EDITORIAL: How We’re Doing


How We’re Doing

Our first year on WordPress ends with a bang

Our first year on WordPress ends with a bang

This month marks our one-year anniversary here on the WordPress server.  We take this opportunity to offer a little review of our progress in our new home, where by and large we are very happy.

Last month, as the graph above shows, we set another new record for most visits to the blog in a month, with 117,480 in total.  In seven of the past eleven months, we had likewise set new records for monthly visitation, breaking the 100,000 threshold for the first time two months ago.  In less than one year here on WordPress, our monthly visitation has doubled.  We are on pace to become the first English-language Russia politics blog ever to post 1,000,000 visits on a public counter by the end of this month.

More than 25,000 comments have now been published on this blog, more than any other Russian politics blog in the English-speaking world (and in any other language besides Russian, as far as we know).  Many of our posts have collected more than 100 comments each (some have over 300 each), something that is not rivaled by any other English-language Russia blog.  We are the only English-language Russia blog in existence whose comments are in proportion to our traffic.  The tiny handful of blogs with traffic to rival ours either don’t deal with serious political issues or don’t have comments in amounts that indicate their traffic is from readers paying deep attention (or both).

While our visitation and comment traffic is gratifying, we want to emphasize as we have from our first month of operations in 2006 that we are not about comments or traffic.  What we really take pride in is our content, which we have not varied on iota from our founding in order to attract more readers.  In fact, we believe that the reason our traffic has expanded so impressively is that we have not pandered to readers, but kept our eyes on the prize of demoracy and human rights in Russia.

But that is not to say that our readers are not important. Indeed, they are vital. That’s because our readers routinely supply us with content, both in the comments section and in the blog itself, that would not be present without them.  Two heads are better than one, and thousands are better than two.  All of our accomplishments are shared equally by our readers, who can be very proud of their tireless (and unpaid!) efforts to fight back against the KGB regime of the demonic and malignant Vladimir Putin.

Special recognition must be given to our heroic translator Dave Essel, who has provided so many windows in the real Russia, windows that nobody else could open, that we can begin to even count them much less repay his efforts.  Dave’s work on this blog has been cited by the likes of the mighty New York Review of Books and the world knows about the even more heroic work of Russian patriots Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov largely because of Dave’s efforts.

6 responses to “EDITORIAL: How We’re Doing

  1. It is the greatest pity that such a blog must exist, but the world is a better place for it. !Salud!.

  2. Thank you very much LR for a truly outstanding job you are doing. Keep it up please!

  3. Amen, you do good work, continue on, as you are a true international patriot. The question is… Will the KGB regime take note? They have murdered people for speaking their minds. Stay safe, spread the word and remember: There are millions of us standing behind you to take the fight to Putin.

  4. Keep up the great job. Once the humanity will look back and remember… you actually did tell them about Russia…

  5. The Sorry Truth

    And yet statbrain.com says that this site receives less than 10 hits per day. Let’s hope that this sad bit of news doesn’t reach the eyes of this site’s shady sponsors. 100,000, sure, that’s the ticket!

    If the sponsors realize that this site is a wash, I’m sure the sockpuppet-known-as-“Kim Zigfeld” could find work at GosStat. They’re always looking for statistical wizards like you!


    Gosh, your illiteracy is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

    Your website says this:

    Statbrain can only check web stats for domains. Please don’t use folders or sub-domains and don’t put http:// in front of the domain. Here are some good and some not so good examples:
    www. cheap-domains.com
    www. yahoo.com
    www. party-poker-bonus.com
    Not Good:

    Our address is HTTP, not WWW, so they CANNOT TRACK our traffic. We DON’T HAVE our own domain, WordPress controls it. You really ought to actually read your own link before posting it, otherwise you look like a total fool.

    Meanwhile, you apparently think that WordPress, which controls all the counters on all their blogs, is engaged in a massive conspiracy to make us look good. And you think the 25,000 comments we’ve published and the 2,000 Google links we’ve received came from just ten visits per day. Uh, OK. If you say so Mr. Lunatic.

    But thanks for the laugh! Your stupidity proves just how right we are!

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