SPECIAL EXTRA: In Russia, Bloody Mahem and All-Out Assault on Human Rights Defenders

Albert Pchelintsev

Albert Pchelintsev

First it was Natalia Estemirova.

The came Andrei Kulagin.

And now we can add yet a third vicious assault on human rights activists in Russia in just the past few weeks:  Albert Pchelintsev.

Other Russia reports that Pchelintsev is the regional director of the “Against Corruption, Deception and Dishonor” movement and states that according to the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, Pchelintsev was attacked on Saturday evening as he returned home and was shot in the mouth with a stun gun.  After undergoing reconstructive surgery, he remains in serious condition and cannot speak.  The gang of attackers allegedly shouted at him:  “You won’t be able to speak out now for a long time!”  Other Russia adds:  “The rights leader had taken an active role in recent municipal election in Khimki, and strongly criticized town officials during the campaign.  Pchelintsev also wrote a column dedicated to corruption in a local newspaper.  In 2008, the activist helped to open a community office where citizens could report and document cases of corruption.  He is one of many activists from Khimki to be attacked in recent years.”

Russia’s streets flow red with the blood of its patriots, struck down by their own countrymen and indeed their own government.  And perhaps the most apalling of all is the craven silence of the American White House. Shame on you, Mr. Obama!  How many heros must perish before Obama will know it is too many are deign to speak up?

7 responses to “SPECIAL EXTRA: In Russia, Bloody Mahem and All-Out Assault on Human Rights Defenders

  1. Those are just the higher profile names that are making it into the international news. You got to believe that there are many more murders occuring of anti-Putin, anti-corruption activists below the radar.

    Russia is re-Stalinizing into a closed and secretive society with a new grave here and a new grave there until small mass graves finally appear. They are back to the cult of personality just like the old Stalin days with Putin, a sick twisted paranoid thug at the helm again.

    Russians will sometime in a few generations awake from their perpetual coma for a few years again to find themselves as disconnected from humanity as any loser state in sub-Saharan Africa – the countries whose names we’ve all forgotten.

    Face it, we can’t attend the funerals that they ought to be at for them.

  2. This then the second victim of the power backed thugs in small city of Khimki near Moscow in recent time, first being a journalism who was active in protecting of city’s green zone sought by real estate developers supported by the city administration.

  3. penny you fool and pindosi too fools

  4. This blog is the bastion of russophobe which will be destroyed. I and my friends from Russia promise this.
    PS Washington will be destroyed

  5. I work for the KGB and took care of the readers from Russia, we are sure to kill you

  6. mobile741 you fool, and obviously have a pindosii. I am Russian – and I sometimes go to this site only in order to once again convinced of mental retardation of authors and commentators of articles)))

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