Remembering Estemirova: Images from her Moscow Memorial Service








Source:  Prague Watchdog.  Remember, Putin’s stormtroopers cracked skulls during this peaceful gathering.

11 responses to “Remembering Estemirova: Images from her Moscow Memorial Service

  1. I do not know the religious-affiliation (if any) of Natalya Estemerova, and hense what specific prayers were said, at her (various) memorial gatherings. If she considered herself, an Orthodox Christian, or Jewish, or a Moslem, etc. ? Of course, whatever religion she was born into, she very likely might have tired of them all, at least in their organized forms, though about that I do not have accurate information. But, Natalya was a hero and a martyr for the rights of all mankind, and a witness against the powerful evil rulers of present day, KGB-gangster run Russia. “Martyr’ from the Greek, means, witness! All of mankind, needs to honour her deeds and her memory, as well as of all those others who have also given their lives for GOODNESS sake. Memory Eternal! and Vechnaya Pamyat! to Natalya and to all martyrs, working for social justice and for freedom and for human dignity.
    Reader Daniel….an Orthodox Christian who sees good in all people….all made in God’s Holy Image….

  2. psalomschik, let me say it again, you are a lovely person.

    I wonder if the little girl in the picture is her daughter? It’s heartbreaking. Her age seems to match up.

    If Putin doesn’t stand trial in the Hague in his life time he will rot in hell for all of the blood on his hands.

  3. It is not quite true to say there have been no arrests in the Estimirova case: riot police detained the organiser of a rally in her memory in Moscow last week. Officials said that too many people had turned up.

  4. More than two weeks after the human rights activist Nataliya Estemirova was murdered, the Russian investigators sent down to Chechnya have made no arrests and the trail is going cold. To those who live there, where dissidents and rivals to President Kadyrov frequently meet a violent death, it is no surprise.

    It is not quite true to say there have been no arrests in the Estimirova case: riot police detained the organiser of a rally in her memory in Moscow last week. Officials said that too many people had turned up.

    • This week another opponent had a narrow escape. Isa Yamadayev, who comes from a rival clan to that of Mr Kadyrov, claimed that a gunman had come to his home in Moscow on Tuesday and tried to kill him. In stark contrast to the pace of inquiry into Ms Estemirova’s death, detectives said yesterday that they had already taken a suspect into custody. Mr Yamadayev’s brothers, Sulim and Ruslan, were not so lucky. Both controlled powerful militias in Chechnya. Both are now dead and their forces taken over by Mr Kadyrov. Ruslan die in a hail of bullets last September as his car waited at a traffic light near the British Embassy in Moscow. Sulim was gunned down in March near his home in Dubai, where his family said he had gone into hiding after warnings that Mr Kadyrov planned to kill him.

  5. Action in memory of Natalia Estemirova banned in Ingushetia

    Meantime in Chechnya:

    “Bandits made their attack on the mountain road running from the district centre Shatoy to the Sharoy District, about 20 kilometres from the district centre of Itum-Kale, located between these districts. The militia column consisted of a ‘Niva’ car and two UAZ minivans. Initially, the column was attacked by grenade launchers, and then, automatic firearms were used against the militiamen. Only two militiamen remained safe out of all those who were in the vehicles. They managed to reach the frontier post located nearby and called for help,” said the source. So far, law enforcers fail to find traces of the rebels who had attacked the militiamen.

  6. Gannushkina: on the eve of her death Natalia Estemirova discussed extrajudicial executions with Chechen authorities

    According to her story, the authorities were offered to cooperate with human rights activists in investigating these crimes; however, this idea was not unequivocally supported by power officials. “Natasha’s next day was full of appointments to the last minute. She had an arrangement to meet the chairman of the ICPO (Investigatory Committee at the Russian Prosecutor’s Office) for Chechnya to discuss these issues,” said Svetlana Gannushkina and added that after a series of meetings, on July 15 Natalia Estemirova should have left for Stavropol together with an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), where the database on missing people is kept.

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