June 29, 2009 — Contents


(1)   Another Original LR Translation:  PACE vs. Russia 

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russia Stands with Iran

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Vladimir “Sucker” Putin

(4)  EDITORIAL:  Russia betweeen Rock and a Hardened Silo

(5)  Russia and the Internet

2 responses to “June 29, 2009 — Contents

  1. Putin is now in reality mode:

    June 29 (Bloomberg) — Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said it will take years for the government’s finances to recover from the worst economic slump in more than a decade and called for more spending cuts to limit future deficits.

    Revenue will probably plummet to about 16 percent of gross domestic product through 2012, from between 23 percent and 24 percent in recent years, Putin said at a meeting with lawmakers yesterday, according to a transcript published on his Web site.

    “It’s unlikely in the foreseeable future” that Russia will have the kind of windfall oil revenue it enjoyed before the crisis, Putin said. The government must therefore curb spending to hold down the deficit, contain inflation and safeguard its foreign-reserves, he said.


  2. Gazprom has no money to pay for gas storage in Ukraine’s underground reservoirs, invents lies about siphoned 8 bln cu.m

    No gas was siphoned off from Ukraine’s underground reservoirs. On the contrary, there are 11 bln cu. m. of gas sold by Gazprom to Ukraine. In fact, Gazprom is just short of cash to store its gas in Ukraine, says the premier’s advisor on energy issues and lawmaker Oleksa Hudyma, commenting on Gazprom’s refusal to store its gas in Ukraine’s reservoirs citing unreliable storage.

    Underground reservoirs are used to store strategic gas supplies, and Ukraine has 20 bln cu. m. of these. The EU has no strategic gas supplies, Hudyma says.

    Unfortunately, Russia often comes up with ungrounded accusations against Ukraine that discredit our country, Hudyma continues. For its part, the EU is dilly-dallying with taking a decision to make its contribution in ensuring the reliable operation of Ukraine’s gas pipelines, Hudyma says.

    Commenting on Gazprom deputy head Aleksandr Medvedev’s statement that it will be technically impossible to pump gas to Europe if Ukraine does not have sufficient supplies of gas in its underground reservoirs, Oleksa Hudyma noted: “Several years ago, Ukraine had 5 to 7 bln in underground storage, and this did not affect the reliable work of our pipelines. Last year we had 22 bln, a sufficient supply to keep up steady pumping even at the height of Russia’s war against Europe and Ukraine,” he says.

    “Therefore, we will keep saying that Ukraine pipelines operate effectively with the same degree of stubbornness that the Russians are trying to discredit us. We will tell the truth about the circumstances of the January gas war with Russia. If Europe wants a rock-solid supply contract with Gazprom, it should make steps to sign one. Europe needs strategic gas supplies, and Ukraine is ready to provide its underground reservoirs. Why Europe is reluctant to do this, is anyone’s guess,”


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