Postcards from Moscow


Putin seems to have been a little slow turning Medvedev's head to the right on this one. Based on that facial expression, Does Putvedev think he/it has a live one?

Putin seems to have been a little slow turning the head to the right on this one. Based on that facial expression, Does Putvedev think he/it has a live one?

6 responses to “Postcards from Moscow

  1. The main symptom of any phobia – is fear. Fear of Russian – dangerous and indecent illness, is similar to fear of Jews. It very ridiculously, on the other hand, to be afraid of Russian and Jews. Be ill longer! Russian from Moscow.

    • Yes, we (I mean the civilized portion of the mankind) are afraid of Russia. And we have good reasons to be. Russia constantly evinces most naked xenophobia, particularly, hatred to everything Western, and most disgusting and revolting racism. Just read some of the comments of some Russians on this board, and you’ll see for yourself. We in the West are Nazis, and parasites, and war criminals and so forth and so on. I think some of these Russian posters have outdone even the official Soviet propaganda masters. We also have been given lectures on how Russia does not need democracy, or freedom, or any Christian or Jewish or generally humanitarian values. Since we know that democracies don’t wage wars on one another but non-democracies do wage wars on democracies, don’t you think we have a right to be concerned?

      Russia’s demands respect, and I understand that. However, the respect has to be earned. What has Russia done, lately or ever, to earn it? Nothing in my estimation.

      She has a very weak economy outside extractive industries, and you would not be able to find many Russian made products in the West. Russia is probably below the 50th place in the world in terms of a per capita product; my native state of California with just 35 or so million residents alone produces much more. Yet somehow Russia is a member of the G8.

      How did Russia manage to get in the G8? I believe it was through intimidation and blackmail. Her best argument seems to be that she can kill all of us using her nuclear weapons. Our nice Russian posters on this board are salivating over the prospect and mentioned that a number of times.

      To back up her rhetorics, Russia closely associates with most horrendous rogue regimes and groups (e.g., Iran, Syria, Venezuela, etc.), constantly threatens her neighbors, and demands special privileges and a right to veto some key decisions of these neighbors, such as whether they should join the NATO.

      So, to recapitulate, we have here a relatively poor country with giant ambitions and demands to be recognized as a key decision maker in the international relations. That country has a very narrow focused and vulnerable economy which is on the brink of a calamity. That country may soon face a citizen revolt and hunger riots. That country is hungry for adoration, aggressive, racist, xenophobic, and has very little of freedom or human rights. And she has the largest arsenal of the weapons of mass destruction in the world.

      Do you understand now why we fear Russia?

  2. Dumb metaphor, Mihalich, whatever you are trying to say isn’t happening for you.

  3. Penny, silly goose – when will you apologize for your insults to me on the other thread? You were wrong, sock puppet ;)

    • Probably she’ll apologize about the same time as you apologize to us for spamming our blog with irrelevant comments like this one. Keep it up and you’ll be banned from further commenting.

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