SPECIAL EXTRA: Andrei Kulagin Found Dead


Yet another Russian human rights activist has been assassinated, again with direct and obvious involvement of the Russian government.  Andrei Kulagin, who disappeared two months ago  in Petrozavodsk, near Finland, has been found brutally murdered and dumped in a quarry. He founded an NGO called “Justice” (“Spravedlivost“) and focused on prisoners rights, confronting authorities with demands for humane treatment of incarcerated persons, and was heading up their office in northwestern Russia.  The Russian government has been at war with prisoners’ rightst activists in recent months, prosecuting them on bogus criminal charges and forcing them into exile or silence, as we’ve previously reported..

Andrei Kulagin follows Natalia Estemirova into the Grave!

Andrei Kulagin follows Natalia Estemirova into the Grave!

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has banned an UN investigation into the murder of Natalia Estemirova just days ago (just as it has ejected UN and OSCE observers from Ossetia).  What does the Kremlin have to hide? Everything!

The Kremlin is on a bloodthirsty rampage, striking down its perceived “enemies” in exactly the same manner as Stalin did, with little or no public outcry from ordinary Russians — just as was the case in the time of Stalin. Russians are watching — or helping — as the USSR is brought back to life like some obscene Frankenstein.  The horror is unspeakable.  Russia is descending into unholy barbarism.

22 responses to “SPECIAL EXTRA: Andrei Kulagin Found Dead

  1. Praise to the New Martyr +ANDREI KULAGIN!
    and Eternal Shame on his vicious murderers! on Putin and all his servants!

    Once again, we are left to pronounce: Vechnaya Pamyat! Memory Eternal! to the newly departed warrior for truth and justice and mercy, +Andrei Kulagin. His blood cries to the heavens for divine vengence, as does the blood of all those other JUST men and women, murdered by the wicked enemies of God, and of the Russian people and of all mankind, the KGB Godless gangsters who are ruining Russia, and threatening the peace of the whole world. Their day of recompence is coming. THEY SHALL PAY!!! There will come a day, when only their noble victims’ names will be remembered and honoured, while the names of the murderers will be blotted out
    and lumped together with all the garbage villains of history.
    Reader Daniel

    • This is just terrible, but guess what we are going to here from the Russian posters here, such as Eugene and his ilk? They will demand that we produce the proof that the Kremlin is involved. It’s just an incident of street crime, you see, same as is NYC

    • Da,vetchnaja pamjat’ andreju !!! yes, God will indeed avenge the evil-doers ! the evil ones–if they do not repent before God– will face God’s justice on Strashni Sud — Judgment day ! ps brother daniel, please consider informing vladika mark arndt of this murder ….i fear he may still hold a rosy view re russia’s leaders!! greshni nikolai

  2. To RV: Sure, you are correct. Unless we can produce a camcorded film of the actual murder, we will be called liars, etc. This is like when I posted a comment on a blog, stating that the KGB runs the Moscow Patriarcate and that it gives the orders inside that ‘church’, ( a well documented and attested to, truth), a cynical responder stated: “I will only believe you, …if…. the Patriarch in person, comes on television and says,’ the KGB tells me what to say’ “. And of course, that is going to happen!!! (when hell freezes over-?)
    Reader Daniel

  3. (Total lack of) human rights in Russia:

    Russia owes “astronomic” debt to European Court

    22 Jul, 03:15 PM

    Russia is halting the payment of compensation payments awarded by the European Court of Human Rights. The total amount is said to be “astronomic.”

    According to Elena Maiboroda, Russia’s representative at the Strasbourg court, the Russian government has finished the funds that the Finance Ministry has allocated for paying the compensation, Radio Free Europe reports Wednesday.

    “The funds allocated by the Financial Ministry for that purpose ran out a month ago, and no new income is expected in the near future,” she said.

    Russia has a reputation for ignoring Strasbourg Court rulings.

    The European Court has issued numerous judgments against Moscow, notably over abuses committed in Russia’s two post-Soviet era wars in Chechnya.

    The number of judgements against Russia keeps growing, Maibirida said, increasing the amounts to be paid to “astronomic heights.”


    • “two post-Soviet era wars in Chechnya”

      I think there’s a mistake here and only the second one is under the court’s jurisdiction (I never heard about a ruling about a case from the first one).

      Maybe it’s because of a blanket amnesty by Russia for its troops in 1996 (a similar as this after the end of the war in Afghanistan).

    • The latest one:

      Russia ordered to pay $53,000 in damages to Chechen family

      PARIS, July 23 (RIA Novosti) – The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday ordered Russia to pay 37,000 euros ($53,000) in compensation to the relatives of a Chechen man who was abducted in 2001.

      Relatives of Khizir Tepsurkayev, abducted in Urus Martan in 2001, appealed to Russian law enforcement many times before filing a complaint with the Strasbourg court accusing Russia of failing to carry out an effective investigation to find the culprits.

      The investigation established that Khizir was abducted by the Russian military conducting a security operation in the town that was under the full control of Russian federal forces.

      The court said the Russian government had failed to submit any evidence to challenge this finding.

      Russia has lost the majority of cases brought against it in the Strasbourg-based court. In 2008, the court ruled against Russia 245 times. Overall, around 20% of all complaints made to the court in the past decade have involved Russia.

  4. Who shot Natalia Estemirova?

    In all probability, nobody will ever be brought to justice for the murder of yet another Russian human-rights campaigner

    Luke Harding
    The Guardian, Thursday 23 July 2009


    The road is a scenic one: it cuts though a dark tunnel of poplar trees; on the roadside women sell melons from the backs of trucks. The kidnappers breezed through several checkpoints. Two hours later, Estemirova was dead. The men stopped their vehicle soon after crossing into Ingushetia. Up ahead, a group of Islamist militants had ambushed a government car, opening fire. Estemirova’s kidnappers may at this point have panicked.

  5. After Estemirova’s murder, there were several more kidnappings in Chechnya


    The “Caucasian Knot” correspondent was told at the Grozny office of the HRC “Memorial”: “Only in the last two or three days, some six-seven persons were kidnapped and illegally detained in the territory of Chechnya. We received this data from a representative of the Republic’s law enforcement bodies. In the same period, two respective applications from citizens arrived to our office.”

    “At the same time, there is one good news. Aziz Albekov, a resident of Akhkinchu-Borzoi village, Kurchaloy District, who was kidnapped by agents of some unidentified power structure on July 7, has come back home. The young man’s father – Rizvan Albekov – was publicly shot dead by power agents in the eyes of witnesses as a militants’ helper; and nothing was known about his son whereabouts. Natasha Estemirova wrote about this case shortly before her death,” said an employee of the “Memorial”.

  6. [New] Politkovskaya Hearings to Start Aug. 5


    (Don’t hold your breath.)

  7. The authorities seem determined to exterminate
    all the decent human beings in the Russian Federation.

  8. According to ABC news there was a planning involved :

    Stolbunov wrote on the organization’s website that Kulagin was last seen leaving his home late on May 14 after receiving a phone call, and the taxi driver who drove him to a local café was the last person to see him. Stolbunov speculates that Kulagin knew the person who called him.


    If he was lured by somone familiar to him it would be easy to check his associations and phone records which you can bet won’t happen. The FBI would easily crack as case like this.

  9. The Era of Neo Terror. I said it all along that if mistakes of the past are not recognized than they are doomed to be repeated.

    It will be hard to build Gulags because of modern technology like Satellites and Google Earth. This does not stop regimes like Putin’s to strike fear in the average citizen with “gangster style” executions.

  10. Mass murdering worked well in privacy before the age of tv, mass telecommunications satellite systems and the internet. Hitler’s death camps and Stalin’s Gulag were well guarded. Both were hard to verify and easy to deny then.

    All you have to do now is cower the sheeple with well placed high profile killings which spread quickly with the mass media. It has been very effective with the rank and file of Russian journalists that keep their mouths shut and their heads down or worse collaborate with the regime.

    The same mass media is a protection for Putin’s opposition if they would use it. It’s the reason that Iran’s mullah’s and Chavez can’t gun down in mass with impunity the protesters on their streets. The problem in Russia is that the opposition can’t raise large numbers when they publicly protest. The level of apathy is pathetic.

    A crowd of a hundred is as good as it gets at any of these murdered journalist/human rights victim’s funerals.

    The Russian populace does not have clean hands in the degraded society that they live in.

    • “A crowd of a hundred is as good as it gets at any of these murdered journalist/human rights victim’s funerals.”

      There was just an authorised meeting of 70 in Moscow to protest the Estemirova murder. A police major with busload of OMON arrived and dispersed them, detained 2 (Memorial member and a guy from Solidarity).

  11. Robert, that’s the pattern, an overpowering mass of OMON and a handful of protesters. It’s been the ratio every time. It’s not like these opposition protests and funerals aren’t well communicated on LJ. The apathy is what’s so pathetic about Russians.

    Examine the opposition in Venezuela and Iran where the opposition can rally large numbers against the state’s large security force numbers.

    Sorry, but, Russians deserve the government that they have.

  12. Last week, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay called for a thorough and independent investigation into Estemirova’s killing, with the U.N. secretary-general saying he was appalled by her “heinous” murder.

    • Noting that Estemirova received the first annual Anna Politkovskaya award, recognizing women who are defending human rights in zones of war and conflict, back in October 2007 on the eve of the anniversary of Politkovskaya’s murder, the letter published in the Guardian stated: “Natasha (as she was known among friends and colleagues) was a gentle, loving woman and a brave truth-teller who was not afraid to speak out about torture, rape and disappearances in Chechnya. She paid for it with her life. Like Anna did. Because there is nothing more dangerous than telling the truth in today’s Russia.”

      The letter was signed by Nobel Peace laureates Shirin Ebadi, Mairead Maguire, Jody Williams, Rigoberta Menchu Tum and Desmond Tutu, along with a number of other prominent figures from across the globe and the political spectrum.

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  15. Interesting to see that no trolls have been lurking on this entry. Perhaps by their silence they’re acknowledging the reality of the situation they’ve promoted so much in today’s Russia or they haven’t yet got a “it’s a western conspiracy theory” behind this?

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