Russia: Harlot Nation?

xin_2108023011356162050420A Russian marine biologist was short-listed for the “best job in the world,” caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Until it turned out . . . opps! . . . she’s a secret Internet porn star. (Want the hardcore proof? Click here . . . but don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Miss Russia 2009?  Oops!  You guessed it . . . also a secret Internet porn star (caution: link contains nude photo). She’s barely legal, by the way.

How about ex-Olympic gymnast and current member of the Russian parliament, you know, Svetlana Khorkina, the young lady Dima Medvedev recently said he might name governor one day soon? She’d be the one giving her all for her country in the photograph above (and yes, that’s an Olympic flag).

If it weren’t for Russian heros like Politkovskaya and Estemirova, one might think Russia is simply a nation of harlots, that prostitution and pornography are considered normal behavior even for the sub-21 set. Then again, maybe the Russian plan is to kill anyone who isn’t?

23 responses to “Russia: Harlot Nation?

  1. > How about ex-Olympic gymnast and member of the Russian parliament, Svetlana Khorkina?

    Looks like she now plans to run for the Italian parliament:

    (You have to be at least 21 to press this link . . but don’t say we didn’t warn you)

    Cicciolina is an Italian porn-star, singer, and politician. She is the first hardcore performer in the world to be elected to parliament. She is also famous for flashing her breasts in public.

    Or maybe Khorkina is auditioning for the role of the next wife of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy:
    Nude Photo of Sarkozy’s Wife To Be Sold At Christie’s

    (For this one, you have to be only 18)

    > She’s barely legal

    But legally bare


    Question: Nazi Germany was not the first country to invade another and wipe out a large chunk of its population. Japan, for instance, attacked the US at Pearl Harbor. Does that mean it was “OK” for Germany to attack Russia, and that Russia had no basis for moral complaint?

    Your comment is absolutely stupid, a silly attempt to change the subject and an insult to the intelligence of our readers. Are you really so unable to justify Russian actions on their own that you must attempt to show what foreigners do? Are we now to compare Russia to foreigners on everything, and condemn Russia when it comes up short (for instance, having contested elections and critical TV)? If so, we’ll be happy to do so — but do you Russophiles really agree?

  2. Greatest aspirations of a large percentage of Russian pre-teens, from a poll taken in Russia last year: many girls looked forward to becoming…….prostitutes,…..and many boys looked forward to becoming……..mafia hitmen.
    The implication of these polled results, was that these youngsters could not envision for themselves any other future job prospects, and that they were just being realists. Of course, however, it also indicates just how depraved and degenerate is the overall current Russian society.
    Reader Daniel

  3. Jussi Jalonen

    Where’s the shocking part? That photograph of Khorkina is nothing special.

    The nude photo on Miss Russia reveals more, but it’s still rather tame, and hardly fills my qualifications of “pornography”. Your mileage may, of course, vary.

    When it comes to “sub-21-set”, in the country that I live in, the age of consent is 16. Not that I’m particularly interested in looking at such photos myself, but if an aspiring 19-year old girl likes to distribute her pictures for the delight of dirty old men, frankly, it’s perfectly legal, and no one else’s business but hers.

    As for the derogatory comment on the “nation of harlots”, well, do you have something against prostitutes and porn actresses? As far as I’m considered, they’re normal people who do their work, and deserve the same respect as anyone else. Especially considering that it’s rather hard work. Again, your mileage may vary, in which case I may reserve the right to regard you as a morally uptight person who has problems when it comes to sex.

    As long as these things are done by consent and don’t involve human trafficking, they’re OK in my book, and also according to the laws of the country that I live in. In the end, it all comes down to a woman’s choice; and if she decides to turn her body into a business, that’s her decision. Who the hell are _we_ to judge?

    There are so many valid reasons to criticize our eastern neighbour for so many things, so I fail to see the relevance of this manufactured and somewhat hypocritical “moral” outrage.


    J. J.


    How dare you accuse us of manufacturing moral outrage? The Australians disqualified the Russian contestant for her immoral activity, and numerous beauty contest winners in various countries have been disaqualified for a secret past. It's not merely the immorality of pornography but also LYING about background and humilating the country before the gaping eyes of the world. It's rather ironic that while complaining about us trying to impose our moral values on you, you do the same to us!

    • Our Finnish friend’s irrsponsible response shows that he totally doesn’t get the meaning of the marine biologist profession. How can all those turtles, dolphins and fish trustingly take food from their caretaker if they have seen her naked body in a porno movie?! Yikes!

      You are suggesting us to ignore the gravity of this Queensland job?! Here is how seriously other applicants take it:

      Queensland’s tourism department offers ‘the best job in the world’

      The whole exercise is a marketing ploy, although there really is a job on offer – if you can call living rent-free in a luxury beachfront villa, swimming in crystal waters and lounging under palm trees a job.

      Among those vying to be paid to swim with turtles and stroll along pearly white sands are an Olympic equestrian gold medallist … and a teenager from England who is sick of the cold.

      The video clips demonstrate the lengths to which candidates are prepared to go. One shows an Australian woman entering a tattoo parlour and emerging with a four-inch tattoo on her arm, stating: “I (heart) islands of the Great Barrier Reef.”

      Another candidate, from Greece, pledges to wash the laundry of everybody in Australia if appointed “caretaker” of Hamilton Island, in the Whitsunday archipelago. Oh, and she will also “clean up after the kangaroos”, she says, although there aren’t many of those on the reef’s idyllically beautiful islands and cays.

      That’s what the real job dedication is! Now tell me, can a porno star clean up after the kangaroos or sport four-inch tattoos on her arms? I dodn’t think so.

  4. Dear ‘Cheers -Jussi Jalonen’, the Finn-?:
    Your words are those of a totally morally bankrupt person, living in a morally bankrupt going-down hill ‘modern’ culture (Finland?, or is it Hungary?) Is your suicide rate still the highest in the world?
    Friend, in most places in the world today (yes, not only in your eastern neighbor, neo–soviet Russia), young girls and women of all ages, ARE forced into prostitution, it is seldom their free ‘choice’, and in most cultures, world-side, it is a very disgraceful reality, which scars them for life. It is usually connected to a drug lifestyle and is often controlled by organized crime. Where is your: ‘it all comes down to a woman’s choice, and if she decides to turn her body into a business, that’s her decision…..’.?
    But, I do agree with your (unstated) premise, that present Russia is not the only country where women of all ages, are abused and ….used…..for economic benefit and as playthings. The life of prostitution is a degraded dehumanizing one. Perhaps, you….run such an enterprise?
    Reader Daniel

  5. Jussi Jalonen

    Hello, Daniel. Yes, I’m Finnish.

    When it comes to your question regarding suicides, the Finnish suicide rate has dropped during the last fifteen years, so it’s by no means the highest in the World. But it’s certainly still very high, relatively speaking, and the male suicide rate is the highest in the OECD countries.

    Suicide, of course, is also a personal choice, and a matter of individual freedom. It only becomes morally questionable if the person who commits suicide has other people depending on him/her, such as small children. Other than that, we all have the right to decide when we leave this World behind.

    When it comes to sex and money, in the country that I live in, the overwhelming number of sex workers are independent professionals, running their own businesses, making their own rules, setting their own prices and picking their own clients. There are hard statistics confirming this fact, some of them gathered by feminist scholars who have done a great deal of field work, such as Ph. D. Anna Kontula.

    There’s no abuse or coercion involved. Most of the emotional suffering is due to the social stigma and the derogatory attitude towards prostitutes, which you’re also displaying – cf., your statement that prostitutes are drug users by definition, which is insulting and incorrect. Otherwise, it’s the other way around from what you’re suggesting; independent sex workers are actually using men, their clients, for economic benefit.

    Procurement and the use of middlemen or middlewomen is mostly an issue with foreign women, who nonetheless usually do business voluntarily. If someone is forcing them to use middlemen, it’s the Finnish alien legislation, which states that a foreigner, even an EU citizen, may be deported if there’s a “reason to suspect that she’s providing sexual favours for money”. Before this legislation was passed, pimps were practically unknown in this country; after that, foreign girls operating in Finland had no choice but to hook up with someone, and move underground, just to protect their business.

    This has had counterproductive consequences. Just the last week, the Helsinki police arrested two Estonian men, who were threatening foreign sex workers in our capital, and trying to coerce them to pay “protection money”. The girls were independent escorts, but they were initially afraid to report these extortion crimes to the police, because by so doing, they also risked deportation. Thankfully, justice and sanity prevailed. The men were arrested, and the girls can continue their work.

    As for human trafficking, there are something like 1-2 cases per year. It’s a serious crime and one that should be dealt with harshly, but it’s also an extremely marginal phenomenon over here. The difference between human trafficking and ordinary sex work is the same as the one between heroin use and the sale of alcohol.

    I might also note that making a connection between ordinary nude photos and prostitution requires some very creative imagination. Again, in the country that I live in, female MPs have posed for that sort of photographs. So have actresses world-wide. Do you consider Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz to be “harlots”, and think that there’s a slippery slope from their nude shots and nude scenes all the way to hard-core porn and prostitution?

    And no, I don’t run a prostitution ring. Pimping is illegal in this country. Selling one’s own body is legal, but I don’t think I’d be able to attract clients or make much money even as a part-time gigolo.

    By the way, having taken a look at the contents of this website, as well as the intellectual quality of the people who comment on the posts, I think I’ll write a suggestion to the Finnish-Russian Citizen Forum and ask them to remove this site from their blogroll. Criticism of the present-day Russia and its negative qualities is necessary, laudable and good; spreading russophobia and national stereotypes isn’t.


    J. J.

  6. “As for human trafficking, there are something like 1-2 cases per year”

    Sorry JJ, thats not the figures that are currently avaliable

    Finland is a transit and destination country for women and girls trafficked from Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Caucasus, China, and Thailand to and through Finland to France, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Spain, and the United States for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. Finland is a destination country for men and women trafficked from China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh for the purpose of forced labor; victims are exploited in the construction industry, restaurants, and as domestic servants. – U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2009

    Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – 2005

    TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS – Most trafficking involved women and girls from Russia, although Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian women were also trafficked for sexual exploitation. Increasing numbers of Asian women, most of whom were believed to be Chinese and Thai, were trafficked through the country to other parts of Europe.

    Some persons were trafficked for labor, and most of these cases involved persons coerced into restaurant work, in construction, and as maids. They were often forced to work long hours for low pay, and were often reluctant to approach authorities due to the cultural gap and fear of deportation or confinement.

    The government and NGOs believed Russian organized crime syndicates to be the principle traffickers of women and girls into the country. Although traffickers led some of the women to believe that they would be employed as domestic servants or waitresses, most were aware that they would be prostitutes. Economic incentives for poor women seemed to play a larger role in trafficking than physical coercion. Most trafficking victims entered the country with valid visas obtained at Finnish consulates abroad. The Schengen Treaty, which allows travelers already within EU borders to travel to any other EU country without inspection, facilitated the transit of trafficked persons from Russia and the Baltics to Western Europe. In some cases traffickers confiscated victims’ passports and used violence or the threat of violence to ensure their compliance.

    Tallinn, Estonia, and St. Petersburg, Russia, have become large centers for child prostitution, and to a large extent the customers come from Finland. Buying sex from minors is a crime according to Finnish law, even when it takes place abroad; however, there is less risk of getting caught in those cities. According to official statistics, 45 percent of men purchasing sexual services in Estonia are Finnish tourists. Other sources have claimed that the Finns account for 60 percent of brothel visits in Estonia. Finnish men can cross the border into Russia and buy women and girls in prostitution much more cheaply than in Finland.

    The problem with prostitution is that it IS degrading for the women involved, they become objectified, their self worth and self esteem is constantly eroded, and they are at great risk from their clients in terms of physical and emotional violence.

    This is not to say that all women working in the industry are victims, but most of them are.

    “The Swedish government estimates that in the last few years only 200 to 400 women and girls have been annually sex trafficked into Sweden, a figure that’s negligible compared to the 15,000 to 17,000 females yearly sex trafficked into neighboring Finland.””

  7. And as for the circumstances of enslaved Russian girls forced to work in the sex industry in Russia, well its no so “enlightened” there as in you make it sound in Finland.

    “MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) — Young women in bright miniskirts and high heels line up to sell themselves in the dingy back streets throughout the Russian capital. Moscow’s illegal flesh markets are flourishing, with up to 30 women at each pickup point, or tochka, standing in order of price for the night…….

    ……Aid agencies say many of the women working here are tricked into coming to Moscow on the promise of an education or a good job. They say others are simply kidnapped from their hometowns and forced to work as prostitutes in Moscow. Watch one woman describe how her uncle duped her into prostitution »

    Russian police acknowledge that human trafficking for sexual exploitation is a major problem, saying they do what they can to fight it by raiding brothels suspected of forced prostitution and arresting gang members who run them. But the problem, they say, lies elsewhere.

    “First of all, we have virtually open borders, and badly controlled migration flows from nearby countries,” said Alexander Krasnov of Russia’s Interior Ministry Police.

    “Secondly, we still don’t have a basic law that defines victims’ rights. At the moment, it’s mostly aid agencies that deal with it.”

    Aid agencies say they are handling a growing number of deeply traumatized victims rescued from brothels and pimps in the Moscow area. One U.N. organization, the International Organization for Migration, recently opened a treatment and rehabilitation center to cope with the large numbers of sexually exploited and trafficked women who come for help.

    Aid workers say Russia has become a prime destination for trafficked women from Africa, the Far East and former Soviet states. There are no exact figures, but aid agencies estimate that thousands of trafficked women are on Moscow’s streets.

    “Before, it was just a country of origin for Europe and the U.S. and elsewhere in the world,” Kadyrova said. “But right now, we see that Russia has become a destination country also.”

    According to the group’s Web site, human traffickers “prey on the dreams of impoverished women seeking employment and opportunities for the future.” Most women are young and single with little education; some are orphans and college students; others are married with children.

    “All of them are lured by advertising images of a beautiful life beyond the borders of their homelands — making them easy prey to the thousands of traffickers advertising in newspapers, on radio, television, in the metro and on the streets for wonderful work abroad with no experience necessary,” the group says.

    Click to access russia.pdf

  8. Wait, I don’t understand. How does her work disqualify her? I mean think about it. If I were marooned on an Island, wouldn’t I want to be with a porn star?

    • “If I were marooned on an Island, wouldn’t I want to be with a porn star?”

      Not if she is a marine biologist and you are a turtle.

  9. LR wrote: “Are we now to compare Russia to foreigners on everything, and condemn Russia when it comes up short (for instance, having contested elections and critical TV)?”

    What do you mean by “now”? Isn’t that exactly what your blog has been doing all this time?


    It’s outrageous that you don’t take the time to read the words you are supposedly commenting on. WE are doing that, the question is what RUSSOPHOBES ALLOW US TO DO, you moron. When we do it, they say we CAN’T because Russia is a “different country,” yet THEY do it whenever convenient.

    Your brain is pulp.

  10. It seems like some of the commenters who are trying to defend these Russians are missing an important point, which I think has been made a few times here on this blog. It’s that conditions for women in Russia are rather different than they are in European countries. There’s a horible problem of spouse abuse, including rape and murder, that is far beyond European levels, and Russian women are generally far less empowered in society. And the behavior of these women tends to support the idea that women are only good for one thing, and even to imply the women themselves believe that. If so that’s a pretty sad commentary on modern Russian life.

  11. Older: “Are we now to compare Russia to foreigners”

    Newer: “the question is what RUSSOPHOBES ALLOW US TO DO, you moron”

    What do you actually mean by “we” and “us”?

    Since this is your own blog, how can “RUSSOPHOBES” (whatever they are) or “russophiles” prevent you from doing whatever you please here? On the contrary, it is you who can shut off any russophile in this forum that you don’t like by taking away his posting privileges.

  12. if there are Russian internet porn starts there is a huge demand for them from countries in the west! Millions, maybe tens of millions of men from the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Australian etc etc every night are trawling internet web sites desperately looking for Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Thai, Filipino, Colombian etc etc women. Millions of sad men who are have no female company. Paradise on earth indeed!

  13. I live near Brighton Beach ( Brooklyn ) and I am Russian myself. I see the girls that come here every day with the bogus student exchange programs and other schemes that are out there to gain access into the US. The girls that arrive head straight into Massage, Body rub joints that offer full service and other such establishments.

    They come here just for those type of jobs. Then they find some client that shows feels sorry for them and try to establish documents via marriage. In other words they bilk them dry.

    • I hope you do realise that the vast majority of people in Brighton Beach are from Ukraine. Have you been to Little Odessa lately?

      • Phobophobe, you do think that Ruslan, a Russian, might be able to tell the difference between Russians and Ukrainians.

        Why dont you pull your head out and grow up.

        • Ok, humour me. Let us say that you see a Jewish- or a Slavic-looking woman in Brighton Beach. How can you tell if she is from a Ukrainian city like Dnepropetrovsk or Odessa or from a Russian city like Rostov or Belgorod or from Minsk, Belarus? Isn’t it as hard as trying to tell and American from New York form an American from Florida or California?

  14. What’s up with Russians and Ukrainians?

  15. A group of those young people try to escape after finding out they are unable to pay the rent. ,

  16. King Bonehead

    It is a known fact that the majority of Russians do not regard themselves as European and therefore unbound by the morality of western Europe. The crazy demagoguery in which bare chested neanderthals are praised for their manly strength and prowess as compared to other men harks back to my days in the school yard. For a nation that has produced composers, authors, physicists, famous dissidents and the like, Russia is more known for its penchant for violating human rights, its leaders behaving no better than those thugs in the security force it has allowed to defend the nation. It is a well known fact the world over, the worse the quality of a nation’s manhood, the more degenerate its womanhood (a by-product of abusive drunkards).
    I do not know which is worse, Europe, with its superiority complex and unbridled degeneracy masquerading as freedom or Russia, a sinkhole of a nation of the nuclear age buried in the barbarous past of Tzars and streetcorner Rasputins.

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