Biker Putin (Sometimes, you Just Gotta Crack a Skull)

Vladimir Putin visits his leathery pals in Sevastopol in early June
Vladimir Putin spends a few carefree hours with his leathery pals before they depart for a major nationwide conference in Sevastopol in early June

The Wolves welcome One of the Their Own.

6 responses to “Biker Putin (Sometimes, you Just Gotta Crack a Skull)

  1. The caption under the photo is wrong. The meeting of Putler and his best pals took place somewhere in Moscow, not Sevastopol. The gand is going to Sevastopol and Putler gave them a flag of RF. I wonder why?


    Thanks for the correction! We’ve adjusted the text.

  2. probablyabogusname

    How wonderful it is that Mr. Putin is kind enough to actually go out and visit the best people in Russia like these heroes.

    Mr. Putin could have been sitting comfortably in Kremlin,
    contently signing arrest orders but he took the trouble to visit these nice motorcycle gentlemen.

    You complain about the economy? You just don’t “get it”.
    He’s KGB from head-to-toe. Of course the economy is lousy because it’s going to get better.
    It only LOOKS lousy because that’s a KGB deceptive strategy.

    Bad means good, good means bad.

    It goes to show, he actually cares.

    What is the name of the Nursing Home that
    cares for aging Heads-of-State?

    It is somewhere near Kremlin, yes?

    In 30yrs or so — when Putin is there– LR will
    be working there changing bedpans for Vlad.

    You better attend college first, LR.

    They only accept the BEST PEOPLE.

  3. To probablyabogusname, Yes, indeed! ain’t it wonderful! Amen.
    What kind of a name is your’s, Polish?

  4. please tell me you did realize thats a phrase name… and he types russian to me. yuck. Too bad putler didnt try to ride one of their bikes off a cliff, show everyone how badass he is.

  5. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and few things are as American as biker gangs. If you don’t have a culture, you have to borrow one, I guess…

  6. Why does Putin remind me of Pee Wee Herman in that hilarious biker scene in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

    They are a cheap imitation of US bikers who would never put up with a Putin.

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