La Tour de Fraud

The fourteenth stage of the epic 21-stage La Tour de France bicycle race ran through the wine country of the Alsace region in the northern part of the country.  It was “won” by Russian rider Sergei Ivanov, but it was Rinaldo Nocentini who wore the sought-after yellow jersey denoting the overall leader at the end of the stage.

As seems to be routinely the case with Russians, their “win” was smeared with fraud.

American George Hincapie had led most of the stage, and seven-time LTDF winner Lance Armstrong said that he should have been the winner.   But he ended up 16 seconds behind Ivanov and in second place overall behind Nocentini.  By the end of the stage, Ivanov still did not rank in the top 50 riders in the field, and Russia did not have a rider in the top 15.

Hincapie lost the 14th stage, and the Russian won, not because of a great Russian performance (its rider was a shameless pretender) but because of an unsportsmanlike dirty trick played by a rival team called Garmin, altering the pace of the race for no sound competitive reason. Despite its antics, the team did not have a rider among the top five finishers.  The stage was further tainted when one spectator was killed and two more injured after a motorcyle guarding the riders lost control and crashed into them.  To complete the abject horror, a commenter on this blog attempted to tout Russia’s “achievement” on a post about murdered journalist Natalia Estemirova. We deleted the comment, of course.

So there you have it.  Even when Russia “wins,” it loses.

5 responses to “La Tour de Fraud

  1. > It was won by Russian rider Sergei Ivanov.

    It chaps my hide to hear about Russian sports victories. Can we find some semi-nude pictures of this harlot Sergei Ivanov and get him disqualified from this best job in the world? Here is one where he is holding a pornographic statue of a possibly naked cyclist:

    44th The Amstel Gold – Race Report & Photos

    Russian Road Race Champion and Katusha rider Sergei Ivanov won the 44th edition of the Amstel Gold Race Sunday … whilst former winner Frank Schleck suffers a nasty fall… to record an impressive victory on the famous Cauberg.

    > Even when Russia “wins,” it loses.

    Absolutely. Whenever Russians win – it’s a real shame!

    But in any case, let us all celebrate the La Tour de Fraud victory of Ivanov’s former team of Team Astana/Akmolinsk for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan! Or maybe we can find some nude pictures of Roberto Contador and get him disqualified?


    So you’re saying Ivanvov was so great he won LTDF before its started? Why not just give him the trophy then, and let him ride alone as a coronation parade? And nevermind that he didn’t finish in the top 50 in the actual event?

    Gosh you’re silly.

  2. Bernard Hinault

    EDIRORIAL wrote: “American George Hincapie had led most of the stage”

    No, he didn’t. Both he and Ivanov were members of a break-away group of 12 men who led the race together, until Serge Ivanov pulled ahead of the other 11 men near the finish. Have you ever bother to understand how bicycle races work?

    EDIRORIAL further wrote: “La Tour de Fraud… unsportsmanlike dirty trick played by a rival team called Garmin”
    “Garmin is a UCI Pro Tour Team established in 2007 and based in the United States”

    Are you accusing the American team of committing fraud and cheating the Kazakh Astana team? What for?

    Don’t you know that all teams, including American teams like Garmin, ride with valour and good sportsmanship? All Garmin did was work hard to pull the peloton close to Ivanov, Hincapie and the other 10 leaders. Where’s fraud here?

    EDIRORIAL further wrote: “The stage was further tainted when one spectator was killed and two more injured”

    Is that also part of Garmin’s “fraud”? Or maybe the spectator was killed by Serge Ivanov on orders from Putin or Kadyrov? :-) What does this have to do with “fraud”?

    Why do you accuse honorable hard-working cyclists like Garmin-Chipotle, Serge Ivanov, and the entire La Tour de France competition of “fraud”? What fraud? Where?


    (a) It would be nice if you read our source material before jabbering your insane gibberish. You act as if we are making these accusations up ourselves, which is simply a lie. (b) Ivanov didn’t finish in the top 40 riders at the the end of LTDF. Hincapie was top 20. Armstrong, the greatest athlete in the history of the sport, said Hincapie should have won the stage. You are a moron. End of story.

  3. All the Russian money in the world could not buy a yellow jersey. Team Katusha did not live up to its name. It did not take Europe by storm. Borat and his Kazaks from Astana won the the team title and Contador won the overall title. He proved he was the strongest rider.

  4. Bernard Hinault

    EDIRORIAL wrote: “Armstrong said Hincapie should have won the stage.”

    No. What Armstrong said is that Hincappie should have won the overall yellow shirt, not this particular stage. Yellow jersey is awarded based on cumulative times from all stages added together, not just on that particular stage:

    “Hincapie ended up second over all, five seconds behind Rinaldo Nocentini. George Hincapie [and Serge Ivanov] had been in a 12-man breakaway, with a sizable lead. In the closing miles of the race, though, several teams pushed the peloton forward. They narrowed that time gap, probably knowing that Hincapie was on the verge of the yellow jersey. “Anyone involved in pulling back the break shouldn’t have been there,” Rich Hincapie said… Garmin’s race director, said his team had nothing against Hincapie and certainly did not ride faster simply to keep him from the yellow jersey…Armstrong also blamed Garmin for Hincapie’s loss… But Hincapie, who has worn the yellow jersey once in his long career, has not commented on any of that yet.”

    As Ivanov and Hincapie were in the same 12-man lead group, the efforts of team Garmin to chase them down had no effect on the relative finish between Ivanov and Hincapie in this particular stage, which Ivanov won by 16 seconds. What it effected is the fact that Hincapie couldn’t overtake Rinaldo Nocentini (who was riding in the peloton) for the overall cumulative yellow shirt race. Nocentini is hardly a Russian, so your accusations of “Russian fraud” are based on your not understanding the difference between individual stages and the overall yellow shirt competition.

  5. Bernard Hinault

    Oops. I forgot to include the beginning of my reply:

    EDIRORIAL wrote: “It would be nice if you read our source material before jabbering your insane gibberish.”

    But I did read the original source, along with 10 other race reports for Stage 14. I also saw the entire race live from start to finish on my TV. Your retelling of the article is all wrong. It shows that you don’t understand cycling and didn’t understand the article.

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