EDITORIAL: Russia Today’s Gerald Celente, seething with Anti-Americanism


Russia Today, seething with Anti-Americanism


Dave Essel reports:  I don’t know what drove me to visit Russia Today’s website but I was struck by the level of transparency that must be the rule on the site, which runs under the banner shown above. I thought LR existed to find and expose Russian lies, hypocrisy, and mental and moral confusion but here is their main propaganda site openly confessing to these traits! We’d better start looking for another job…. [BTW, the site looked so stupid and boring that I could not bear to go any further and simply contented myself with taking the screenshot above]

Remember that wacky Russian “professor” Igor Panarin, who claimed that the United States would implode and break apart just like the USSR, within the next year or so? 

To us he may seem wacky (or less diplomatically, insane), but in Russia, he represents mainstream “thought.” In fact, he is a representatative of the Russian state itself.  And Russia Today, the Kremlin’s state-sponsored propaganda network, is actively propounding this view by any means possible, including repeatedly publishing the crazed rantings of one Gerald Celente, who it refers to as an “American economist.” 

On February 11, 2009, RT trumpeted Celente proclaiming that the U.S. would experience its worst-ever economic depression this year, supporting Panarin’s idea that the country would break up next year.  The U.S. stock market has been roaring so far this year, of course, and the U.S. has weathered the global downturn far better than Russia.  RT ignores that fact, of course.

On April 14th, RT offered the screaming headline that, based on his diagnosis,  the U.S. had already become a fascist state just like Mussolini’s Italy.  The U.S. has just had a major transition of power both legislatively and executively, and is proceeding with a massive revision of the Bush policies across the board.  In Russia, one hand-picked successor took over from another.  RT ignores all that too, and publishes stories suggesting that Obama is nothing more than front for the banking cartel.

Finally, on July 1st, just in time for America’s birthday celebrations, RT announced his conclusion that the U.S. currency was now worthless because of over-printing by the Treasury Department.  Meanhile, it is the value of the ruble that has plummeted dramatically, while the world still views American treasury securities as its only true safe harbor.

All these claims are, no thinking person can gainsay, quite fully insane.  They are the ravings of a madman so far outside mainstream thought that the distance can only be measured in light years.  Oh and, by the way:  He’s a total fraud.

Celente flits around claiming to have made correct predictions about various  cataclysmic economic events, claims that are in fact entirely bogus and which he does not even try to substantiate.  Far from being an “economist,” his education is entirely shrouded in mystery (neither his speaker biography nor his Wikipedia entry says a word about it) and his background is in local New York State politics.

Search around, and you’ll learn he was a professor at St. John’s University in New York. Professor of what?  Dig further, and you’ll find he taught American politics, not economics; he claims to have designed a course there in “campaign technology.”  Still nothing remotely qualifying him in the sphere of economics.  Apparently he has a PhD in political science from somewhere, and it’s some kind of secret how he got it, and he hasn’t done anything even vaguely academic in three decades.  He left academia in the 1970s, for unspecified reasons, and started working for “chemical industry interests,” whatever that means.  Then he left them as well and founded his own soothsaying agency called The Trends Research Institute, where he makes money by reading tea leaves like a gypsy.

Russia Today’s stated mission was supposed to be simple: Tell the truth about Russia, the full story, not just the litany of bad news being told be “racist russophobe” foreigners.  But the news out of Russia these days is so woefully bad on every front (war, economic collapse, ostricization) that RT has turned to making venemous attacks on other countries, just as was done in Soviet times, in the hope of distracting attention from all the failure. 

It would be one thing if RT’s efforts to do this were at least rational.  It could easily make a living copying from various American newspaper editorial pages, for instance. But it’s not content with that, because the difference in standard of living and other forms of progress achieved by America is so much more vast than in Russia.  So it is scraping the bottom of the barrel, just as in Soviet times, repeating the most hilarious and insane ravings as if they were fact.

Russia is not well served by this line, just as the USSR was not.  It prevents Russia from recognizing its own very real faults, and encourages the maintanence of the status quo. It’s almost as if RT is saying that it doesn’t matter if Russia collapses, again, for the third time in century, as long as America also collapses.  It lies to the people of Russia, making them think they can get along in a world where America has collapsed, when in fact they can’t. American demand for crude oil is the only thing that keeps the Russian economy solvent, and Russia ought to be doing all it can to bolster America, not to attack it.  The fact that Russians can’t understand this, and go on spewing ridiculous propagandistic lies, is a sure sign of a coming Russian apocalypse.


18 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia Today’s Gerald Celente, seething with Anti-Americanism

  1. but in Russia, he [Panarin] represents mainstream “thought”

    Don’t misinform your swallowing disciples. Any Russian who has heard of him, knows he’s a patented freak.

  2. You’re the one who is misinforming. We dare you to link to one single Russian source referring to him as a freak. He’s a MAJOR professor at THE KREMLIN’S OWN SCHOOL OF DIPLOMACY. Frankly, it seems to us that YOU are the freak.

    • Are you banned in Google? Or maybe you just don’t know any Russian whatsoever? In any case, some people suggest you’re paid for your, hmm, ‘work’ (honestly, I don’t believe ’em since it isn’t worth a dime nickel), so do it yourself and don’t try to find fools here to do it for free. Hint: the corresponding query yields more than a thousand hits.

  3. to ditto: You should read more carefully. It is RT who proclaims that that idiot Panarin “represents mainstream “thought”.

    • Dittohead can read?

      I thought he got his kremlin script via suppository.

      • It is your backward Georgia which still uses suppositories to provide the necessary information for its intelligence officers as if they’re ordinary citizens. Here in KGB we are pretty much technologically advanced, and I get my info through a Matrix-style port in my neck.

    • You believe what RT says?

    • I wouldn’t call him idiot. Just a mere freakness unfortunately so typical for many narrowly focused specialists as they leave the primary subject of their work, thinking they’re also great by default at other things (think of Kasparov as a chess champion vs. Kasparov as a Lemonovite clown).

  4. http://governor.state.tx.us/news/press-release/12227/

    It’s about damn time. States need to stand up to the feds and stop getting pushed around. Yeeeehaaawwww!!!!

    God Bless Mr. Perry, Mr. Creighton and the state of Texas. Say hello to Professor, IgorPanarin :-)

  5. Pohlatohlakas

    Igor Panarin sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic.

  6. You forgot to mention ne imprtant fact. RT is meaningless, because nobody is watching that crap. Russians don’t watch, because it’s in English and foreigners don’t watch it, because they know it’s propaganda. Even Russia experts prefer 1st channel and other “real” Russian outlets, because it’s closer to the sorces, i.e. the Kremlin. So, as most of the Kremlin’s PR efforts, RT is a waste of money and has zero impact.

    • > because they know it’s propaganda.

      But FoxNews and CNN are chemically pure free media. ;-)

      • > But FoxNews and CNN are chemically pure free media. ;-)

        Bingo! Of course they aren’t but at least the practize journalism from time to time, so they have an audience which trusts them. RT hasn’t because everybody sees it as a propaganda instrument – with good reason. And people don’t like that.

        Wall Street Journal, Economist and Financial Times are known as teh voices of big business. But you can find also some useful facts there, even some criticism about big corporations. Therefore it’s worth reading them .

        RT brings only opinions, opinions you expect to hear: the West is practizing double standards, Russia is gerat, Putin is great. You don’t need to watch that, there is no information and no comment beyond the usual propaganda lines.

  7. The unusually sincere RIAN about the demoralized Russian military officer corps (or maybe they just publicize this to get rid of them):

    Crime among Russian military officers highest in decade

    MOSCOW, July 9 (RIA Novosti) – Crimes committed by officers in Russia’s Armed Forces have reached unprecedented levels over the past decade and urgent measures are required to curb the negative trend, the chief military prosecutor said on Thursday.

    Russian officers committed a total of 4,159 crimes in 2008, including 1,754 corruption-related offenses, a 38% increase compared to 2007.

    “The crime rate among officers in the Russian Armed Forces has gone overboard, and hit the highest level in the past decade,” Sergei Fridinsky told a joint meeting of senior Defense Ministry officials and military prosecutors.

    According to prosecutors, officers have already committed over 2,000 crimes in 2009 or one in four of the total offenses, up 7% year-on-year.

    More than 540 service personnel were assaulted by officers, with 16 dying from the injuries received, in the first six months of this year.

    “One-third of the crimes are related to corruption, and the crime rate is equally high among junior and senior officers,” Fridinsky said.

    The number of Russian generals and admirals, prosecuted for various crimes, has increased by almost seven times over the past five years, he said.

    In the latest large-scale fraud case, a criminal investigation was launched against a group of Russian senior military officials and a number of businessmen suspected of attempting to smuggle 30 anti-submarine missiles and 200 airplane bombs worth a total of $18 million to Tajikistan for sale to China.

    Corruption in the Russian military resulted in losses of at least 2.2 billion rubles ($78.6 mln) to the state budget in 2008.

    “It is absolutely clear that any efforts in line with the current military reform will remain just good intentions if we do not stop this growing negative trend as soon as possible,” Fridinsky concluded.

    As part of the ongoing military reform, Russia aims to downsize the Armed Forces from the current 1.2 million to 1 million personnel, including a reduction in the number of generals and admirals from 1,100 to 200 by 2012.


    (Of course, the thousands of war crimes in the early years of the decade, still unpunished, were not really “crimes” enough for these statistics.)

  8. SomeoneinthePhilippines

    I watch Russia Today. I don’t take the so called “Anti-American” stories either that seriously, or with a grain of salt. I usually watch programs like Technology Update, Explore Russia, sometimes Cross Talk. Although i do miss, Alyona Minkovski’s show. I liked her the most.

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