EDITORIAL: The Friends of Kadyrov


The Friends of Kadyrov

Once again, Russia has surprised us with a new level of barbarism and stupidity.  Given our already rock-bottom opinion of Russian behavior, it’s genuinely amazing that this could occur.

Writing on Live Journal, a Russian blogger named “Kutuzov” claims Ramzan Kadyrov was in no way involved in the murder of Natalia Estemirova.  Just like Dmitri Medvedev, he of course has no idea whatsoever who did kill her, but he feels the awesome powers of his Russian “logic” are sufficient to entirely exculpate Kadyrov.

His argument, to say the least, is psychotic.

“Kutuzov”  says the following:

(1)  Human rights reporting cannot harm Kadyrov because he is invulnerable.  Therefore, he has no reason to kill them.

(2)  Kadyrov’s subordinates who commit human rights abuses without Kadyrov’s approval could be found out by human rights reporting and then fired by Kadyrov.  Therefore, one of them probably killed Estemirova entirely on his own, to protect himself from Kadyrov’s justice.

You’ll probably have to read these two points several times before you can even comprehend them, the words swimming before your eyes like drunken fish.  When you finally grasp them, you’ll be sure we must have been dropping acid when we wrote them, because they can’t possibly be an accurate reflection of what the Russian wrote.  Nobody, you’ll say, could write such things on a blog for others to read with serious intentions.

But we assure you, dear reader, it is accurate and entirely serious.  What’s more, it’s not very much different from the “thinking” that Medevedev relied on to declare Kaydrov innocent within hours of the murder.  And it’s a very characteristic example of the quality of analysis going on in the Russian internet these days (while, of course, state-sponsored TV simply doesn’t report the issue at all).

Let’s count the gaping holes in this “analysis,” shall we?

  • How can Kadyrov consider himself  “invulnerable” when he has seen the Kremlin roll troops into Georgia and replace the leader of Ingushetia and the drop of hat?
  • Wasn’t Stalin also invulnerable?  He certainly remained in office to the end of his days.  Does that mean Stalin didn’t kill any writers or human rights activists who criticized him?  Was Solzhenitsyn going to bring down Brezhnev? Is that why he was arrested, muzzled and then deported?
  • Is there one single example in Kadyrov’s entire biography of him sacking or jailing an underlying for unauthorized attacks on Kadyrov’s critics?
  • How about the fact that Kadyrov and his spokesmen openly threatened Estemirova’s life and bragged about murder? Doesn’t that matter at all?

“Kutuzov” doesn’t care to ask any of these questions, much less answer them.  He doesn’t care to post one single link to any kind of source material substantiating any of his claims, doesn’t care to do any kind of research or actual work whatsoever.  And nobody in the Live Journal community asks him to do so.

On Live Journal, the same standards apply as in Russian journalism generally — namely, none.  All you need is the awesome power of your Russian “logic” to prove facts and reach conclusions. Policy is made this exact same way at the highest levels of Russian government, because like the famous Emperor with his new clothes, there is nobody to demand anything better, just like in Soviet times.

What’s more, unless you speak English fluently and put a lot of elbow grease into being informed, you’re pretty much in the dark in Russia.  So “Kutuzov” can claim that Kutozov merely “hurled abuse” and “gave reprimands” to Estemirova and nobody will call him on it. He doesn’t need to quote the words that were used, much less does he need to link to them.  He can simply change the facts and create his own imaginary world to bolster his insane hypothesis, and nobody is the wiser.

When you read this kind of thing, you begin to understand how it could be possible that Russia might possess nuclear weapons and yet not rank in the top 150 nations of the world for adult lifespan.  You also begin to understand how the ruler of Chechnya might think he could give the order to kill a single mother who only wanted to preserve human rights by writing and get away with it, as in fact he has done.

11 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Friends of Kadyrov

  1. these are the brave chechen rebels,who are fighting against the Frankenstein-monster Kadyrov!!!

  2. this is the way how to deal with Kadyrov´s bloody bandits (Kadyrovtsy-police)

  3. kutuzov LJ blog is interesting. Someone needs to invite him over here.


  4. “Kadyrov’s subordinates who commit human rights abuses without Kadyrov’s approval”

    Ah, so Kadyrov is now like the Good Tsar/Stalin/Putin of the old but ever-popular Russian fable (surroundered by Bad Advisors, aka “if only the tsar knew about this!”).

    Btw, one theory is they didn’t want to kill her (plenty of kidnapped people were given a treatment after which they were returned alive but scared and silent), but they panicked when the rebs attacked a government car up the road.

    @”How can Kadyrov consider himself “invulnerable” when he has seen the Kremlin roll troops into Georgia and replace the leader of Ingushetia and the drop of hat?”

    General Zyazikov was not only a total stooge, he had any support for him personally only in his family and a small circle of henchmen. Kadyrov on the other hand is actually popular among the many ordinary people in Chechnya and he has a lage number of dedicated gunmen (with his beret-clad face on their flags and t-shirts), so it’s like some two different worlds here.

  5. @”Is there one single example in Kadyrov’s entire biography of him sacking or jailing an underlying for unauthorized attacks on Kadyrov’s critics?”

    No, of course not.

    But he used the other’s human rights abuses to et rid of his rivals (their leaders conseuqently stripped of power and killed – Baisarov, Yamadayevs) and also skillfully used this issue (human rights violations) to get rid of the notorious Russian security prison ORB-2:


    Eliminating The Competition

    At the same time, Kadyrov has set about neutralizing any potential challenge to his personal control over security issues and the judicial system. He has launched a campaign to demand the closure of the so-called Operational Search Office (ORB-2) on the grounds that its staff engage in the torture of civilian detainees.

    International human-rights watchdogs have for years leveled similar accusations to no avail, which suggests that Kadyrov is motivated not so much by a sudden desire to protect the Chechen civilian population from such reprisals as by the compulsion to sideline the Russian Interior Ministry to which the ORB-2 is directly subordinate, according to a commentary published in the “Caucasus Times” on May 18.

    “Nezavisimaya gazeta” similarly described ORB-2 as part of a systems of checks and balances intended to restrain Kadyrov, and which he now seeks to dismantle. Kadyrov himself, in an interview published in June in “Kommersant-Vlast,” denied that he seeks to bring ORB-2 under his personal control.

    Kadyrov has also set in motion a campaign, ostensibly launched by the Public Chamber, to demand the dismissal of Chechen prosecutor Valery Kuznetsov, who has been described by a staffer of the human-rights center Memorial as the first person to occupy that post with whom some degree of cooperation was possible, according to kavkaz-uzel.ru.

    Kadyrov has reportedly taken personal charge of the republic’s Antiterror Commission. But one of Ingushetia’s deputy interior ministers was quoted by ingushetiya.ru in May as saying, on condition of anonymity, that a report that Kadyrov was seeking to shoehorn his own chosen candidates into two top posts in the Ingushetian Interior Ministry in a bid to extend his clout beyond the borders of Chechnya was not true.

  6. Robert,it´s not true,that the chechens like Kadyrov. He is the most hated chechen in the 7000-year old history of the chechen people. You will see the truth after his death one day,when the whole chechen people will celebrate it on the streets

  7. http://www.kavkazcenter.com/russ/content/2009/07/28/67047.shtml

    Kadyrov has finally gone crazy!! He is sending the one-legged former rebel commander Shaa Turlayev into the mountains to fight the mujahideen. LOL,interesting scene,when Turlayev will limp into the mountains with his one leg and a Kalashnikov. Kadyrov is out of mind,he regards his own men only as cheap cannon fodder!!

  8. @”LOL,interesting scene,when Turlayev will limp into the mountains with his one leg and a Kalashnikov.”

    Kinda like Shamil Basayev?

    Five years ago:

    “Kavkaz-Center” sources confirmed on Friday
    afternoon only the fact that Turlayev had been captured, but they categorically refuted the so-called “voluntary surrender into captivity”. According to the Chechen side, Shaa Turlayev was seriously injured several days ago in combat in the Gansolchu area. He lost a foot and suffered fragmentation injuries in the chest area. The Chechen commander was captured in grave condition. For several days, the occupation command has been exploiting the situation for a propagandistic campaign.

    Oh well.

    @”Robert,it´s not true,that the chechens like Kadyrov. He is the most hated chechen in the 7000-year old history of the chechen people.”

    I think quite otherwise… “akhmed”.

    Zyazikov certainly inspired only popular anger, but Kadyrov managed to inspire fear and respect in a very gangster way.

    It’s also because of the state of the Chechen society nowadays, once egalitarian and warrior-democratic, now rised from a post-apocaliptic wasteland as a feudal kingdom. The youths in the mountains are dreaming of a Caucasian emirate, but really they already have one in Chechnya.

  9. http://www.newsru.com/russia/29jul2009/kil.html

    Kadyrov´s killers hit again,the state of Isa Yamadayev is unknown. Let´s recall,that Isa predicted his own death months ago.


  10. Update:

    Isa Yamadayev was slightly wounded,but he is alive. Kadyrov´s killer was detained. Allegedly Kadyrov´s killer was lured into a trap,nevertheless he was able to shoot at Isa several times

  11. Confusion Surrounds Purported Attack On Chechen Renegade


    Isa Yamadayev was questioned for over a week in Moscow in May in connection with an unsolved abduction and with media reports that Sulim Yamadayev had tried through a third person to warn Kadyrov and his cousin Adam Delimkhanov that they risked being killed in revenge for their perceived role in the murder of Ruslan Yamadayev.

    One week ago, Isa Yamadayev addressed a formal request to Aleksandr Bastrykin, the head of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, for protection against an anticipated attempt to kill him.

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