EDITORIAL: Dmitri Medevev, Rat Bastard


Dmitri Medevev, Rat Bastard

“As for the theories, I believe that those who committed this crime expected that the theories most primitive and unacceptable to the authorities would be put forward immediately. Her professional activities are necessary for any normal state, she was doing very useful things. She was telling the truth, she has openly and sometimes maybe even harshly evaluated certain processes in the country and that is why defenders of human rights are so valuable even if they are uncomforting and unpleasant for the authorities.”

Those are the remarks of Russian “president” Dmitri Medvedev, made in Germany, in response to the brutal murder of heroic Russian journalist Natalia Estemirova.  Without any investigation having taken place at all, Medvedev has already ruled out the possiblity that Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov, who had repeatedly threatened Estemirova’s life, could have been involved in the killing.  He calls such an idea “unacceptable to the authorities.” Not false, mind you, just “unacceptable.”  Just as Putin did with Politkovskaya, he claims the murderers are foreign conspirators who want to make Russia look bad. Berezovsky again, Mr. Medvedev?  And while acknowledging her work as “necessary” he also finds it necessary to dismiss it as “harsh.”

So now we know without any shadow of doubt exactly where so-called “liberal” Medvedev stands.  He stands with Putin. And let’s not forget for a second:  Putin gave  Kadyrov Russia’s highest state honour, making him a “Hero of Russia.”

Indeed, we can’t help but remember that Vladimir Putin was also in Germany when he finally reacted to the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, and he similarly sough to undermine the victim and blame enemies of Russia for provocation while condemning the crime. 

But the involvement of the Russian authorities in the murder of Estemirova cannot be questioned.  Kadyrov repeatedly threatened Estemirova, and the Kremlin did nothing to silence him or protect her.  Her boss, the director of the internationally respected NGO human rights organization Memorial, has directly pointed his finger at Kadyrov for ordering the hit.  No rational person can accuse Memorial of being a nest of foreign spies or a propaganda project of Boris Berezovsky.  No organization in the world speaks with more moral authority on human rights issues in Chechnya than Memeorial does.

But we hardly need to hear from Memorial.  Kadyrov’s enemies have been dropping like flies for nearly a year now, and the Kremlin has said and done nothing about it. Last September there was Ruslan Yamadayev in Moscow. Then in January, Umar Israilov in Vienna.  Finally in March there was Sulim Yamadayev, Ruslan’s brother, gunned down in Dubai.   Now, it’s Estemirova back home in Chechnya itself.  There is no doubt who is behind these killings except in the minds of the people who ordered them.

Everyone else in the world knows that Estemirova was killed on the orders of Kadyrov, and everyone in the world knows that Kadyrov has the authority to give such orders only because he receives it from the Moscow Kremlin, which could remove him at any time just as it can and has removed many other regional leaders who displease.  But Medvedev is categorically defending Kadyrov, will not even acknowledge the possiblity that he could have been involved, and falls back on the classic Putinite formulation about evil foreign enemies seeking to make Russia look bad.  It’s the same tactic adopted by the USSR to deflect blame over atrocities like the Katyn massacre.  It will not work.

Medvedev has shown his true colors, and they are the colors of a rat bastard, willing to dissemble and distract and to use any means to remain in power.  The Kremlin’s propaganda network Russia Today is already hard at work furiously seeking to discredit Memorial and anyone who would demand justice in the Estemirova killling.  Instead of showing the world a new kind of leader, Medvedev is showing himself to be carbon copy of Vladimir Putin — indeed he’s more than that, he’s as much a puppet of Putin as Kadyrov himself.

Of course, there is one other possiblity:  That the Kremlin has lost control of Kadyrov and is afraid to admit it. That Chechnya has already won de facto independence from Russia despite so much Russian blood being spilled to prevent that circumstance, and the Kremlin is simply not prepared to accept this reality publicly.  In other words, that Putin has created a Frankenstein in Chechnya.  It’s difficult to decide which prospect is the more terrifying, the Medvedev can’t control Kadyrov, or that he can and chooses not to.

15 responses to “EDITORIAL: Dmitri Medevev, Rat Bastard

  1. http://www.russiatoday.com/Top_News/2009-07-18/Did_human_rights_groups_jump_the_gun_over_slain_Russian_activist_.html


    Damn, you’re stupid. This link is ALREADY IN our editorial. Did you even READ it, you ape?

  2. LR, one of the endearing things that keeps me coming back as annoyed as I get with the troll problem which ought to be ignored into oblivion is your editorial touches such as “Dmitri Medevev, Rat Bastard” .

    Bravo and well said.


    Thanks Penny. We’re banning as fast as ever we can, but some presence is useful because it shows the true nature of the venal scum we face.

  3. La Mornophobe

    Speaking for the scum:

    Our comments here will never change your mind, but you are obviously arrogant and stubborn. Even with the passing of the Bush era, the idea that someone has the only one, or only right understanding should have gone with him, but obviously you arrogant hateful responses are proof that is hasn’t.

    But why we “scum” bother posting on your blog is it shows you for what you are, puts a mirror up against your hate, even if you ban and delete as fast as you can, some sense can slip through.

    For example I used to read this blog with a lot more respect until I realized from the the blog-master’s comments that it was a front for hate, ignorance and arrogance. And I want to do other readers the same favor.


    Is calling us morons (and spelling it wrong) your way of setting a good example? Maybe you need to use a little Windex on that mirror and turn it towards yourself?

    Can you give us an example of a comment you posted in that past that showed your respect for us?

    Do you have the same anti-hate words for Russians who spew hatred for America and its values, including Valdimir Putin? Or is it a one-way street of love for you?

    Do you have any idea at all how utterly ridiculous your “comment” is?

    • Obviously people such as yourself have never directly suffered from Russian racism, imperialism, and other such facets of Russian “culture” such as ethnic cleansing etc.

      Until you have actually suffered at the hands of Russians, you will never really understand the true nature of the evil that is Russia.

  4. Well sad to say, but the scum in the Kremlin, Russian military, and Kadyrovites are already directly benefiting from the disgusting murder of Natalya Estemirova.
    As usual it will be the victims of Russian genocide and barbarity that suffer.

    Rights group halts Chechnya work

    The Russian human-rights group Memorial has suspended its activities in Chechnya following the murder of its prominent activist Natalia Estemirova.

    “We cannot risk the lives of our colleagues even if they are ready to carry on their work,” senior Memorial member Alexander Cherkasov said.

    Ms Estemirova, who investigated alleged abuses by Chechnya’s Moscow-backed government, was shot dead on Wednesday.

    The Kremlin condemned the murder, which has caused international concern.

    Ms Estemirova was abducted from her home in the Chechen capital Grozny and her bullet-riddled body was found dumped in a forest a few hours later.

    Memorial has accused the government of Chechnya’s Kremlin-backed President, Ramzan Kadyrov, of responsibility for the murder.

    Mr Kadyrov denied any involvement and promised to investigate the killing personally.


  5. Chechnya is Kadyrov’s fiefdom. If he plays up too much then HE gets bumped off! Either Putin’s people developed this kidnapping and murder of Estemirova, or Kadyrov got Putin’s approval for it.

  6. There is one question, though. Given the highly volatile situation in the Northern Caucasus, who could possibly play Kadyrov’s role? Anyone there would either have to be a Tito-like figure, but based on violence (as Kadyrov aspires to be) or then be threshed by the various factions. I really don’t see a good way out for the region — it seems even independence wouldn’t seethe the resentments.

  7. @Just as Putin did with Politkovskaya, he claims the murderers are foreign conspirators who want to make Russia look bad.

    Yeah, that’s so obvious. They want to make Putin and Kadyrov bad by murdering all of their enemies and Kadyrov’s rivals and silencing forever the well-known outspoken critics, in Russia or in exile (be it in in Moscow or anywhere in the world). And this guy Litvinenko, he even commited a radioactive suicide just to accuse Putin on his death bed.

    @No organization in the world speaks with more moral authority on human rights issues in Chechnya than [Memorial] does.

    Well, they just left:

    And seriously, Oleg Orlov should now write a “in case I was murdered, who’s to blame” letter, like Nadezhda Chaikova (a Russian journalist kidnapped and killed in Chechnya in 1996) did shortly before her death.

  8. No one knows who murdered her or anyone else in Russia. The President need not comment on such things. A journalist’s life is not worth any more than a common whores, nor should it be.


    So you disagree with President Medvedev, who says it is a top priority to find her killer? Are you planning to oppose him publicly, and call for him to reverse his policy?

  9. > Everyone else in the world knows that Estemirova was killed on the orders of Kadyrov

    “Everyone in the world” knew that Joan of Arc was a witch and a sorcerer who only got her just desserts when she was burned at stake. However, a 21st century court needs more solid evidence than “everyone knows”.

    BTW, it seems to become a tradition: a female human rights activitst killed on the eve of the Russian president to Germany! For Putin, it was Politkovskaya, for Medvedev – Estemirova.

    • Actually, what everyone else needs is to hear what Russophile filth like you would be prepared to support if you had however much evidence you need to prove that Kadyrov and Putin ordered this killing. Would you support arresting them and prosecuting them? Do you support an independent prosecutor to gather such evidence?

      Calling for “evidence” without answering these questions is the height of idiotic frivolity.

    • Russian courts don’t need evidence, they just need a call from the kremlin.

      Russian courts are as venally corrupt as the rest of the Russian state.

  10. Ms. Zigfeld resides in the USA. The advantage of the present-day Russia is that she has practically got rid of the anti-state intelligentsia – free at last, free at last…

  11. Quoete : “Without any investigation having taken place at all, Medvedev has already ruled out the possiblity that Ramzan Kadyrov could have been involved in the killing. ”
    However – without any investigation having taken place at all, “everyone in the world knows that Estemirova was killed on the orders of Kadyrov”.
    Just so – without any investigation ? But why would Kadyrov do this, considering he does his utmost best to present Chechnya as an island of stability in the Caucasus & tries to attract foreign investment ? And why would he have Estemirova killed on the very eve of Medvedevs visit to Germany ? Just as, for some weird reason, he supposedly had Politkovskaya killed just as Putin was about to visit Germany.

    • @”But why would Kadyrov do this, considering he does his utmost best to present Chechnya as an island of stability in the Caucasus & tries to attract foreign investment ?”

      Because she and the Memorial were the only ones to continously report the truth about “an island of stability in the Caucasus”.

      Now she’s dead and they left.

      Chechen residents fear stronger repressions by power agents after “Memorial” leaves the republic

      @”And why would he have Estemirova killed on the very eve of Medvedevs visit to Germany ?”

      And why would he not?

      And why would his hitmen not “visit” Austria (and Turkey, Azerbeijan, Emirates) to silence even the enemies/rivals/critics who fled him to the other countries?

      Or maybe the said victims were only kidding when saying that Kadyrov wants them dead?

      Like when the Kadyrov rival Baisarov (a former FSB commando unit/death squad leader) said that Ad (Adam Delimkhanov) and his “Chechen police” goons are after him to murder him, when he was hiding in Moscow? And where he was soon killed by a “Chechen police” squad, just like predicted? (Shortly before they gunned him down, Baisarov also said Ramzan was behind the killing of Politkovskaya.)

      Btw, Ad killed in Moscow Baisarov using his “honorary weapon”, in a similar way that he later killed “The Hero of Russia” Sulim Yamadayev in Dubai this year (“for some weird reason” he left behing his golden gun):

      AD is now even wanted by the Interpol for the Sulim hit, while the earlier Ruslan Yamadayev hit in Moscow, “investigated” by the Russian police, still didn’t link Kadyrov even as Sulim promised revenge against Ramzan. Also, their houses in Chechnya were previously burnt-down in the same way they’re burning now the houses of the rebels, after Kadyrov branded the brothers “criminals”). And their unit was disbanded and bases ransacked, the troops (GRU) forced to surrender to Kadyrov, many of them repressed, others fleeing Chechnya/Russia just like their leaders did.

      So yeah, someone’s “framing” Kadyrov by systematically eliminating all and every kind of Chechen and Russian opposition and dissent to his totalitarian rule (everywhere in the world)? What a devious plan. “This is certainly going to show him!”

      Btw, Ad (who is Ramzan’s right-hand man and his “brother” even if he’s actually only a cousin, and Chechnya’s deputy prime minister and of course his personal hitman) is now personally leading a massive “Chechen police” operation in Ingushetia. You know, “for some weird reason”, they drove and killed her there.

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