Iranians Want Russia Destroyed

Global Voices reports:

At a Friday prayer service today at Tehran University, former president Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani called for the release of the many protesters arrested since the disputed June 12 presidential election where Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner. Rafsanjani is a firm supporter of Ahmadinejad’s main contender Mir Hossein Mousavi. He led the Friday prayer for the first time since the election.

Members of the Iranian opposition movement took part in the prayer, some wearing green, the colour that has come to symbolize Mousavi’s movement. Traditionally at Friday Prayer, [people are encouraged to chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” but today, they defiantly shouted “Death to Russia”, in referring to opposition accusations that Russia has been involved in training repression forces of the regime.

In a YouTube video, recorded from a short distance of the outdoor gathering, you can hear a male voice over the loudspeaker screaming “Death to America”, “Death to the hypocrites” and “Death to England”, while the crowd roars “Death to Russia!” in response EVERY time. {Click here to watch the YouTube video in question.}

21 responses to “Iranians Want Russia Destroyed

  1. Imagine what it means to Russia if a successful regime change in Iran brought about an end to sanctions. Using LNG technology and building terminals would bring Iranian NG into the EU. And, more oil as well. It would also mean losing the client state that keeps the Sunni/Shiia tension going in the ME that helps keep oil prices higher.

    Darn right the Russians are assisting the mullahs beating down the protestors.

    Each wave of protest in Iran over the years has been followed by bigger numbers and better organization. I think the mullah’s regime is drawing to a close.

    The demographics and activist young in Iran favor change. The demographics and politically disengaged young in Russia favor more rot.

    • Well,thats why we Russians will assist Iran in getting nukes and joining the SCO.
      We badly want the US to bomb Iran,it would be the best thing for you to do for us because then even the opposition inside Iran would shift towards Russia and China,and away from the West…
      By 2020 we will have adiversified economy anyway,large pipelines are built for China etc.
      Don`t think that we Russians are sitting on our hands and doing nothing…

      • CG: Are you a brand new kind of troll here, or an oddly sincere Russist? ;)

        Don’t hold your breath for “the US to bomb Iran”. It would be rather Israel, just like they destroyed the reactors in Iraq and Syria (North Korean), possibly in secret cooperation with the Saudis and some other Arab states in the region (who also feel threatened by the Persians). Of course I hope the issue will be peacefully resolved anyway.

  2. And I have a deja vu of this:

  3. So, let us summarise qhom the iranians want to exterminate:

    Denmark and Danish cartoonists
    Holocaust scholars
    KFC franchises

    • You start out on the wrong foot because as this footage clearly shows, Russia is now at the top of the list, you idiot.

      Then you really make a fool of yourself. The other names on the list were chosen by the OLD REGIME, whilst the protesters have different ideas about who is to blame for Iran’s suffering.

      And you seem not to have noticed that Russia has been IRAN’S CLOSE FRIEND, selling them nuclear and missile technology and giving them lots of diplomatic cover in the UN. Yet Russia is still hated. That’s classic Russian failure, and your stupid remarks hide it from nobody.

  4. For over a decade, one of the policies of the uncivilized barbarians in the kremlin is to destabilize the Middle East and to foster strife. moscow wants a monopoly in the energy market.


    Not necessarily a monopoly, just nervous markets that bid up the price out of worry so Moscow can get rich.

    • Dear LR,

      Thank you for adding to my comment. I could expand on my partial comment, but there are too many useful idiots, on this website, that should get a response to their insane claims.

  5. Russia does not view itself as Iran’s friend or, God forbid ally. Bigotry-filled Iranians, chanting “Death to Blah-Blah!” on every corner, are the laughing stock in Russia as much as in USA.

    Russia views Iran as a valued customer that pays enormous money for Russian nuclear and military high technology. Given that Russian main business now is the lowly export of raw materials, sales of technology is highly desired.


    You’ve just said Russia is given nuclear technology to a country that hates it and that it doesn’t like. That’s insane. And so are you.

  6. > That’s insane. And so are you.

    Ignoring the usual childish namecalling, I personally find Russia’s sale of technology to Iran extremely near-sighted, dangerous and stupid.


    Great! Then why don’t you say so more often? And do you think it’s outrageous that the people of Russia stand mute at this dangerous stupidity?

    • It’s really dangerous but apparently there are few possibilities left since most other markets are already occupied and the major players are unsurprisingly unwilling to let others in.

      • “Major players”? I thought Russia is the 2nd “player” in the world and occupies a plenty of exclusive “markets” (sharing them with the Chinese only), now ranging (state clients only) from Sudan to Burma to Zimbabwe (not to mention a less notorius cases like the Cuba-Nicaragua-Venezuela “socialism or death” club).

        As of “It’s really dangerous but apparently there are few possibilities left”, guess where the Caucasian rebels got their weapons and ammunition (incuding during the war against Russia). Usually for money, but often even for some drugs or vodka. Sometimes the officers even sold their soldiers to be ransomed, just like they’re selling them to slavery (even pernamently, until they escape or die).

        There have been reports of Russian servicemen in Chechnya as high-ranking as colonel being involved in sales of arms and ammunition to the rebels. In May 2002 an explosion of a Russian-made antipersonnel mine in the Dagestani town of Kaspiysk killed and wounded some 200 soldiers and civilian bystanders during a military parade. Several Russian officers from the garrison of the nearby Dagestani town of Buynaksk were accused of selling the radio-controlled MON-90 mine that was used in the attack in Kaspiysk and were put on trial in January 2003.

        Nothing personal, it’s only business.

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