June 6, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Is Putin the Worst Ever?

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Putin the Puritan

(3)  Essel on Threadbare Putin

(4)  EDITORIAL:  Putin’s Murderous Rampage

(5)  EDITORIAL:  Putin’s Corrupt, Incompetent Minions

(6)  EDITORIAL:  Obama vs. Putin, Round 1

NOTE:  This week Barack Obama travels to Moscow for his first meeting with Vladimir Putin.  With this 100% original special issue, we offer him our bon voyage.  We document chapter and verse the evil that is Putin, and we indicate our hope, based on his recent direct assault on Putin, that Obama will restore American moral leadership where neo-Soviet Russia is concerned, and though we endorsed John McCain in the last election we’ll be only too thrilled to become Obama’s biggest fans if he does so.  We will not be publishing a Sunday issue to give this special its due.

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