EDITORIAL: Is Putin the Worst Russian Leader Ever?


Is Putin the Worst Russian Leader Ever?

We think so, and today we offer a wealth of evidence to support our position in form of a special issue devoted to answering this question.  Barack Obama will soon be winging his way to Russia and will sit down with Putin to discuss all manner of things.  Hopefully, the new American president has some vague clue about how how Putin is sticking it to the people of his country, and the world, in a fully neo-Soviet manner.  Just a glance through today’s content would give him a major eye-opener. 

Let’s begin with economics, which as Putin’s second term as “president” came to a conclusion was allegedly his long suit.   Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov warned long ago that in fact Putin was nothing but yet another Potemkin village, doomed to collapse as surely as the USSR did.  But the pro-Kremlin propaganda kept on rolling forth. 

But the numbers are catching up with Mr. Putin, catching up fast.  Just two months ago, the World Bank predicted Russia would have a 4% economic contraction this year.  Now, it has doubled that estimate, in a report suggesting the contraction will be 8%, and the Russian Finance Ministry itself believes the WB is still being conservative.  It’s quite possible that Putin’s Russia will end the year with a double-digit recession.

It would, in that event, match Russia’s projected unemployment and inflation rates for 2009, which the WB estimates will both top out at a horrifying 13%.  And it would also match Russia’s projected loan default rate, which the WB believes will stand at 10% by year’s end. 

It now appears that the Kremlin will be forced to nationalize all the major banks and exhaust the national treasury (Russia already faces a massive budget deficit this year) to recapitalize them.  Between this year’s capital flight and its bank bailouts, Russia will be out at least $100 billion.  Its budgetary reserves will vanish, its national debt will skyrocket and it will stand on the brink of insolvency.

The Putin economy is failing, by any measure, across the entire spectrum of  economic activity.  It has been exposed as a Potemkin sham, a system utterly dependent on how much foriegners are willing to pay for oil.  It cannot serve the interests of the people, and it does not appear that Putin even wants it to.  Putin is not qualified to manage a complex economy; he has no business or economics experience, and is trained only in deception and brute force.  Therefore, his failure is hardly surprising.

Russians must now realize that they are being driven to ruin by this incompetence, that the Russian economy is as doomed to fail as was that of the USSR — the only type of economy Putin really knows.  If they continue to allow themselves to be ruled by such a hapless neophyte, they will richly deserve the harsh consequences that will result.

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  1. Russians must now realize that they are being driven to ruin by this incompetence…

    Sadly, probably not. If the rantings of the few Russians who haunt this site are any indication, those who do recognize a collapsing state system probably ascribe their country’s failures to the C.I.A. and Mossad, and those who simply insist on believing that Russians enjoy the highest standard of everything in the world, well, their denial is akin to that scene in the British Monty Python film Erik the Viking when the island is sinking and the story’s protagonist, Erik, tries to save the island’s king but the king insists that no, everything is fine, nothing is wrong, even as he and the last vestiges of his civilization disappear beneath the waves. Those Russians who see the truth and love their country enough to stand up and say the obvious are usually beaten, imprisoned or shot. If there’s one thing Russians hate, it’s the truth.

  2. Tomak. I don’t think there are a “few Russians” posting here other than the rts-akhmad-sasha circus that ruins every thread. Their game being the deterioraton of every thread playing lame point, counter-point subtrefuge games.

    Putin will be judged by history as the post-USSR end of any Russian hope of turning it all around.

  3. Kim, tell me frankly – maybe you are just in love with Putin?

    • Looks to me more like you’re in love with Kim, Eugene — you always come back begging for more…

      • No, I come here for the pleasure of the company. “The main thing is to be surrounded by worthy people!” © Field Marshal Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus. :-)

        • Do you assume that you are worthy?

          • Do you assume that you’re literate?

            • Well Futility, we do assume you are an idiot if it makes you feel better.

              • It makes me feel marvellous, darling. Why, if people of your caliber thought I was anything but, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself! I’m feeling positively grand.

                Of course, whereas you *assume*, I draw the conclusion that you’re a cretinous moron based on the totality of your posts. But whatever works for you, dear.

  4. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/troops-gather-on-georgian-border-1729636.html

    simply read this! War is only a couple of days away from us! Every night the russians are already firing the georgian border villages,it´s the preparation for a new invasion

  5. sascha

    “Simply read this!”
    “It´s the preparation for a new invasion.” ???

    The very day Russians cross the border the Georgian “army” will scatter in different directions with all its US/Israeli “advisers” in the head and “modern NATO sophisticated equipment” the way it happened last August. There’s no doubt about it. I still think the Russians are not eager to feed 2-3-4 m (what the population of Georgia is) Georgians living in democratic “Honduras like ” poverty.
    I want to inform all the Georgians here and about that all your dreams of big $$$ flood into your country will never come into reality. You are doomed to be just another small fry at the American big a_sss, sort of disposable paper to be used and thrown out. You must know the nature of the USA as a state, Honduras and El Salvador is your Georgian future.

    I have just heard that a $100 bill is a SUM of MONEY in Georgia? If the Russians ever come to your parts they will be feeding you for free.
    The best advice that might be given to your president is to place even more US/EU flags behind his back next time for more quality and fun of US/EUR TV picture. The show of Georgian army shameful retreat must go on! Why not, after all?

    • Ah, the Russian myth of “NATO armed Georgia”
      Funny how the Georgian military consisted of all those T-72’s, BMP’s, MIL-24’s, SU-25’s, AK series rifles, BTR’s and Grad rocket launchers.

      Tell me, aside from the M4 Bushmaster carbines, exactly what “NATO hardware” did the Georgians have RetardTS?

      Another funny thing, a Georgian patrol boat armed only with guns managed to damage and force to return to port the pride of the Black sea fleet during the August war.

      Russia is a joke.

      • “Inside the Battle for the Black Sea
        By Noah Shachtman August 15, 2008 | 7:15 am | Categories: Navy, Russia
        This is the second post from naval blogger Galrahn. Go check out his site, Information Dissemination, when you’re done here.

        While most of the world has focused primarily on the ground conflict in
        Georgia, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been active off the coast. By now, you may have heard some isolated reports — 4000 troops landed by sea at Ochamchire, a battle resulting in a Georgian coast guard ship sunk, and even claims by Georgia of minefields laid off the Georgian coast. Details have been hard to come by. But, piecing together the analysis and reporting, one can get a picture of some of these events.

        While the speed of the Russian Army’s response grabbed the attention of western observers, the fast response by the Russian Navy has been quite remarkable, too. The war started on Friday August 8th; the Black Sea
        Fleet was reported to arrive off the coast of Georgia on Saturday
        August 9th. That’s pretty impressive, considering it is about 400 nautical miles from Sevastopol to Ochamchire. While the Moskva, Smetlivy, Muromets, and Aleksandrovets can make good speed and make the trip quickly, those ships sailed from Sevastopol with an assortment of support vessels that could only make 12-16 knots, at best. Simple math reveals that would make it a 25 hour trip, meaning the ships would have had to put to sea almost immediately after the fighting began. For any fleet to deploy that quickly is extraordinary readiness.

        Then, on the early morning of August 10th, there was a battle at sea. The Russian Black
        Sea Fleet was engaged by four Georgian coast guard vessels, while conducting landing operations in Ochamchire. The Russians claimed to sink one ship, and the day after the battle the Moskva was reported to be in the Russian port of Novorossiysk.

        New details have emerged that shed a bit of light on the action. A sailor interviewed in the Sevastopol on Wednesday gave the local press his recollection of the action. Here’s my amateur translation:

        “We took up station guarding the opposed landing on the Abkhaz shore when all of a sudden four high speed targets were detected. We sent out an
        IFF signal and the targets didn’t react. Receiving a command from the flagship, we got into formation and right at that moment the unidentified targets opened fire on the ship formation and flagship.
        The cruiser was damaged and a small fire broke out aboard. Then, fearing for seaworthiness, the flagship withdrew from the firing area.”
        – the sailor said.

        “Right then the small missile boats clearly fired,” the participant continued. “Taking up position, our MRK
        launched a “Malakhit” (SS-N-9) anti-surface missile, which literally cut the lead ship, the Tbilisi, to ribbons. After that, fire was shifted to the rest of the Georgian ships. Another ship was damaged, we couldn’t finish it off, allowing it to leave the scene under its own power.”

        It’s a bit of a questionable story. However, the sailor interviewed was appraently from the MRK Mirazh (617, project 12341, NATO – Nanuchka III). Why does that matter? Because the MRK Mirazh is the ship Russia has credited with the attack. Her Captain, Ivan Dubik, was reported to be in the
        Kremlin on Thursday accepting congratulations.

        Some of the details of the sailor’s story are slightly inaccurate — call it fog of war. The
        Georgian ship sunk was not the Tbilisi, as the sailor suggests. Rather it was the Georgian patrol boat P-21 Georgy Toreli. A night battle in the littoral, the Georgians armed only with guns, yet the little flotilla of four was able to get in close to Moskva and start a little fire. Covering its withdraw, the Mirazh missile boat is reported to have sunk the ship in only 90 seconds in what was reported as 300
        meters of water.

        According to Al Jazeera, the Coast Guard base in Poti was attacked with artillery on Wednesday after the cease-fire, destroying the rest of the coast guard ships in port. The Tbilisi, which was reported to be in bad condition prior to the war, was sunk in that attack.

        As for the 4000 troops? All indications are the Russian Navy reportedly used three amphibious ships to ferry the 4000 paratroopers from Novorossiysk– reportedly without vehicles. Recent analysis tends to imply the vehicles came separately — by rail.


      • > Tell me, aside from the M4 Bushmaster carbines, exactly what “NATO hardware” did the Georgians have

        Turkish Cobra armored vehicles, British Landrover jeeps, US UH-1 choppers and M35A3 trucks, not to mention those two obscure Humvees seized in Poti that the Only Super-Pooper-power humbly begged the Russian Barbarians to return… :-) But do you really think that should the Georgians be armed with Abrams tanks and Bradley APCs, the outcome of the war would have been different? It is the men who do the fighting, not the arms. :-)

        • Yes, like the Russian pilots who refused to fly because the nasty Georgians kept shooting them down LOL. TU-22m, Su-24’s, Su-25’s and Mil-24’s were all shot down by the Georgians (using soviet era SAM’s) and the poor Russian pilots did not want to play after that.

          It just shows the stupidity of Russian vermin such as yourself that they consider Turkish armoured (lightly) cars and unarmed transport helicopters give them the right to claim that they defeated a NATO equipped army.

          90% of the equipment, including all of the front line war fighting gear used by Georgia was Russian/Soviet made, and it is interesting to note that the Chechens who fought on the Russian side were fairly contemptuous of their Russian “friends” fighting abilities.

          • > Russian pilots who refused to fly

            Did the pilots tell you that themselves? ;-)

            > using soviet era SAM’s

            The SAMs used data obtained from the US reconnaissance satellites instead of their own radars; therefore they were not detected immediately.

            > 90% of the equipment,

            Once again: would the Georgians win if they were equipped with “real” NATO arms? Or would they abandon M1A2s without firing a single shot just as they abandoned T-72s (equipped with Israeli heat detectors)?

            > the Chechens who fought on the Russian side were fairly contemptuous of their Russian “friends” fighting abilities.

            Those “friends” of who they were allegedly contemptuous had previously defeated those “tough mountaineers”. :-)

            • Not really Eugene, the Chechen rebels were just bribed into supporting Kadyrov and Putin for a bit.

              There has been no Russian “victory” in Chechnya yet, as the ongoing operations clearly show. And now the problem is spreading to Ingushetia with a vengeance.

              As for the pilots

              “The performance of the Russian armed forces during the invasion of Georgia in August showed the dismal state of Moscow’s military machine. Some Russian soldiers went into battle wearing athletic shoes because there were not enough boots to go around. Russian troops stole everything they could lay hands on–particularly from the Georgian army facilities they overran. Uniforms, beds, U.S.-supplied Humvees, and toilets were even pulled off the walls by Russian forces. “They had everything; the most amazing f–ing beds, amazing f–ing barracks with sealed windows,” one Russian soldier was recorded saying in a short mobile phone video that was later broadcast–awestruck like Goldilocks when she stumbled upon Baby Bear’s boudoir. Apparently living conditions for soldiers have improved little in the decades since Belenko’s defection.

              Russian forces were able to overcome Georgian forces because of sheer numbers, but in air operations the Russians had their proverbial head handed to them. A total of 12 Russian aircraft were lost to Georgian air defense units, including one Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire bomber. By the time hostilities ceased Russian pilots were being offered lavish bonus payments if they were willing to fly missions over Georgia, and still some of them turned the offers down, preferring to stay on the ground where it was safe.”



              “The loss of the Tu-22M is symptomatic of the deep and pervasive ills of Russia’s military machine. There were no operational pilots with enough hours to fly the mission, so instructor pilots had to be press-ganged into service–only two of whom were able to eject safely. The fact that the aircraft–a medium-range strategic bomber that was originally designed to carry nuclear weapons–was misused for a reconnaissance mission is another source of embarrassment.

              A colleague of mine was impolitic enough to point all of this out at a conference in London, only to learn later that one of the attendees in the audience was the Russian air attaché, who later declared himself to be offended. More often than not, this is the standard Russian response to any honest assessment of its military. It is always easier to shoot the messenger than criticize those who should be getting a good working-over for failing to do their jobs properly.”


  6. can someone block the account of this dirty russian rat RTS?????

  7. sascha

    “Can someone block the account of this dirty russian rat RTS?????” :-)

    I seem to have hit the right target. Are you a sensetive kind and still want to fight Russians in the field? Face the music and join the Georgian army to save Mishiko “democracy” from the Russian thugs.

  8. you russian scum,Hitler should have killed even more russians.But today this good job is done by the chechen rebels,may God bless them

    • Last August, former Chechen rebels (the “Zapad” “Vostok” battailons) were in the ranks of the Russian army doing short shrift to the “super pooper” Georgian military. :-)

      • And then they were disbanded due to “casualties sustained”, and possibly because they were holding open corridors allowing Georgian civillians to escape the predations of Russian and Ossetian rapists and looters.

        By all accounts they also helped the Georgians remove a lot of equipment and troops too.

  9. sascha

    “You russian scum, Hitler should have killed even more russians. But today this good job is done by the chechen rebels, may God bless them.”

    I expected that much, not a big news to me.
    That’s why I am here to keep you a company.
    But some Americans may be shocked by your lack of PC. They prefer using words like democracy, freedom, liberty, human rights, law, international security/community meaning Hitler in the back of their minds.

  10. Gentlemen, let’s not get carried away! We should show show sympathy to a nation of 140 million which has such an inferiority complex that they are actually proud of defeating a nation of 5 million. How difficult it must be to live with such feelings of inadequacy.

  11. It is hilarious to see the “brave” Russian Sovki celebrating a “glorious victory” over a country whose total population (including hostile Ossetians and Abkhazians) is smaller than that of St. Petersburg. That’s the typical way of the bullies. Pick on someone your size, Sovki – try provoking China, for example…

  12. But then, again, this is how it has always been. In the late 1930s, Sovki “gloriously” overrun the Baltic states and parts of Finland (barely), Poland, and Romania. But when attacked in their turn by their best friend Hitler, who had real, rather than token, military, they scampered all the way to Moscow, Volga, and Caucasus.

    • And afterwards they scampered “all the way” back to Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, Sophia, Vienna, Berlin and Prague. :-))

      • That’s the thing – on the way back they were not scampering, but rather torturously paving the road with the dead bodies of their own soldiers. Millions and millions of them – that against a country with ten times smaller territory, three times smaller population, and limited natural resources. Just the final assault on Berlin cost the lives of 200000 Soviet soldiers – at the time when Germany had virtually no air force left and very little artillery. Glorious victory indeed!

        • > against a country with ten times smaller territory, three times smaller population, and limited natural resources.

          Practically all the continental Europe, from Czechoslovakia to Spain, fought against the USSR under Hitler’s banners; besides, official allies of the USSR supplied Germany with oil, tungsten and other strategic materials on the quiet (“business as usual”, isn’t it?)

          • >Practically all the continental Europe, from Czechoslovakia to Spain, fought against the USSR under Hitler’s banners; besides, official allies of the USSR supplied Germany with oil, tungsten and other strategic materials on the quiet (”business as usual”, isn’t it?)

            Yeah, the “great powers” like Romania. That’s nothing compared to the fact that Germany was continuously engaged with Britain (that had all the resources of India, South Africa, Canada, Australia, etc. at its disposal) and from December 1941 with the US as well. Whereas Germany’s most powerful ally, Japan, stuck to the non-aggression treaty with Sovok (for which Uncle Joe graciously thanked it in August 1945 by attacking without provocation and grabbing not only the territories lost in 1905, but also some that had never been a part of Russia).

            And I would like a reference on “business as usual,” please…

            • > Yeah, the “great powers” like Romania.

              Do you really think that France and Italy of the same class as Rumania? nevertheless, here are the citizenship statistics of the POWs taken by the Red Army: Germans – 2389560, Japanese – 639635, Hungarians – 513767, Rumanians – 187370, Austrians – 156682, Czechs and Slovaks – 69977, Poles – 60280, Italians – 48957, French – 23136, Yugoslavs – 21822, Moldavians – 14129, Chinese – 12928, Jews – 10173, Koreans – 7785, Dutchmen – 4729, Mongols – 3608, Finns – 2377, Belgians – 2010, Luxemburgers – 652, Danish – 457, Spanish – 452, Gypsies – 383, Norwegians – 101, Swedes – 72. As you see, the whole Europe fought against the “Jewish Bolshevik Hydra”, including even Jews and Gypsies who probably preferred being gassed and burned to Communist slavery (including free uniersity education, free medical treatment and other monstrous “shackles”)!

              > Germany was continuously engaged with Britain

              Do you mean Rommel chasing Tommies in the desret like a greyhound chases hares being “continuously engaged”? Just count the number of divisions engaged on the Eastern front and the African theater of operations – and everything will be clear. :-(

              > Whereas Germany’s most powerful ally, Japan, stuck to the non-aggression treaty with Sovok

              because of the trashing it had received from the Red Army at the Khasan Lake in 1938 and at the Khalhin-Gol river in 1939. So the Japs decided to stick to safer jobs, like conquering Singapore whose harrison outnumbered the attackers threefold. :-D

              > and grabbing not only the territories lost in 1905, but also some that had never been a part of Russia).

              Woe to the vanquished.Few people know this bitter truth so well as we after the defeat in the Cold War.

              And I would like a reference on “business as usual,” please…


              • Well as for Singapore, yes it was a disaster.
                However the Japs did have control of the city’s water supply from the mainland, and there was that unfortunate British tendency to worry about the civillians they were trying to defend.

                Never the less, it was nothing compared to the mass surrenders of the Russian army during 1941 & 1942.

                Your comments about the north African campaign show the usual Russian lack of education. Considering the Germans & thier ally Italy lost more men in north Africa than they did in Stalingrad, it was a very large campaign.

                Also note that the Germans took the western allies seriously enough that the had 12 Panzer divisions in France, 4 in Italy (for a total of 16 in the west) and 18 on the eastern front.
                Considering the relative size of the battle areas, there were proportionally far more tanks engaged in the west per number of men & per square KM than on the eastern front.
                This may be because even up until the end of the war Soviet tactics were so poor that German infantry formations could (and did) inflict massively disproportionate losses on the Russian units that they faced.

  13. what are you talking about?

    russian losses last august: 3000 russian soldiers and 2000 south ossetian militamen killed

    georgian losses: 200 soldiers and policemen killed

    so who has defeated whom? You idiots believe the russian propaganda,LOL,how poor you are

    • Where is the source of your “data” concerning losses? Anyway, in 1940 the French lost very few men before they declared Paris an “open city” and capitulated. Were they the winners? :-D

      • In 1945, yes they were.
        The Red army lost very few men killed in 1945, but lost millions of men who surrendered almost without a shot, surrendered huge swathes of territory, dozens of major cites, but still came back in the end.

  14. But the pro-Kremlin propaganda kept on rolling forth.

    Every time “your” media opens its mouth lies jump out that serve the US government’s hegemonic propaganda.

    America’s salvation lies with Charles Pelton and the Washington Post’s business side managers. Once the American media is obviously a whorehouse, which it is, Americans might pull themselves out of their stupor and learn to recognize facts and to think for themselves.

    But don’t hold your breath. From what I have seen, with few exceptions, Americans are as dumb and insouciant as they come. And they think they are the salt of the earth.

  15. LOL,you russians are much worse than the americans.The americans are sometimes naive and arrogant,but they are not the same scum like you russians! I repeat: Soon the green flag of Islam will fly over Mosow,ALLAH AKBAR

  16. i would like to make a poll among you americans.put the cards on the table and tell the truth: whom do you support? The chechen-caucasian mujahideen,who are fighting for an islamic Caucasian Emirate from Sochi to Dagestan? Or the russian satanic empire? Come on,tell me,there is no middle way for you

  17. Caucasian emirate.

  18. akhmad

    Americans need useful “muslim” idiots to do the dirty share of work (sort of Beslan school attack). Green paper is not a big problem for them, you know. That was not not a bad idea at all to put on a US/Israeli collar on a tight leash on the “muslim” dogs of war trained in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Fresh US print smells so fine for a “real muslim” like them.

    Let’s see the facts straight:

    Saddam Hussein — was an American proxi stooge during the war on Iran shaking hands with Donald Rumsfeld. Hanged by his fat neck with his brainless head capitulated from his body by his beloved friends, Americans in 2006.

    Taliban idiots of Afganistan having done their share of work were bombed by their “allies” and are still in the dust looking out of Tora-Bora caves. Afgani Heroin fields proved to be quite a profitable business for the CIA.

    Panama – 1989 , same old story, the US army “humanitarian” invasion and their US trained “democratic general-president” was sent to Miami federal prison to think over American friendship for the nest 30 years. The US CIA (Cocaine Import Agency) has been running his cocaine business ever since.

    Ben Ladden was fighting the Soviets back in 1980’s in Afganistan. Presently being chased by his American friends like a crazy dog and mostly used in the US as a rattlesnake toy for local dummies.

    Say Hello to Miloshevich and Shevardnadze — they could be equally be on the list.

    And one final comment to be added – when in the US you can see on the grass-root level they consider all Muslims the scum of the earth and terrorists for the exeption of home grown “Alabama Muslims”.

    • OK, getting facts straight:

      Saddam was a part of a pro-Soviet regime installed by KGB in 1960s and became president of Iraq in 1979 with Soviet blessing. His representatives attended all CPSU congresses. In late 1980s, as Sovok was crumbling, Americans did try to engage him to use as a counterbalance against Iran, but it did not go anywhere.

      Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega, overthrown and arrested in 1898 US invasion was for on CIA payroll until early 1980s, but then started also spying for Cuba and then openly turned against the US. He was never president of Panama and his government was never recognized as democratic (not by US at any rate).

      Although Bin Laden was a de-facto American ally because he was fighting Sovki in Afghanistan, US never dealt with him or supported him in any way.

      As to Milosevic and Sheveradnadze, only a lunatic could suggest they are, or were, American agents. What next – Putin or Kim Jong Il as CIA stooges?

      • Hmm, you seem to be able to find KGB agents even under your bed. In fact, Iraqi Hizb ul-Baath regime was neither pro-Soviet nor KGB-installed. Just for your interest, Baathists even outlawed Communist party.

        • Now it’s my turn to be surprised at your naivete. Saddam has been a Soviet client for the vast majority of his regime, and even including the time when the US was providing him with intelligence and arms to bring down Iran. That is why Russian Nationalists love him so much in the first place. Well that and their making personal profit in Operation Starve Iraqi Kids to Death, oops I meant the “Oil for Food Scandal.”

          (OK – not entirely fair equating Zhirinovsky with the Russian majority as most Russians see him as the pathetic clown that he is, but then again, our pathetic right-wing clowns like Buchanan aren’t members of the ruling coalitions of our nation either… And then again, why is it that our most Nazi-like right wing clown also happens to be the strongest advocate of pro-Russian policies?)

          • That’s because they are kindred spirits. Just like Stalin and Hitler. According to Stalin’s daughter, until the end of his life he was thinking about what they could have accomplished together. As they put it in Russian, рыбак рыбака видит издалека.

        • They did. So did Nasser. That did not prevent Khrustchev from making him Hero of the Soviet Union. On which occasion somebody wrote this epigram:

          Лежит на пляже кверху пузом,
          Полу-фашист, полу-эсер,
          Герой Советского Союза
          Гамаль Абдель На-Всех-Насер.

          And I mentioned only one KGB stooge in my post. Are you projecting your own phobias (mutatis mutandis) on me?

  19. Milosovich was a Russian puppet RTS,
    So was Scheverdnadze.

    Thats why the Russians were so upset when the Yanks forced the overthrow of the butcher of Belgrade, and why the Russians were so upset by the Rose revolution in Georgia.

    Now as for Saddam being a “US puppet”, not really true, he wasd actually a Russian puppet for most of his career (hard core Stalinist that he was), just look at who supplied his military, oh thats right it was Russia.

  20. Scott

    Sometimes we respect some of our enemies for their intellect and honesty and Patrick Buchanan is in that number. He cares for his country as a real PATRIOT must do.

    Zhirinovsky is a clown, Pat Buchanan is not.
    I think Buchanan and Putin both have much in common, they are real progmatic realists for their countries.

    Among his writings (my favorite ones) are The Great Betrayal (1998), on the social effects of free-trade policies, and A Republic, Not an Empire (1999), which discusses his views on the US foreign policy. The last 15 years have proved his was right almost in everything about the US and the world (including Russia).

    • Interesting – I never thought there would be an American you respected…

      Seriously though, sometimes his writings do incidentally have points worth considering (like have we taken free trade way too far and given too much to China as a result or are we too interventionist for our own good.)

      The problem is that every so often he comes up with something that drives you completely nuts, usually involving either Hitler (who he likes) or immigrants (who he hates.) Two of his later works demonstrate this fairly clearly:

      State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America (2006) and

      Churchill, Hitler, and the “Unnecessary War” – How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World (2008).

      But perhaps all you really need to know about Buchanan is who his non-Russian friends are…


  21. Of course Buchanan and Putin have a lot in common. Both being Nazis, why wouldn’t they? The difference is that in Russia Putin is in charge, and will remain that way in foreseeable future, while in the US Buchanan languishes on the political fringe, despised even by most fellow Republicans.

    • A slight correction: Pat Buchanan turned out to be too fringe a figure even for the most right wing Republicans, so he left the Republican Party and last time he ran for President was as an independent. Was it in 2000, when tens of thousands of Jews in Florida “voted” for him using that infamous “butterfly” ballot? So, Bush in 2000 was R, Gore was D, and Buchanan was independent.

      Somehow, I am not surprised that RTS “respects” his enemy Pat Buchanan, a known racist and a really notorious anti-Semite. You know that old saying about birds of feather

      • He ran as Reform Party candidate in 2000 and got about 0.4% of the vote. Later, however, he again called himself a Republican.

  22. Russia is alike a dead body rotting away and NOTHING will stop it. rts did you finally get it??

  23. MCC

    I “finally got it” in the golden state of California there’s no gold left. :-)

    The US body badly smells huge international debt to communist China “and nothing will stop” the dollar’s demise in the very near future if not tomorrow. And Russia along with China, Brazil and India were dicussing the problem of the failed US currency in Russian Ekaterinburg a couple of weeks ago. The global parasit with its ” ever #1″ verbal trash – the USA must be stopped. In Ekaterinburg they have agreed to stop selling the US green paper and lubrication for the US printing press.

    The US has become a mockery for this wide world. Ever wondered why America’s economy fell off the cliff??? Read this below. ______________________________

    John Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock (MADE IN JAPAN ) for 6 am.

    While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA ) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor (MADE IN HONG KONG )

    He put on a dress shirt (MADE IN SRI LANKA ), designer jeans (MADE IN SINGAPORE ) and tennis shoes (MADE IN KOREA)

    After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE IN INDIA) he sat down with his calculator (MADE IN MEXICO) to see how much he could spend today.

    After setting his watch (MADE IN TAIWAN )
    to the radio (MADE IN INDIA ) he got in his car
    (MADE IN GERMANY) filled it with GAS (from Saudi Arabia ) and continued his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB.

    At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his Computer (made in MALAYSIA), John decided to relax for a while.
    He put on his sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL), poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE ) and turned on his TV (MADE IN INDONESIA ), and then wondered why he can’t find a good paying job in AMERICA AND NOW HE’S HOPING HE CAN GET HELP FROM A PRESIDENT (MADE IN KENYA)

    • USA does not need gold, USA = GOLD.

    • rts –

      Let’s look at all the Americans that helped you write that post.

      The modern development of silcon chips in your computer comes from Intel (San Jose, CA). In fact, the major law about the exponential increase in chip power is Moore’s Law named and attributed to Gordon Moore (American). Although we can trace the computer back as far as Babbage (Englishman) and perhaps even Jacquard (French) and the modern digital computer to Zuse (German) and Turing (English), the modern computer developed at the road heads from there to ENIAC (University of PA) by Mauchly and Eckert (Americans) and modern application of the mainframe to IBM (Armonk, NY.)

      Most of the major computer languages of this period come from, you guessed it, America. BASIC – Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH), FORTRAN – John Backus, IBM, COBOL – Grace Harper, University of PA.

      As chips got smaller, people started building microcomputers. The first one of note is the Altair 8800, product of Ed Roberts and Forrest Mims III of the United States Air Force.

      This in turn encouraged Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak to produce the first Apple Computers (Palo Alto, CA). The Apple enjoyed moderate success until complemented by the first true killer app – the spreadsheet. That spreadsheet, Visicalc was designed by Dan Bricklin, a student at Harvard Business School (Cambridge, MA).

      In the meanwhile, the boys at IBM were getting nervous – the Apple (as well as other American computers such as Radio Shack’s TRS-80) was cutting into their mainframe business. The answer came from their own Boca Raton, FL office – Don Estridge’s IBM PC.

      Just like the Apple, to take off, the PC needed a killer app to really get going. This was accomplished by a Bruce Bastian, a computer science student at Brigham Young University (Provo, UT), with his development of Word Perfect.

      I can go on for about another 20 or 30 paragraphs (hell I haven’t even mentioned Microsoft yet…) but the basic idea is this.


      Of course, I guess you could fax it or something…

      • Nah, no faxes for RTS, they were invented by a Scotsman Alexander Bain in 1843

      • Bravo, Scott! I would also add that if rts gets sick of his own nastiness he will have to use medicines and diagnostic technologies developed in the US.

        America does not have to produce watches, or TVs, or oil. It produces something infinitely more valuable in today’s world – Nobel laureates. But Russians can’t get it because their minds are stuck in the Middle Ages.

  24. LES

    “USA does not need gold, USA = GOLD.”

    usa = GOLD = bought up by the Communist Party of China. :-) George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, you’re happy not to see this.

  25. http://www.kavkazcenter.com/russ/content/2009/07/05/66586.shtml


    • Congratulations to Mujaheddin. Nobody should be left alive that is doing Moscals dirty business. Especially the ones that only do it just to be “ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE COIN”. As Happened before in other parts of Europe. Mercenaries and other scum perpetrating crimes of the worst order polluting the gene pool. Happens all the time and letting even the smallest incident left unpunished demands ever larger quantities of shed blood. If you have to give credit to Allah to get justice, do it. I for one can understand when someone goes through the most horrifying brutality imaginable and there is no response from anyone to your problems. In this case it is justified to resort to your ancestral beliefs so that you can fight on. The problem is explained as, Jesus was a pacifist and Mohamed was not. Ultimately a man must live on evidence and honor. Hopefully it will end well in the Caucuses for all but the Moscali and their fellow travelers.

  26. akhmad

    Let me be very brief on this event. Your ALLAH AKBAR will be over in the next 12 hours. Putin means business. Note the number – 12 HOURS and we’ll come back to discussing it. Russia’s left all her best jokes in the 90’s.

  27. Hey everyone! Controversial, but interesting blog here. Def not the stuff I hear in pol sci class. Does anyone know of a similar anti-chinese blog by any chance?? Or is china not considered a threat to US and the free world?

  28. Mark

    “Or is china not considered a threat to US and the free world?”

    China def can’t be considered to be a threat to the USA. China’s body is a US/the free world feeding traugh.
    Not the stuff you hear in pol sci class? :-)

  29. LES

    Might I ask you to give me a couple of links to the Chinese protests on ROOSHA’s “war” on Georgia?

  30. Rts but what about all those human rights violations in china and their dirty economic and geopolitical schemes which are clearly anti-US?? I personally don’t see Russia as a threat, but I do think china is one. Anyways, just wondering how come it was so easy to google-up anti-russian US sites like this, but not bout china. It seems like we are beatin a little kid instead of steppin up to the real bully. When will we grow some balls?

  31. Les don’t u think the Chinese are more pissed at Georgia for startin the war?0

  32. Mark

    “but what about all those human rights violations in china and their dirty economic and geopolitical schemes which are clearly anti-US”

    Let me have a try in breaking up your US authentic frame of mind. I find it very natural for the Chineses to build up “economic and geopolitical schemes which are clearly anti-US”.
    It would be really strange if China were to support “economic and geopolitical schemes” which are clearly anti-Chinese. Same goes for Russia. Same goes for Brasil and India. Is that simple logic foreign to you in your pol sci class?

    And let me not to dwell on “all those human rights violations” – it’s sort of moralistic threadbare US propaganda trash. No idiots left about the nature of the US as a Nazi state.

  33. LES

    I took your reply as a promise of the growing US idiocy and the final moral collapse of the USA. I do wish all American propaganda sound brief like this. Verbosity mode is a sin.

  34. Mother Russia is a whore, spilling death and destruction against ethnic minorities, spewing toxic waste that poisons entire regions, and is has already suffered a moral collapse RTS.

    Russians are amoral, at least the US has morals to lose.

    • > at least the US has morals

      the descendants of all kinds of criminals and other scum who fled across the ocean from debts, gallows, etc. “have morals”? Give me another!! :-))

  35. you dirty russian scum are dying out every day while we chechens and other muslims in russia are growing and growing,we are killing you like dirty rats,inshallah,you russian vodka-scum

  36. here is another video where we were killing Kadyrovtsy-traitors

  37. akhmad

    8 hours left before we’ll see a straight line of “mujahideen” corpses. Putin means business with US/Israeli/Saudi sponsored terrorists.

    Wait, akhmad, wait. Let the force be with you!

  38. you human garbage will see a line of 48 dead Kadyrovites-bastards soon,because the mujahideen surely filmed this new convoy-ambush. Soon the green flag of Islam will fly over Moscow,and then you so called russians will scatter around the world,ALLAH AKBAR.

    by the way,you naive western guys with your anti-islamic slogans here: I one again repeat,that the mujahideen in the Caucasus have no aims to wage war against anyone else than russia. So stop your propaganda,that we have plans to attack Europe after our victory against russia and the destruction of this satanic empire! We are Europeans ourselves,you anti-islamic dumbasses

  39. akhmad

    The Turks consider themselves to be Europeans too but their hope to join the EU is mostly in vain. Enough that in EU they don’t think so. On my part I can equally consider myself to be part Papua nation, but they’ll never take me for their kin.
    Several thousands Meskhetia muslim turks arrived in the US about 3-4 years ago fresh from Russia. They’ve made a mess out of some small places in New Hampshire and Oregon. Hmong experiance proved to be not enough to multi-culti talmudic cheerleaders of PC in the US. Ever been to Fresno, Ca? – – Come and see.

  40. Thousands of Muslims from a small ethnic group known as the Meskhetian Turks are fleeing this Black Sea region for the United States. The exodus is caused by what human rights groups call a campaign of persecution sanctioned by local authorities and spearheaded by the Cossacks, a Russian militia that fought for the czars and is being revived


    Riyadh on February 11, Putin announced that “Russia is determined to enhance cooperation with the Islamic world”. As a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, he added, Russia has long experience in fostering cooperation between faiths and ethnicities, adding, “Russia is bent on pursuing this approach in all regions, including the Middle East and the Gulf.”


  41. mohammed ali

    Congrats! Model detouched and balanced post!

    • Really RTS, did you bother to read either of the aticles? They were both very anti-russian.

      Of course the fact that you are vermin probably blinded you to this fact.

      “Janus-like, Russian President Vladimir Putin showed two faces toward Islam last week. In a historic and widely reported visit to Riyadh on February 11, Putin announced that “Russia is determined to enhance cooperation with the Islamic world”. As a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, he added, Russia has long experience in fostering cooperation between faiths and ethnicities, adding, “Russia is bent on pursuing this approach in all regions, including the Middle East and the Gulf.”

      In an equally historic but little-reported action, on Thursday Putin

      installed as acting president of Chechnya the strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, whose private army allegedly murders and abducts enemies of the regime with impunity. The son of a Muslim rebel, the bete noire of human-rights advocates, Kadyrov embodies internal policy toward its Muslim population. It is the same policy that Russia pursued these three centuries past.

      Russia does not propose to ally with the Muslim world against the United States. Putin’s initiative should be thought of as a hudna, a brief truce in a long war. With justification, Putin cites Russia’s experience with the Islamic world. It has been enmeshed in imperial ventures on its southern border for 300 years and now stands at the frontier between Islam and the Western world. The new Chechnya offers a likelier model for the new Middle East than the Bush administration’s delusional pursuit of democracy. Russian troops killed between 35,000 and 100,000 civilians in the first Chechen war of 1994-96, and half a million were driven from their homes. Dead and displaced Chechens, that is, comprised roughly half the population. Another 5,000 or so died in the second Chechen war of 1999-2000, when Russian forces leveled the capital city, Grozny.”

  42. Andrew, if rts and his Troll Clown Posse is a “vermin” and a “retard boy” why then in thread after thread do you keep him engaged here?

    Seriously? What have you won after all of your exchanges? If it weren’t for you and LES he would be gone taking all of his sockpuppets with him. sascha and akhmad are most likely one and the same person if you were paying attention.

    The stupid can’t be fixed.

  43. penny

    Seems like lettin’ your larussophobic cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back?
    Don’t worry about bitin’ off more’n you can chew.

    And secondly you’ll be missing us a lot if we are gone.

    • you’ll be missing us a lot if we are gone

      I don’t think so. Mere ill imagination would suffice for the mentals whose way of thinking is overtly independent on reality ;-)

  44. penny and rts are russian FSB-agents,they will be executed by the mujahideen one day soon,when we take power! This day is not far away,although you still believe the russian propaganda.All criminals like RTS and Penny all over russia will pay for their verbal crimes in the Internet,ALLAH AKBAR

  45. I just would like to know where moderator is? I mean, Akhmad has used language like “Suck my ****” in previous threads and rts, has cited “material” without giving the source. These clowns are going to sink every thread on this site if people just sit idle. It’s their plan and as of late it seems to be working.

  46. ivory sayaf is one more pro-russian traitor-rat

  47. LR, please pay attention what Ivory Sayaf is saying. We can’t be alone in observing every thread destroyed by this/these troll(s). I’m implying the singular because I suspect it is the same person doing this. It’s getting ridiculous.

    It’s time to cut their life lines and restore some semblance of intelligent discussion to these boards. I don’t for a minute not think that it isn’t deliberate and sadly they’ve won.

    I’m all for free speech when it isn’t abused by obvious losers, FSB payrolled or not, that have as their sole purpose shutting down intelligent discussion.

    I’m tired of having to pick through the stupid voluminous troll posts and the kneejerk just as inane responses to them to find something of value in the comments on this site any more.

  48. Hah! You have me seriously confused with someone else. I’m on the other side of the mountain and one could say it shows through my lack of kindergarten name calling and idle threats. I don’t care what you do to your kafirs but at least be careful who you call a rat.

  49. Thank you Penny. Seems as if KZ is on vacation?

  50. penny

    Seems like we brought the enemy to bay. Now let me pay cash on the line. :-)
    I see no reason to panic here on the blog, we just need proportionate balance talking about Russia, sort of splatter screen or what you call it.
    You have just stated we offend your public suseptability. The problem is as I see it there’s a long-standing anti-intellectual strain in American society. Americans’ understanding of their role in world affairs is hobbled by political naiveté. And what is worst of all Americans do not like to be confronted with their own ignorance. penny, you are no exception and let me tell you I am against your brainwashed American pride. You’ve been playing the Russians for non-English speaking fools too long. There must be someone to stop your phrase mongering.

    Ivory Sayaf

    “These clowns are going to sink every thread on this site if people just sit idle.”

    This is an amazing perception. Don’t sit idle. Make a move. There must always be a time for a friendly talk.

  51. hi there author,

    tell me what management can do with a country of not-hard-working people? then blame management.

    the mistake doesn’t rely into current management but in old mistakes when oligarchs took-over the industry

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