe and classified by the world as a barbarous, third-world failed state.

First, investment giant William Browder of Heritage Capital filed a lawsuit which accuses the entire Russian financial system of being fundamentally rigged and corrupted by the Kremlin.

Then, Kremlin-friendly oligarch Oleg Deripaska lost his bidto bring a suit filed in Britain by one of his aggrieved former business partners who accuses Deripaska of stealing a share in the Rusal aluminum concern.  It’s not just the British court’s decision to keep jurisdiction, but the reason.  The court ruled that Russian courts could not be trusted with such a matter due to Kremlin corruption, and that the partner would also risk assassination.

Not only are these things happening, but they are being reported by the world’s leading media outlets.  Russia is being ostracized by the most respected institution, the courts.  The political system has no choice but to follow, as will world opinion.

All this comes on the heels of rumors that Russia intends to indirectly repudiate the jurisdiction of the European Court for Human rights and begin refusing to pay its judgments, including those that find Russia repeatedly guilty of state-sponsored murder in Chechnya.    Russia has also sought to directly underminethe court’s jurisdiction over Russian cases. A year ago, Russophiles were laughing at these judgments, calling them small potatoes that the Kremlin could easily pay and ignore.  But now that Russia’s recession looks to post double-digit horror, the picture is rather different and Russia’s “commitment” to the rule of law (or lack thereof) has been brutally exposed.

Russia is rapidly finding itself, in other words, on the outside of the civilized world’s legal system, looking in.  To say nothing of the devastating consequences for Russian civil society, just think about the immeasurable loss of influence Russia will sustain when it is no longer considered part of the community of civilized nations and is relegated to status as a barbaric backwater where normal legal mechanisms have no force, officially condemned not just by other nations’ political structures but by their courts as well.

This kind of damage is irreparable.  Russia is being written off by the civlized world, and only a seismic regime change will alter that.  The people of Russia have placed their nation once again on the precipice of doom.

12 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia in the Crosshairs of Europe

  1. “Russia is being written off by the civlized world, and only a seismic regime change will alter that. The people of Russia have placed their nation once again on the precipice of doom.”

    Why don’t you stop running your mouth like a useless, annoying little ankle-biter and give us some actual advice on how to do what you say we should do. Otherwise, what are you good for?

    • We give that advice all the time:

      (1) Impeach Dima Medvedev
      (2) Have Vlad Putin and Misha Khodorkovsky switch places
      (3) Buy Novaya Gazeta
      (4) Elect Vladimir Ryzhkov president (or any one of dozens of other qualified leaders)
      (5) Attend a mass memorial for Politkovskaya, Estemirova and Markelov. Burn Putin and Medvedev in effigy.
      (6) Apologize to Georgia and give back Ossetia and Abkhazia
      (7) Apologize to Ukraine and give them free gas for a year
      (8)Cut the defense budget in half. Double spending on medical care.

      Shall we go on?

  2. AKM

    (9) Deprive your country of your pesky nuclear warheads.

    (10) Transfer all rights and privelidges over your oil and gaz fields to the US corporate state. Iraq might be an example for you to follow.

    (11) Russia is too big space. Evidently you don’t need it under modern circumstances. Small democracies are always better. The first thing to do NATO and the US must reshape undemocratic borders inside Russia and let a bunch of small nations like Ichkeria and the Crimea Tartars cut Russian throats with human rights activists from other democratic nations watching the proccess on the side like it was done in Kosovo on Serbs. There’s little difference between Serbs and Russians if any. They must be neutralised the most effective way – the US Air Force up in the sky and Ichkeria freedom fighters raping your undemocratic communist women on the ground.

    (12) They say they have nothing special to do in Hague presently. It wouldn’t a bad idea at all to play newly invented American democratic waterbording interragation methods on Putin and Medvedev and let them guys go the way of Miloshevich and Saddam to Hell.

    I would be more in favor of 100 Abu Ghraib correction facilities in Russian cities to learn them real democracy. America #1 is destined to save the world from all thinkable evils. Team America on top of the world!

  3. (9) Privatize all state companies. If you want the oil and the gas to benefit the people you tax the income of the oil companies like Norway does. State control only gives you corruption.
    (10)Cut the number of byrocrats and business regulation by 2/3
    (11) Make all the moves required to join WTO.
    (12)Admit that Soviet Union wasn’t any better than Hitler’s Germany and there’s very little reason to be proud because of what happened between 1918-1991

  4. _Anton

    You are a smart guy, _Anton. The Ruskies can’t benefit from oil and gas themselves becouse of their primitive nature and seemingly know next to nothing about oil companies’ income taxes “like in Norway”. There definitely must be something done about it. The US Air Force and NATO forces may be the best cure to eliminate Russian corruption and improve their “business regulations” to a degree. Can’t agree more.
    I didn’t like your nick, it sounds a bit pro-Russian if not communist. If you are in for all things American change it as soon as possible.

  5. RTS what do we need to keep Ichkeria for? They rape our women and kill Russians in Russian cities regardless. Kondopoga, now Znamensk. Those filthy savages need to be let go, let the Americans have them if they want to.

  6. Want to have yet another US-leashed, Israeli fed “Muslim” clown on your southern border?

    That’s the problem of your Russian males. You let them “filthy savages” be cowboys in your parts. The key word about this whole situation is some lack of self-respect with the Russians themselves. The “filthy savages” feel it as savages ever do and have your women the way they find most comfortable.

    What is the lack of self-respect? It’s when the authorities can re-name a town within minutes from Kondopoga to Znamensk and back again.

    Mexicans in their new Mestizo nation do not need Ichkeria cowboys on their field. They are better machos themselves. Krasnodar region Meskhetia Turks have alredy made a mess of some small places in New Hampshire and Oregon. Another bad time Hmong Minnesota story? Remains to be seen.

    • Adame Eshmakidze

      Heh and we don’t need you here in the States either but here you are. Living your life as you wish at the expense of your expired student visa.

  7. RTS you don’t know what you’re talking about. Znamensk is not Kondopoga. Its a city in Astrakhan region. Last week there was a massive fight between the Russians and Chechens. Few people were killed. The government media is of course trying to cover it up. I dont care what kind of clown we have on our southern border. Filthy mountain-barbarians need to go. Until they are citizens of the RF they cannot be kicked out.

  8. AKM

    “RTS you don’t know what you’re talking about. Znamensk is not Kondopoga.”

    That was all my fault. Sorry.

    “Filthy mountain-barbarians need to go.” ???

    Make them go.

  9. from Europe with love

    Hehe, it’s funny that Russians would call any other nation “filthy barbarians.” Just the kind of pot-calling-the kettle-black babble you’d expect from drunken, racist baboons from a country whose chief exports are criminals and cheap prostitutes, and where racist violence is a daily occurrence.

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